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The Aliens of the Flaming Red Sun/2 The prisoner knows he is judgedEdit

The sun was judging Blue Grey Tentacles as the Centaurian judge had and he remembered clearly the judge saying,
“Don’t imagine the short sentence means you’ve got off lightly. You will never finish paying for this crime as long as you live.”
That struck terror into the whole of his little alien being.
“I will never finish paying as long as I live.” he repeated to himself and an adult would have found that difficult to handle.

The sun was judging him and forcing him to stay in the small cubbyhole, he felt as if the judge was talking to him at that moment, he remembered vividly the judge saying,
“We know those Terran limbs are different from ours and can look ridiculous. Despite that Terrans are intelligent and have feelings. You should not have disregarded their feelings.” he remembered how the judge continued,
“We know that hairy stuff the Terran have on their heads is clumsy and disorganised. It’s not at all like our nice smooth heads. They like themselves that way and I repeat you should not have disregarded their feelings.”
Many in the Court Room lifted up their tentacles on astonishment, even the prisoner had risked lifting his tentacles a little bit, the judge continued sternly,
“The Terrans are used to the way life is on their strange planet and Terrans like themselves the way they are. Who are we to tell them how they should and shouldn’t look?”

Blue Grey Tentacles thought of all the terrible things he had said and remembered that those transmissions were rushing towards the Solar System at the speed of light. He wished he could stop the transmissions but older Centaurians told him that could not be done. In just over four years the messages would reach Earth, in about nine years the Centaurians would find out how the Terrans reacted. He would have to live with that for all his life. Yes He would live with it for the whole of his life. And the sun knew he had done wrong too.

Little Blue Grey Tentacles peeped into the main cell which was bright from the flaring sun and was really scared.
“Can the radiation get me even here? If the Sun is really angry can it?” he asked himself. Then he shouted aloud,
“Please don’t judge me, Great Lord Sun, please don't let the transmissions reach Earth if you can stop them. Oh Sun who keeps the light strong and never allows the dark to stay, please forgive me.”

Then, when he was feeling really low the words of Compassionate Tentacles, the one prison psychologist who was more gentle than the others started echoing though his little brain as if he could hear it all there and then,
“Don’t despair however hard your life is, remember you are young, you have plenty of time ahead of you and things can always get better!”
That kept the little alien going during the long time before the flare ended.

Chapter 3 Sadistic Guards

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