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Escape to the CaveEdit

Brown Tentacles told them about a cave with an underground river where they could recharge the battery. Purple checked the map stored in the boat’s computer, he was in no way sure he could trust that tramp. Yes, the cave was marked in the map and the river was easily strong enough to run their onboard electric generator. The passengers were thrown sharply against the back of their cabin as the boat picked up speed.

Purple took any number of detours through passages that weren’t designed for comfort or for fast travel.
“Do you have to?” Brown asked.
“It’s horrible.” Blue added.
Purple explained that he didn’t want to risk any disturbance on the water surface, not anything that could alert those powerful slave catchers to where they all were. Purple didn’t go into too much detail about all the stories, some real and some possibly exaggerated that he had heard in the various servants’ quarters. Purple knew and so did the others that those slave catchers were cruel and effective. Eventually they reached the underground river, travelling took less out of the weakened battery when they were sailing with the current. Purple could go even faster which was hard on the passengers but neither complained with regular reports from the communications device about how the hunt for them was progressing. Then, the passengers got scared when the engine went quiet, the boat slowed down and gradually halted.

“Has the boat packed up? Will we have to stay here till they catch us?” young Blue Tentacles asked alarmed.
“The engine’s alright, we’ve reached the cave, now we must stay here to recharge the battery.” Purple pointed out trying to be soothing. Next Purple fetched the onboard generator, connected it to the battery and dived into the water with it. Purple came back a little later and said the generator was safely fixed in a place where the current in the underground river was strong. When Purple returned the tramp, Brown Tentacles was no longer in the boat,
“Brownie’s gone to find friends,” Blue Tentacles explained, “Brownie says he won’t be long.”

The indicators showed the power in the battery was steadily rising so Purple risked using a little power to turn a light on and showed young Blue the cave. Chemistry is basically the same throughout the universe so stalactites, stalagmites and other rock formations were like what’s found in limestone caves on Earth.
“Come out and have a look.” Purple urged and momentarily Blue forgot his troubles,
“I’ve never ever seen anything as beautiful as this” Blue exclaimed.

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