In a universe far, far away, there existed a vast, beautiful planet named Rasmous, a city no other creature would dare set foot. Rasmous had been invaded by aliens from other galaxies, seeking to find treasure and fortune. One day, the Rasmorians, the beings of the land, had had enough of their tiresome fighting against evil, so they sent their bravest warrior, Sentrakh, to destroy the beings, evading defeat long enough for Sentrakh to leave, safely. But he had other things to do.

He set out on a journey around the his universe, on his first mission to come to the Great Asteroid Belt, to find a legendary jewel known as the Crystal Gem, that would wipe his arch-nemesis, Farox, out of existance. Farox and Sentrakh had been sworn enemies since the very minute Farox had invaded Sentrakh's homeland, only to be blown out into outer space.

Chapter One - The Council

Sentrakh dodged a blast of fire from a nearby resident of the Great Asteroid Belt. Who ever these villagers of the asteroids and meteorites were, they didn't like him at all.

"I'm trying to save you," Sentrakh told the villager for the eighth time. "From Farox, the most evil being in the universe!"

At once, the citizens stopped fighting, and stood still for a moment or two.

"Gharious doopirior konu," the citizen said, in a strange voice, gesturing towards Sentrakh's lower arm, with the large Ray Gun in his hand. Obviously, this being didn't speak the same language as him, but still, Sentrakh reached into a pocket in his belt, and pulled out his 'Transolation Device'.

Sure enough, the villager began to speak Rasmorian, the words that Sentrakh spoke.

"Follow us to the Daily Council," the citizen sighed, walking towards a small spaceship next to him. "You have much to learn."

Sentrakh followed the villager into the spacecraft as other figures and other beings began to flick small switches and levers.

"Hold tight!" they all shouted with laughter.

To be continued, in the Adventures of Sentrakh 2!

New chapters every three days!

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