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Finally Freedom and Hard Choices Edit

One of the workmates wriggled unsteady tentacles and said he knew where to get stimulants that would stop Purple feeling tired. Purple remembered the drunken husband of Silver Grey and replied firmly that he wasn’t interested in any drugs. An argument started between those who used drugs and those who detested them. One Centaurian whispered a hint to Purple, since now he was free he could choose to enjoy stimulants if he liked. Then another who overheard the whisper warned it was better to use freedom sensibly and choose to avoid dangerous drugs.

Purple hung his tentacles awkwardly as agreeing with either party could make enemies of the others. Vividly Purple remembered a previous time he was quite new in an establishment among strangers, that had been just after his cruel master bought him and took him to the mansion where he’d been till his recent escape. Purple forced himself to think clearly,
“No!” Purple told himself, “this is not the same, I’m here free among free Centaurians, and I’m not a helpless slave!”
“I know where you can get just the stuff you need to stop yourself feeling awkward.” the unsteady Centaurian who’d suggested stimulants urged.
“Let’s ask an orderly to show our new colleague his quarters.” one of the more sensible Centaurians recommended.
Now that really looked like a better idea, Purple was far too tired for any squabble.

“That room looks wonderful.” Purple told the orderly who had shown him his digs. Well seeing where he would be living finally convinced Purple he was free, before Purple never expected anything better than a barrack shared with other slaves. What was in his room? Purple had his very own computer, his own cooking facility and even a private mudbath. Once alone in the room Purple sank straight into his mudbath, stretched out his tentacles to their full extent, there was just space for that, then Purple went back to sleep for a long time and woke up feeling very hungry.

Purple ran his tentacles over the cooking section, it would be fun to try the cooking equipment out so next he started the computer and studied how to work the automatic food dispenser. Purple programmed the machine to get him boiled kelp with a flavoursome sauce, that was one of the items that the Galaxy Shipping Company provided free to skilled ratings and also a treat that Purple specially enjoyed. The dispenser made a disagreeable noise and spat out something inedible. Purple went back to the computer and found out how to order food delivered to his room. Ordering food would be expensive and wasn’t recommended as Purple was in debt to the Galaxy Shipping Company, (that was a shock to him but the resources he’d used to pay for the luxury dining facility and after that to pay for the secure communication to his mistress had used up more resources than the Galaxy Shipping Company had given him). So Purple recognised how far that expensive dining area had been a big mistake.

Purple didn’t feel at all ready to meet colleagues yet again but getting food sent to his private room would just increase his debt further, the notice on the computer made that clear. Purple chose not to increase his debt and reluctantly he asked the computer for directions to a canteen where skilled Galaxy Shipping Company ratings could eat free, then Purple went out to get something to eat and to face other workers again, those who did drugs and those who despised drugs.

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