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Working things out? Edit

“Dad’s nowhere ready to leave the sobering up place.” Yellow Tentacles informed them when he came back.
“Don’t shake your tentacles like that when you talk about your father, that’s rude!” Silver Grey admonished her son, “I can shake my tentacles over him because he’s my husband but you shouldn’t because he’s your father.”

Silver Grey considered how good it was that her son Yellow was safe onboard ship with his family and wasn’t slowly starving to death in mid ocean. So Blue Tentacles used to be Scarlet Tentacles and the whole planet despised him, but he’d also put himself into danger to rescue her son who was a virtual stranger. Silver Grey felt she needed time to come to terms with her new foster son. Meanwhile Purple wondered how often that shaky character got drunk but Blue Tentacles was too young to realize how that could matter.

Blue’s tentacles got back almost a normal colour when Purple suggested that in his new life no Centaurian except those who already knew would need to find out what he’d done. For a second time Blue gave thanks to His Lord the Sun for what he hoped was the improvement in his life though a corridor wasn’t the best place to do religious rituals. Returning to the room with the television was out of the question so Purple found a cheap resting place that didn’t have broadcasting facilities. Yellow didn’t know what was wrong but did know how to comfort his young friend, under Yellow’s sensitive and experienced tentacles Blue regained peace of mind.

As the crisis subsided, Purple thought of his mistress, remembered how she had always been so much kinder than his cruel master and left the others to find a communications room. Purple was glad that Sad Tentacles, the slave he’d dealt with before he left, answered his secure communication.
“It’s me, brother, it’s Purple,” he told the other, “please tell the mistress, Blue Tentacles and I are both alive and safe, and we’re well away from the area where they’re searching.”
“Thank you, please say no more!”
“But there’s far more than that I’ve got to say than just that we’re alive.”
“If the master finds out about this communication I won’t be!”
“What do you mean?”
“None of us has ever known the master so angry, if the master finds out my life will be worth nothing. Please end this communication, please never contact us again.”

At the mansion Sad Tentacles had to complete a long shift in the communications room before an overseer let him rest, then at last he could see the mistress. The mother of Blue Tentacles was reassured that her son was alive but remained in very bad spirits. First she’d heard that her son was probably dead, after that she heard Sun Priests saying what they thought her errant son deserved, now much later she hoped Blue Tentacles was alive. A mother needs to know more. At least the villainous suitor who wanted to marry Blue Tentacles was well away. He was at the coast supervising the search for survivors and hadn’t completely despaired, he thought there was a small chance that his reluctant bridegroom could still be captured and forced into marriage. Mother’s other children were out of hiding and could bring mother some comfort.

Back on the Galaxy Shipping Company vessel Purple found the communication abruptly terminated and returned to the others, where Blue Tentacles was happy with the partner he’d chosen and Yellow’s mother, Silver Grey was again telling them both off for getting too intimate in a public place. Purple certainly minded that he couldn’t tell the mistress more but after a short time he found himself relieved that the mistress needn’t know how he was heading for a worthwhile career while her son Blue Tentacles was about to move into a homeless swamp with a homeless family.
“It’s not my fault, I tried to tell the mistress.” Purple told himself.

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