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LOVE ends sadly Edit

Yellow settled with his tentacles hunched anxiously while Blue who wasn’t very experienced sexually tried awkwardly to comfort his lover. In time Yellow insisted that he had to return to the cave and find out how his mother was. Blue thought about the cave and the drunk, he couldn’t bear to go back. So Blue was left at the settlement nibbling his tentacles anxiously, it wasn’t at all a good end to their first we hope experience of full love.

Later Blue went to get something to eat but several Centaurians started shaking tentacles and told him what he’d done with Yellow was wrong. So Blue swam miserably off to the kelp bed on his own. He ate everything raw as he didn’t remember how to make a fire. When Blue returned to the others again several shook tentacles,
“Haven’t you brought us any kelp?” one demanded,
“You had plenty of energy to do all that with your friend. And that shouldn’t happen outside marriage which Our Lord the Sun has blessed.” another added.

For a while Blue stayed while others grumbled, and then he returned to the kelp bed and collected as much kelp as he thought he could carry. After that Blue tried to remember how the others made nets. Quite a bit of kelp floated away as Blue worked to make a net so he had to collect yet more to fill it. Swimming to the settlement with his kelp load was tiring as Blue had overestimated how much he could drag. Then the improvised net broke, and Blue had a hard, unfamiliar job mending his net in the water. He managed to keep at least part of his load and hoped the Centaurians at the settlement would be pleased with him.

That’s as far as I’ve written the story up to now. If readers would like to find out how the story developed before this point please click on The Aliens of the Flaming Red Sun. There readers will find all the sections of the story in sequence.

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