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The Engineer and the Homeless Boys Edit

“That’s my friend Purple!” Blue Tentacles told his new pals, then added, “This is my mate, Yellow Tentacles and his mum, Silver Grey.”
“Blue Tentacles rescued me from absolutely certain death in the water and he’s the very very bravest Centaurian that I’ve ever met!” Yellow added while he intertwined his tentacles sensuously with those of Blue. Without the intervention of Blue Tentacles death in the water was by no means certain but like Terran youngsters Centaurian adolescents sometimes exaggerate.
“You were brave too Purple when you rescued Blue from your cruel master.” Silver Grey found her tentacles going grey with concern as she said that, “Take care though as you’ll be in trouble, those Engineer’s robes belong to the Galaxy Shipping Company.”
“There’s no problem,” Purple replied, “Our Lord the Sun has shone brightly onto me and blessed me. The captain gave me a permanent job so I’m now a ship’s engineer.”

The other three were a bit envious at that but Purple calmed them when he promised they could go inside and enjoy better facilities.
“The Galaxy Shipping Company looks after their employees and as my guests you may use amenities that ships ratings use.” Purple’s master used to provide for him but he regularly came into contact with hard-up, free servants so he understood something about poverty. Purple guessed a really good nourishing meal was something the homeless family would value. Purple was proud, for the first time in his life he was providing for poor friends without having to steal from the master’s kitchen or beg a little from an overseer.

“That would be really wonderful.” Silver Grey Tentacles replied for the family when Purple offered them all refreshments in one of the healthier eating establishment, she didn’t mention that she’d collected for herself and her family a large part of the tokens that the intoxicated old tramp got selling the master’s submarine. “Those tokens don’t in any way belong to the filthy old scoundrel,” Silver Grey had told herself, “The Brown vagabond got the tokens selling the master’s boat and if that boat belonged to any of us it belonged to the Blue tentacled boy, after all it was his father’s submarine.” [1] As Blue Tentacles was clearly too young to manage such large resources Silver Grey decided to keep the tokens and use them on his behalf or on her family’s behalf.

Anyway the family was soon indoors with Silver Grey’s husband, drunken Shaky Tentacles deposited in a sobering up station. [2]

On their way young Blue Tentacles looked wistfully into a Patrician dining area where his family would have eaten together before Blue went to prison. Yellow Tentacles looked to see what interested his new mate than decided that was all extremely funny.
“Just look at all those Toffs” Yellow exclaimed as his tentacles vibrated with the Centaurian equivalent of laughter, “Don’t they just look plain silly seated on chairs in front of tables and dining off fine white plates with silver cutlery?”
“Copying Terran ways is fashionable right now.” Blue Tentacles stated angrily while his need to defend his class overcame his discomfort over Terrans. “Sometimes you have to suffer a little to maintain status and dignity.”

“Those certainly are suffering.” the two Plebeians agreed while Silver Grey started laughing as well. The reason for hilarity was clear as Terran chairs and tables are hardly designed for Centaurian physiology. Upper class Centaurians had their bodies plonked onto chairs with some tentacles draped over armrests and other tentacles on the table tops manipulating knives, forks and spoons, even eyestalks were extended ridiculously in an effort to see the tops of the tables.
“It’s better not to be like those Patrician fools.” Silver Grey Tentacles told Blue and was not quite as compassionate as she had been before.
“Do you all hate me now?” Blue sobbed out of control, “Do you hate me too, Yellow Tentacles?”


  1. None of the Centaurians present at that time knew that Purple was the biological father of Blue Tentacles so all this made sense to her.
  2. We’ve already met a Centaurian called, "Shaky Tentacles, Guard at the Prison" and Shaky Tentacles is a common name for Centaurians who have trouble controlling their tentacles for whatever reason. Silver Grey Tentacles has a husband called "Shaky Tentacles of the Homeless Swamps".

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