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Struggles Edit

Blue Tentacles tried to use any number of wrestling techniques that he’d been taught but it was all frustrating as hardly anything worked well. Silver Grey didn’t think much of Patrician wrestling till Purple explained the master had prevented young Blue Tentacles from studying and playing with his peers.
”This got him out of practise with many skills.” Purple explained and added, “The servants know that much of Patrician wrestling is scientific and works when it’s done properly. After all we servants sometimes take Patricians to wrestling sessions and stay to attend to our masters there.”

A valuable engineer was better treated and given more free time than ordinary slaves so Purple had practised with those servants who attended to wrestling Patricians. Wrestling with strong labouring slaves who were forced to do hard physical labour routinely needed all Purple’s skill and intelligence. Purple certainly had practised wrestling hard and knew enough to advise the boys a little. Yellow who was better practised and fitter caught on quickly and learnt quite a few Patrician wrestling tricks that worked.

Silver Grey feared once Blue was fit again he would use the Patrician wrestling effectively. That would mean the time her son could beat the older, stronger boy could be short lived but she looked on the bright side,
“You’d better teach our new friend well,” she admonished her son, “then when we get to the swamp where we’ll live they’ll see to respect us even though we're newcomers.”
Yellow promptly threw Blue onto his back, and tried out yet another hold that Blue couldn’t counter. Blue was about to complain how horrible it all was a second time, then he stopped himself and after Blue was released he simply asked Yellow to show him how to do all that.
“You learning to be a bit tough” Purple stated approvingly.
Blue Tentacles repeated quietly and stoically,

"May Our Lord the Sun grant me strength in my tentacles to change the things that I can change,
Serenity throughout my body to accept the things that I cannot change,
And in my mind wisdom to know the difference.”

The adults showed appreciation as it was clear young Blue Tentacles needed to develop more serenity, then Blue continued,
“A wonderful compassionate psychologist taught me that.”
“Was it the same psychologist who told you never to give up hope?” Purple asked but Purple could see it was the same one.
“Blue became a bit pale when he remembered the compassionate psychologist had also told him that was adapted from a Terran formula and told him he must face up to what he’d done to the Terrans. Blue was in no way ready to face up to that but quietly without a fuss he learnt the new wrestling skills.

In time the adults got tired of teaching wrestling and the boys, especially Blue got tired of wrestling so the grownups rested while the youngsters started a different game that got very wild and very sexual. Silver Grey Tentacles eventually saw what was going on and she could rest no longer!
“No more of that!” she demanded, the boys looked disappointed and resentful.
“It’s far too early in the relationship for all that!”
“Why can’t we?”
“Well why not?”
“There’ll be none of that till I’ve had time to explain to both of you about contraception!”
In truth Yellow Tentacles already knew quite a bit about contraception but Blue did need to learn. The exercise had made them all hungry so they considered where to eat.

This time Purple wanted Silver Grey and the others to know he was serious about providing for them therefore the group went to a far more expensive establishment. Why in the Sun’s name should Purple worry if he could not afford normal casual robes till they paid him again, he didn’t know when? The robes of an engineer working for the Galaxy Shipping Company gave Purple far more prestige than the servile robes he was used to wearing. Why in the Sun’s name should Purple worry if he could not afford the types of entertainments seafaring ratings normally enjoyed? The Galaxy Shipping Company provided its employees with far better free food and free entertainments than masters generally gave to slaves. They went to a significantly better dining area, Centaurians still ate off a clean floor as was customary and practical for all except the more snobbish classes and the food was no more nourishing but was more carefully prepared.

The biggest “improvement” was that here the Centaurian equivalent of radio or television was provided but that would prove very much a mixed blessing. We must never forget that Blue Tentacles used to be Scarlet Tentacles and the whole planet knew of the crime Scarlet Tentacles committed. Would young Blue Tentacles have the serenity to accept what the news broadcast would say about him?

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