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What’s Aunt Violet’s plan? Edit

Blue Tentacles turned his eye stalks desperately towards the beautiful Glowing Red Orb that was the centre piece of decorations in the Sun Chapel
“Oh My Lord the Sun who gives light and brightness to everything on this world” the boy prayed, “please forgive me because I have done wrong and please make things better for me.”
A shrill noise disturbed the quiet in the place of worship and the second Priest picked up a mobile communication device. The boy’s father spoke to them so neither dared remind the boss that disturbing religious devotion is sinful.

“Blue Tentacles and his mother are going to visit his Aunt Violet. Tell the maid I want the vehicle ready and the boy ready as soon as possible. “As Father spoke his manner showed there would be no compromise. “My sister in law Violet knows how important a good marriage is. See to it that the boy knows he must listen to what his Aunt Violet says. Oh and see to it that he understands his duty.”
“Do as your father tells you.” the second Priest said trying to look decisive,
“Remember your duty.” The first Priest added but even the boy could see that neither Priest really wanted to say what they were saying.
The second Priest answered the communication device again,
“Father says don’t forget you should respect Aunt Violet.”
“Yes” the boy said,
“And don’t you dare call her Old Droopy Womb again!”

The Priests felt answerable, they quietly flashed messages to each other but neither could think of any way to stop things getting worse for the boy. On Terra also religion was/is sometimes abused to serve the rich and powerful. Sadly the two priests accepted they were too weak to prevent abuse of their God, the Sun on their planet, Porrila.

The maid took Blue Tentacles away and dressed him in robes that were proper for visiting a branch of the family that ranked above their branch. Sometime later the boy and his mother were in the family vehicle with the maid or chauffeur driving. At first mother let the boy cling to her but later she made him go to the servant's area with the chauffeur while she made long distance communications that she insisted were very important. Purple Eye Stalks reached out one of his/her tentacles to comfort him. [1] The boy was certainly unhappy with his family. Perhaps it would be right to help him run away, perhaps? The more he thought about it the more he felt he wanted to live as a free Centaurian somewhere else, Purple knew most Terrans think slavery is wrong. He started wondering if perhaps it wouldn't offend the Great Lord Sun if he ran away to a place where they didn't know he was a slave, the more he thought about it the more he wanted to live as a FREE Centaurian and Brown Tentacles had said he would help him do that. Purple Eye Stalks decided to try and stop thinking about freedom so he could concentrate on driving. He knew his master would be angry if they didn’t arrive at Aunt Violet’s place on time. A nagging thought wouldn't leave Purple, he kept on thinking, "Wouldn't it be good if I just could choose where I work and who employs me?"

It wasn’t too long before they were driving through the extensive parkland leading to Aunt Violet’s mansion. Blue Tentacles looked longingly at the large outdoor mudbaths as he hadn’t been in an outdoor mudbath since before he went to prison. No Centaurian dared to let him use the family outdoor mudbaths. Centaurians aren’t happy without mud but forbidding the boy to use mud was just one way father was nasty. There were far too many Centaurians who might have seen him in one of his father’s mudbaths and told father. Then Blue Tentacles spotted his Aunt Violet who was coming out to meet them. The boy’s mother noticed her sister was wearing very rich robes that looked slightly old fashioned but she was pleased her sister seemed livelier and more cheerful than she had looked before.
“You haven’t got new robes since your husband died?” Blue Tentacles’ mother asked. She felt really relieved that her sister had at last found some happiness without her cruel husband.
“You know I don’t care about that stuff like robes, anyway there are more important things I need to buy.”
“Can I go into that gorgeous muddy bath over there?” the boy interrupted.
”Of course you can, I’ll come with you.” Aunt Violet answered.
“Can you come with us mother?” the boy asked next.
“I’ll come later,” mother replied, “I need to make some secure communications first.”
Blue Tentacles was soon diving and swimming through lovely slippery mud while Aunt Violet stayed quietly by the edge where the mud was shallow.
“Ah that’s much better,” Aunt Violet stated appreciatively as a group of servants brought a portable barrier against the wind, “at my age the wind blows through my tentacles dreadfully.”
Eventually Blue felt like resting so he swam up to his aunt and could see that she really liked him. She wouldn’t have put mud onto his tentacles so gently otherwise.
“Do you really want to get married?” Aunt Violet asked.
“Yes I do.” the boy replied as he thought about the elderly tramp that he loved.
“Oh dear.” said Aunt Violet.

Chapter 18 Aunt Violet warns about Marriage.


  1. 'She’ was a hermaphrodite Centaurian as all are, remember she was neither she nor he. You can also say she was both she and he. It’s politer to say she rather than it. And again we won't be rude to Purple Eye Stalks just because he/she was a slave.

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