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Crisis WorsensEdit

Old Slithery Tentacles was with the marriage broker at the landing site near the mansion where the family lived when the aircraft landed. At once Old Slithery Tentacles told the father of Blue Tentacles off.
“You assured me that silly Aunt Violet of his would teach Blue Tentacles his duty! So things went wrong did they? I can’t rely on you can I?”
Father was furious at this humiliation and mother was frightened how father would react. A bit later mother was close to being panicky at the way the suitor leered at her son. Old Slithery Tentacles noted how the mother reacted and how the son was still snivelling while the marriage broker looked uneasy. Slithery Tentacles reached out with a few tentacles and stroked the boy. The boy retched.
“Ah, I’ll tame you yet, my boy, you’ll see!” the old fellow sneered, “What have you to say for yourself, boy?”
Blue Tentacles remembered what his Aunt had told him, he made sure his father couldn’t see what he was doing then used just two of his tentacles to make a very rude sign that he had learnt in prison. The marriage broker feared that would be the end of a good contract but the Slithery rascal just leered happily and continued,
“Ah a spirited boy. Taming you will be fun.”
Then Slithery Tentacles drew father aside but let the others hear clearly what he was saying,
“You know I have influence with people close to the ruler Morowl. I can get you in good favour with our ruler again. Just see to it that I marry the boy or I won’t bother.”
Father reached out with his tentacles and took a firm hold on the boy, mother gasped.
“You know you’re ugly,” father scolded, “you won’t get anyone better with your record, be sensible boy!”
“I hope I haven’t had a wasted journey.” Slithery Tentacles carried on, I get very angry when I'm disappointed. I do really awful things when I'm disappointed. Remember I’m higher up than your family and I’ve got influential friends. If I don't get what I want I just might put in a bad word with my friends instead of helping you.“
“Have you changed your mind or will you carry on being silly and stubborn?” Father asked, the boy wouldn’t answer.
Slithery Tentacles suggested locking the boy away without food or water till he changed his mind and agreed to the marriage and father didn't prevent that. It wasn’t clear if father really hated his son so much or if he was frightened about the damage Slithery Tentacles could do to his family but father had no objection to what Slithery Tentacles wanted.

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