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They know about us! Edit

Purple slowed the boat down automatically so he could pay attention to an announcement from the authorities which the law required him to heed. Young Blue Tentacles started crying yet again when he heard that he and Purple had been missed at his “father’s” mansion, the adults of course realized that sooner or later the escape would be discovered. Then Blue shivered and screamed with fright at the broadcast that a large region round the mansion was being searched minutely. Purple went back to reassure the passengers,
“It’s OK, the area they’re searching isn’t a quarter the distance we’ve actually covered.” Then he went back to the driving section.
“Well done baby you’ve been faster than any of them think you ever could.” Purple said and he stroked the front of the engine as if it could feel him, he programmed the next section of the route into the boat’s computer and under his sensitive tentacles the sub picked up a bit of speed.

“You’re not going as fast as before,” The tramp shouted uneasily,
“I’m working out if I can eavesdrop on what the hunters are telling each other.” Purple explained, “let’s see if I can adjust the communication device.
“You’re breaking the law, that’s hacking.” Blue Tentacles exclaimed reproachfully. Purple didn’t think this was the best time to remind the boy that he was also a notorious hacker, Purple changed the subject.
“Yes I’ve spotted where they’re looking for us. Now the master and his class would never have wanted me to go there and I’d never dirty my tentacles getting into that shady place. There are more of these bad places they think we’re at.” Purple turned up the volume so the others could hear about the criminal haunts where they thought the fugitives might be hiding. The tramp thought nostalgically about the various good quality intoxicants he could have got at some of those scandalous places.

The flight continued slightly slower than before Purple was paying attention to keeping the communication device tuned as well as to speed. The journey was just that bit more comfortable for the passengers but neither could relax with regular broadcasts about how the search for them was widening steadily. All gasped when they heard that the evil suitor, Leering Eye Stalks had hired Slave catchers as well as the master. Leering was far richer than the master and could hire even more effective professionals.
“May Our Lord the Sun protect us and help us!” Purple exclaimed and wondered if he'd offended his Lord the Sun when he didn’t respect his master.
“I’ll try to be really brave if you go a little faster.” Blue Tentacles added.
Purple adjusted the communication device to make sure he stayed tuned to the hunters then he replied,
“It’s not only looking after these communications that’s slowing me down, the battery’s getting low and I daren't run out of power.”

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