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Travelling to where the Homeless live Edit

When they disembarked Silver Grey’s husband was no longer semi-conscious and leading him off the ship was more difficult than putting him into the sobering up station had been.
“Get your dirty, shaky tentacles off me!” an attractive young Centaurian who was nothing to do with the family complained. Silver Grey and Yellow Tentacles worked to prevent Shaky reaching out inappropriately towards other young Centaurians and asked Blue to carry their things so they could concentrate on this humiliating task. When Patrician Blue Tentacles protested about being given the work of servants Purple took the stuff they wanted Blue to carry for a short while before giving all of it to Blue.
“You’re living with this family and you’ll have to live as they live.” Purple pointed out.
“Don’t tell me what to do, slave!” Blue Tentacles shouted touchily while Centaurians over a large area pointed eye stalks in their direction to see who was being so rude to a Galaxy Shipping Company engineer. Purple simply opened his communicator, found out what work the company wanted him to do and went off.
“You’re dim-witted to put up with that arrogant young Patrician!” a dishevelled clearly homeless Centaurian nearby advised them. ”Make him do all the work you want him to do, if he refuses turn the dupe out to starve.”
“We’d never consider doing anything like that,” Silver Grey Tentacles informed them “we’re poor but we’ve got standards”.
Blue’s tentacles got a shade paler as he began to realise how far he depended on homeless Centaurians he’d assumed were far beneath him but Yellow rippled his muscles in what looked more serious than a playful threat.
“That big-headed young Patrician has no idea about anything.” the dishevelled character continued, “Does he know whatever about finding food among the homeless? Turn him out I say! He’ll come back crawling and begging you to feed him. “

Yellow Tentacles decided to practise wrestling and throw the vagabond into the harbour water and Blue Tentacles knew enough to assist in this endeavour. Both youngsters laughed as the vagabond swam towards a jetty, remember Centaurians can always swim well. Yellow felt a quite bit better as he'd put someone else into the sea and wasn't just the victim. Of course all their belongings were scattered over a wide area after this and the three Centaurians set about picking things up, this time Blue Tentacles didn’t need too much persuasion to help. Then Galaxy Shipping Company security staff rushed over to deal with yet another disturbance that intoxicated Shaky Tentacles started.

Sometime later the party arrived at a much smaller amphibious craft that was to take them to their new home. Blue Tentacles was carrying a few things as Silver Grey said he needed to learn to live their way but didn’t need to do too much all at once, naturally Yellow was carrying much more. Silver Grey could at last relax since two Galaxy Shipping Company security personnel were attending to her husband and keeping him out of trouble, she said she couldn’t afford antidotes to the intoxicants he’d taken.
“Can you carry more while Yellow Tentacles is getting into the craft?” Silver Grey asked.
“I don’t mind carrying everything, I’m not snobbish and I like to help mother.” Yellow added proudly.
“Still Blue can help you while you’re getting in.” Silver Grey countered and Blue was scared by now so he didn’t refuse.

In due course the family were settled on the deck of the craft, Blue Tentacles turned touchily to his friend Yellow.
“Why don’t you hold onto my tentacles tenderly with yours? Why don’t you gaze dreamily at my eye stalks? That’s what they do in romantic stories.”
“I’ve lost my extra special ‘Centaurians versus Earthlings’ Invader game when we were fighting with that vagabond. That game's fantastic and it’s all your fault, Blue!” Yellow accused.
It wasn’t all Blue’s fault as nobody forced either to start that fight. In any case outside the homeless swamps hardly any Centaurians would be seen playing such an old, dated game. Ever since Scarlet Tentacles as he then was did that bad thing the government strongly discouraged Centaurians versus Earthlings games and the like though Blue Tentacles wasn’t in a good position to point any of it out.
“We’ll all like you better if you help us more.” Silver Grey told him simply.

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