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Prison Psychology Edit

At first the prison psychologists were pleased that the youngster seemed to accept his sentence better. His tentacles were no longer blue grey. They were a dull, greyish blue but definitely blue. The youngster was renamed yet again as Blue Tentacles. Psychologists were concerned that he was keeping bad company. They couldn’t stop everything bad in a prison.

Old Brown Tentacles was overheard telling the youngster impressive stories about daring computer crime which he said he had done. The guards laughed when they told each other or at least they would have laughed if they were human as they knew well he was just an old homeless vagrant and a petty criminal. Then they checked his record and Brown Tentacles had a record of offending with youngsters who had only just reached puberty and could never recognise that he was doing harm. It was assumed nothing would happen between them as they were from such different backgrounds. Then the two were found doing sexual things together. Both were put into the punishment block.

Very much later a psychologist interviewed Blue Tentacles. The youngster was still disorientated after the dark punishment block. There is perpetual daylight on the side of Porrila where Centaurians live and inhabitants of Porrila have evolved to enjoy darkness only when they dive deep underwater. Being in a place that was dry as well as dark was completely unnatural for young Blue Tentacles who longed to be somewhere muddy and wet.

The psychologist explained that Elderly Brown Tentacles was in no way an inspiring big time criminal. He was just one of many who lived mostly in the swamps where homeless Centaurians gather. The psychologist reminded the youngster that he is intelligent. He should use his intelligence well, he should not abuse computers or go with the wrong types. “You don’t want to be doing that type of thing with a low down little tramp from the homeless swamps, do you?” the Psychologist finished.

Blue Tentacles fought disorientation.
“I don’t care if he’s a tramp! Brown Tentacles is the best person that I’ve ever known in my life. And what we did wasn’t wrong because we’re engaged to be married.”
“Married? Will your parents agree to that?”
“Don’t care. He made a formal marriage proposal. It made me feel wonderful. He asked me to be the father and mother of his children.“
“Now that’s one of the differences between us and the Terrans. Terrans are either male or female. Terrans can’t be both father and mother as we can. Despite this Terrans like the differences between male and female. Terrans always refer to us as, ‘he’ or, ‘she’ because that’s politer than calling us, ‘it’. We should respect them although they’re not quite like us.”
“I don’t want you, I want the nice psychologist! Stop telling me about Terrans! You just want to make me feel bad and guilty. Brown Tentacles isn’t horrible like you. Brown Tentacles makes me feel good.”

They put Blue Tentacles back into the punishment block. His tentacles were slate grey when he came back out. The psychologist interviewed him once more. This time he gave answers psychologists wanted to hear. Yes, he understood Brown Tentacles was just a little tramp. He knew his duty was to marry a partner his parents chose for him and improve the standing of his family, he would trust his parents to find someone who would make him happy. The youngster’s tentacles looked resigned, he just could have shown a flicker of rebellion but checked that quickly. No, he wouldn’t ever want to do anything bad to the Terrans.

The psychologist filed a report saying the youngster had responded to the punishment block constructively. He didn’t add that maybe the youngster was just good giving good answers to avoid getting back in the punishment block. His superior wouldn’t have liked that.

Chapter 7 Psychologists Decisions

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