Primary characters Seth Gordon half human half anu ikann his body is influenced by the cycle of the planet

linus tazbuntu seth friend

Thunder is huge bird known ed by legend as the thunderbird that seth has adopted has is younger bro

Sarah Action seths girl friend


There are several races of aliens that participate important roles on the story the

1) Leviants Ant-bird like creature goal:destroy the planet because of their superiority complex planet Veriteon

2) Radeons a energy like creatures they have jellyfish like form made of trans-stermcells that can become any biological tissue and change to another tissue thus they can take any desired form they work always as a collective and have an ability called hive power that can make individual minds as a one mind goal:protect and help the humans because the believe they are one with everyone planet Omega10

The Radeons have been visiting Earth and interacting with the anu ikann species for about 100,000 years. The Radeons make use of their technology to engineer other species so as to make possible inter-species hybridization.

3) Ra'chmed platypus+plant like creature goal:control the humans to do their dirty work unknown planet

4) The Anu Ikann are another alien species, very similar to humans.

CIAX - a human organization that researches aliens


Question 1: How are two species from two different planets able breed and produce "half human half anu ikann" offspring?
Answer: The Radeons engineered humans and Anu Ikann to be very similar, even though they evolved on different planets.

We are 98% equal to chimps and the offspring is not viable, that I know of. Then, they would have to be 99% or more in similarity. Or less... we have to find out about the mule, how similar are horses and donkeys. --David 16:42, 3 January 2009 (UTC)
This may be relevant to chimp human hybrids. Proxima Centauri 19:27, 3 January 2009 (UTC)

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