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A Fright and MoreEdit

Purple steered the craft into a small recess in the rocks, “There’s just a chance they’ll overshoot and miss us.” he explained.
The other two curled themselves up into tight balls with fright while Purple fought with all his willpower to keep his tentacles extended and on the controls. Purple’s alien heart was pounding as inevitably the other closed in, he dared to look. A shoal of Sea Squids dashed past and shortly afterwards a smaller group of Torpedo hunters followed.

When they found out it was a false alarm all three cursed the radar and the worn-out old junk pile while all three knew it was old Brownie’s fault. The tramp regretted his selfish rash decision to get the rotten boat easily as much as the others did. After all now that his description had been broadcast there was no way he could slip away and return to his life among the homeless even if their plight became truly desperate. For better or worse Brown Tentacles was tied to the others and would have to share their fate.

Brownie nibbled the tip of his tentacles, that was like a person biting fingernails, then he turned his eye stalks towards the indicator and could see they were travelling painfully slowly, yes even sea organisms could outpace the old sub as they had seen, but one thing seemed to be Purple’s fault and not Brownie’s.
“You’re going in the wrong direction, that’s no way the shortest route to the harbour.” Brownie accused.
“I’m going to another place with running water so I can recharge the battery.” Purple kept his voice even as he defended himself, he knew quarrelling could prevent them getting away and a life time in slavery had taught him control. “There’s nowhere near enough capacity in the battery and if it goes flat we’re stranded, remember.”
So slowly and steadily with many detours they made their way to the harbour. Steadily the area their enemies were searching widened and got closer to where the fugitives actually were. Young Blue Tentacles no longer admired the old tramp the way he had before. Blue hardly spoke to old Brownie.

Purple tried to keep his tentacles steady as he worked the controls to get the best he could from the dead beat craft.
"If we find anything chasing us like that again it could be for real." he thought.

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