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Sadistic Guards Edit

“Come on out of there. It’s time to meet the other nice prisoners in the yard.”
Blue Grey Tentacles cowered in the alcove. He looked up at the guard scared.
“The sun will get me!”
“The flare has ended!”
“The sun is angry!”
“Don’t waste even more time. It’s already late. I can’t get back to my family till you lot have all been round the yard.” The guard reached a tentacle into the alcove, grabbed the prisoner and hauled. The little alien ended up on the cell floor. “Come on out! ”
“I’m stiff.” The prisoner rubbed his tentacles.
“You should have thought of that before you broke the law.” The guard shook the little prisoner. “And I’d have given you a lot more than forty years. Remember on Terra just one year is more than forty of our years.” He shook the prisoner again. The prisoner fell sprawling onto the floor a second time.
“It’s quite different here from that home of yours.” The prisoner’s tentacles rippled miserably. “You had everything, your parents leaders in the Computer Department of the Ruler Morowl. And the rubbish you did with those computers.”
“I’m sorry.” The prisoner rippled his tentacles again in utter dejection.
“If I’d had your chances I wouldn’t have to spend my time with criminals like you! I’d have a better job. And I'd have a first class mudbath at home."
The prisonner gulped miserably and thought of the mudbaths he couldn't have.
"I wouldn’t have wasted my chances like you.”
The prisoner bent one of his tentacles round into a loop. With it he investigated the groove between two other tentacles. The guard wrenched the tentacle away.
“And stop playing with your reproductive organs. That’s disgusting!” The youngster quivered on the floor. Wrenching his tentacle so hard hurt.
“Were you doing that when you were talking to those Terrans?” The prisoner lowered all his tentacles guiltily.
“I see you did,” the guard continued. “I suppose the Terrans know what that means. You really know how to get Terrans to respect us I don’t wonder. And think what you’ve done to them. I know Terrans look horrendous. You still shouldn’t have done it. May our Lord the Sun forgive you because I can’t. Come on into the yard.”
“The sun is angry!”
“Don’t start that again. The Lord Sun wants you to behave and keep to the rules.”
Miserably the prisoner got up onto his tentacles and hobbled stiffly out to the exercise yard, alternatively he may have crawled like the octopuses of Earth, our sources aren't clear. In the yard another guard was watching prisoners who were already moving round painfully in circles. He reached out a tentacle and pulled an elderly straggler.
“Stop lagging and get more erect!” The surface was artificial, easily as hard as asphalt or concrete and rough on soft tentacles. Nobody cared.

Gingerly Blue Grey Tentacles put out some of his tentacles. He withdrew them at once. The surface was frighteningly hot and dry after the flare. The guard pushed him out and shut the door.
“Move smartly there.”

Chapter 4 Punishing Exercise

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We regret that Wikia puts Scientology advertisements onto some of our pages despite what’s wrong.

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