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Looking different and More BeautifulEdit

The black Centaurian with intelligent gold sparkle in his tentacles gave Straight a few, whispers, a few nudges and gestures, however they communicated Straight Tentacles understood it but Purple noticed nothing. With Purple out of sight Black and Gold took out a communicator and contacted the beautician.
“There’s a Centaurian called Purple coming to see you with Straight Tentacles.” Black and Gold explained, “Straight wants you to give Purple the full beauty treatment, the works, don’t charge Purple too much, Straight will pay any difference later. Oh, and don’t let on Straight’s paying.”

So Purple went with Straight towards the beauty salon.
“You look worried, my friend!” Straight started.
“No I’m not at all anxious, I’m looking forward to being more beautiful.” As Purple said this he considered the druggies and others round him. Some would sell their own grandparent to get whatever substance they abused.
“But I can see a nervous curl in the tip of your lower tentacle, you must be anxious.”
Purple wondered how much of a reward the slave catchers would pay if any Centaurian recognised him and reported on it. Purple cursed himself, he’d regularly stopped overseers, even the master seeing how he really felt when that was necessary. Why had he been so careless?

Later Purple settled on the soft, comfortable floor of the beauty parlour and tried to pay attention to comfortable scents enhanced by gentle music and soft lighting. He did all he could to look relaxed as the beautician firmed up the frills round his oral cavity and along his tentacles.
“You look so much younger and more attractive now.” Straight told Purple and the beautician agreed. After that the beautician took out makeup and toned down the colour of the vivid purple splotches all over his eyestalks getting those marks to a softer and more delicate shade of lavender. Purple made himself look pleased and hoped the others couldn’t notice that uneasy tightness in his tentacles.
“Can you change the shape of those purple patches, I want to look like completely different Centaurian?” Purple asked.
“The contour of those patches is actually quite attractive, I really don’t feel you need to change them so much.” the beautician advised Purple.
“Please change them, I truly feel I would love to look like a different Centaurian.” Purple insisted.
The beautician found ways of changing the shape of those lavender patches that made Purple’s eye stalks just that bit less prominent and overall more attractive but in general the beautician felt he was wasting his time. Purple was reassured because he looked less like the image that had appeared on that television screen and Straight felt better too because his new friend seemed pleased.

“That all looks really divine,” Purple told them trying to hide his tension, “still I don’t feel my tentacles are all together as attractive as they could be and I’d appreciate it if you could change the markings there.”

The beautician changed the colours and again worked on the shapes of the markings, giving Purple’s tentacles altogether a more drawn out feel. Purple felt quite a bit better since he now looked more attractive, mainly he was concerned about looking different. Purple didn’t care so very much whether his tentacles looked long slender and elegant or whether his tentacles looked short fat and dumpy. After a long beauty session Purple asked
“Do you think you could tattoo the changes? I really do feel like looking lastingly different.”
The beautician told Purple that was out of the question! The Galaxy Shipping Company looked after its workers and wouldn’t agree to any permanent changes that were done rashly. Suppose Purple regretted the tattooing later. Purple insisted he really was sure he wanted all those changes but the beautician repeated, agreeing to a tattoo recklessly was simply more than his job was worth. Certainly Purple could get a tattoo but he would have to wait the equivalent of several weeks before this was done. The beautician gave Purple makeup and advised Purple how to apply it himself, Purple was pleased that makeup didn’t cost too much especially as he was an engineer and the makeup had to be strong enough to resist engine grease. Still when Purple asked the beautician repeated firmly Purple would have to live with the changes for some time before anything permanent was done.

Purple got quite upset over this and knew he couldn’t tell them why he needed to change his appearance so fast.

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