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What happened on the Mudflats and Off Edit

“It doesn’t matter that we lost the game, it was only a friendly.” Straight started but his tentacles at least for the moment lost their usual look and were clearly agitated.
“I hope I haven’t let my side down.” Purple thought as he looked for a chance to do something else, something that would get the others to think well of him again.

Black and Gold went with Purple back to his vehicle and watched with shaking eyestalks as Purple ran experienced tentacles through his precious engine. Later Black and Gold raised and straightened his eye-stalks with delight and even took his mates on trips round the mudflat to show them the wonderful smooth way his engine was now running. This time Black and Gold took them in batches so they were not tightly packed and could see out. All got to like Purple once more and Straight was proud that his new friend was such a good engineer. Black and Gold wanted to repay Purple for improving his engine so Black and Gold suggested a wrestling match and gave Purple a chance to show off his skill.
“I’m not so keen on wrestling,” Straight complained, “wrestling really is a little bit rough for me!”
Purple’s tentacles drooped just slightly before Black and Gold quickly loaded them all into his vehicle and now that he knew what Purple could do he even let Purple drive. When they arrived at a Galaxy Shipping Company gymnastic complex many, especially the younger engineers were keen to learn Purple’s wrestling techniques that weren’t so well known in this part of the planet. Even the instructor was impressed and Purple enjoyed teaching he also enjoyed the esteem so many Centaurians had for him. Purple overelooked Straight settled in a corner with his tentacles curled up sulkily.
“The free life is getting to be good.” Purple thought quietly to himself but sadly before too long Straight Tentacles said he’d seen enough wrestling and went off to an eating place attached to the gym complex, after that Purple soon decided he was a little tired and hungry as well. So the group all went to the same eating place where Straight was, Black and Gold took just one glance at Straight.
“Don’t coil your tentacles up so sulkily!” Black and Gold admonished in fairly friendly way, “Remember your name’s Straight Tentacles!”
“I won’t cheat, I won’t pretend I’m not upset because I am!” Straight countered.
“You’re twisting up your tentacles even more.” Black and Gold admonished for a second time but in a less friendly way.

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