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Escaping the quarrels and LOVEEdit

Ten, twenty sets of tentacles greeted Amber when they reached the settlement.
“Amber? Where have you been so long?”
“Who are those Centaurians with you?”
Any number of Centaurians wanted to know what had happened. All listened attentively as Amber told them the adventure, all were horrified about the awful marriage Blue Tentacles was fleeing.
“Patricians are all cruel monsters!” one commented,
“We’d never treat our own flesh and blood like that.” Another added.
There were many similar sympathetic comments, Blue relaxed and enjoyed the attention. Still his tentacles grew a little pale when he remembered the terrible marriage that nearly happened.
“Do you need anything?” one asked supportively, “You must all be hungry and tired after that long journey.”
“Well we’ve had plenty of kelp.” Silver Grey assured them.
“But we could do with something different.” Blue added.
“You rest, we’ll bring you food, you’re lucky we’ve got plenty here.” a Centaurian from the settlement added.

The family settled comfortably while residents in the community prepared a good meal. They tried hard to cook everything carefully so as not to disappoint a Centaurian who was used to Patrician food. When they’d eaten well and rested, Blue Tentacles and Yellow got lively.
“I’ll treat you better than that brute your dad wanted you to marry.” Yellow declared, the two squeezed each other's tentacles amiably.
Eventually Silver Grey and Amber were confident both youngsters knew everything they needed to know about contraception. Neither Blue Tentacles nor Yellow paid much attention to those few grumbles about sexual impropriety that they could just hear as they jetted off to enjoy themselves.

Very much later the lovers came back their tentacles glowing with sexual satisfaction. Silver Grey wasn’t there anymore, others said she’d been seen swimming towards the cave where she’d left her husband.

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