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Doing some work Edit

When at last they found Purple’s record on the computer system they had no clear idea what work he should be doing. Finally some alien suggested as he was already in the recreation complex he could start by servicing the vehicles there.

In due course Purple arrived at a garage where some of the vehicles were kept.
“It’s taken you a long time to report for work hasn’t it?” the fore-alien complained.
“I apologise most contritely” Purple began, then he noticed he was holding his tentacles in the prescribed way for a slave and quickly readjusted himself.
“Well let’s see what you can do with those old tubs over there” the fore-alien continued.

Purple started the first contraption that he was told to service and listened to the engine, next he put anxious tentacles into the engine and worked to get it running better. Later the fore-alien checked his work,
“That’s certainly better” the fore-alien told Purple, “but you don’t need to waste so much time working on faulty components, we can replace them.” then the fore-alien shouted across the garage, “Metal Tentacles, can you bring us some stuff from the store.”
A teenager in the robes of a Galaxy Shipping Company apprentice engineer came over and the fore-alien told him a long list of components that were needed. Purple realised that working for the Galaxy Shipping Company would be quite different from his previous work, his former master far too often refused to pay out for new workings so Purple and the other engineers had plenty of practise jury rigging faulty stuff that should have been thrown away. In time the youngster with dull grey metallic tentacles returned and Purple heard the fore-alien complain again.
“Didn’t you pay any attention at all to what I said? I clearly asked for round widgets with blunt ends and you’ve brought square widgets with pointed ends! You’ve worked with these **** engines often enough, you should know by now what widgets they need. You’ll never become an engineer if you won’t so much as point your eyestalks at a diagram!”
The youngster hung tentacles contritely as the fore-alien typed into a computer and a large diagram appeared on a screen. When the apprentice came back with the next batch of widgets the fore-alien told him off a second time because the blunt ended widgets had the wrong types of grooves on the ends.
“There’s a lathe over there, I can machine the grooves to fit this engine.” Purple offered as he was sorry for the youngster but the fore-alien insisted the kid needed to learn to get the correct components. So the youngster spent yet more time looking at diagrams on a screen and this time Purple told him what type of grooves should be on the widgets and why it mattered. The metallic tentacled youngster brought the correct components after he returned from the store a third time.

That’s as far as I’ve written the story up to now. If readers would like to find out how the story developed before this point please click on The Aliens of the Flaming Red Sun. There readers will find all the sections of the story in sequence.

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