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If only the cave were better Edit

Much later when the sky became thick with cloud it looked safe to continue the climb. Rain streamed down forcing soft bodied Centaurians to the rocky cliff-side, raising their bodies against the rain was out of the question. Blue Tentacles stopped many times to rub himself when a sharp surface on the ground had hurt his sensitive underside, the others urged Blue to concentrate on climbing. Blue pointed eyestalks at the bare cave mouth and hoped it would make a good home after all.

The group reached the cave, Blue went over to the stream and put tentacles into the water, but when he could sense nothing exciting Blue started to complain. Amber tested the water with his tentacles and said there was nothing wrong.
“But I want to watch sea animals fighting and catching each other and doing exciting stuff like I did with Purple.”
Amber explained exciting sea life wasn’t possible in fresh water. Anyway it was convenient there would always be drinking water at hand. Blue stayed a bit petulant and Silver Grey wished Purple were with them as he understood Blue better. The drunk started grumbling once more and Amber again asked Silver Grey if she felt like leaving him. This time Amber allowed a seductive sparkle into his tentacles but stopped that when there was no response.

For a while Amber settled things as he told Blue about a muddy lagoon with kelp nearby. The group could have fun swimming there when the rain stopped. Blue tentatively, hopefully raised his eye-stalks, Silver Grey and Yellow Tentacles also raised eye-stalks with interest.
“Is the kelp good to eat?” Silver Grey asked, none of them had eaten properly since leaving Purple.
“This time of the year the kelp has finished breeding and it’s exhausted.” Amber explained “Still kelp will fill our stomachs and in a few days when the kelp’s recovered it will taste really good.” [1] For a while the whole group felt good as Amber told them about the exciting lagoon.

Rain just went on and on and the Centaurians became too hungry to enjoy stories. Five Centaurians just pointed miserable eye-stalks at the cave mouth, watched the downpour and waited till they could get out.

Eventually bad weather stopped, the sky cleared and the group could see the flare had definitely ended.
“I’ll show you the way to that kelp bed.” Amber told them and pointed roughly in the correct direction with a tentacle. The two lads, Blue Tentacles and Yellow both got up eagerly hoping they’d get something good to eat and have some fun swimming.
“Are you coming?” Amber asked Silver Grey, he made a movement with a tentacle as if he wanted to wrap it sensitively round her.
“I’ll eat later, I have to stay and look after my husband.” Silver Grey replied resignedly.
Amber again started to move his tentacles indicating his longing to take Silver Grey away, to protect her from the drunk, he checked himself because he know there would be no response. Amber shrugged his tentacles and set off with the boys to the kelp bed.


  1. Remember a year on Porrila is a bit shorter than a week on Earth.

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