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Cheating is wrong Edit

Purple chose kelp yet again and complained that the slime worm flavoured sauce wasn’t as good as what he had eaten before. This time there was no way Straight Tentacles would quietly pay to get Purple a better quality dish. Still Purple enjoyed the kelp until he started thinking about a really unpleasant incident a long time before at his master’s mansion. He told the others what had happened.
“The cooks tried to swindle the master, my former employer they dared to serve ordinary kelp, the type they give servants to the Patricians. And then they tried to get my former employer to pay for it as if it were Patrician quality kelp.“
“Did the kelp taste bad?” Black and Gold asked.
“The cooks took great care how they prepared it,” Purple explained, “the Patrician family had no complaints and visitors said nothing bad either. Despite all this when the Patricians found out my former employer really blew up. He demanded to know how Patricians could possibly be eating stuff he felt was only fit for lowly servants and there was such dishonour. After that the catering staff hardly ever risked getting kelp for any of us, they rarely even got kelp for the servants.”

The others in that group of engineers shook tentacles derisively and commented about silly snobbery among Patricians, even Straight joined in the derision till he remembered he wanted to look sulky. Purple just drew his tentacles into himself a little remembering how humiliated and difficult the master had been that time.

Some Centaurian turned the television on, the small facility didn’t have a separate television lounge, and this time there was a report about a hurricane and flood in a nearby part of the planet Porrila and how the Great Ruler Morowl had generously provided funds for the disaster victims (from taxes that poorer Centaurians paid). Purple started to get uneasy that they might start about what he and Blue Tentacles had done yet again and asked if they had to carry on watching television. Another Centaurian switched from the public broadcasting station to an internal Galaxy Shipping Company broadcast, then Purple settled back to hear a Centaurian in Official Galaxy Shipping Company Priestly Robes. The sermon began.

“Here we are enjoying the amenities that the Galaxy Shipping Company generously provides for us,” the Sun Priest started. A gust of wind widened a gap in the wall and Centaurians rushed over to do a makeshift repair, the Sun Priest continued, “and we should remember that we have also earned the opportunity to use these wonderful facilities through our hard work.”

A stab of guilt shot through whatever Purple had in place of a heart. How long was it since Purple last did anything useful for the company? How long had Purple been enjoying the facilities of the Galaxy Shipping Company without getting round to working? Straight still had tentacles coiled sulkily and the group was nowhere near as pleasant as before, besides Purple couldn’t start to earn anything and pay off his debt till he did some work. Purple took out his communicator and informed the Galaxy Shipping Company that he was available for work.

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