Chapter One, Part One "One and a half battles"Edit

"Blast these traitors!" Thought Jet as bullets flew over his head. He was referring to the Rezoxians, men from the planet Rezox, who had turned against the Great Republic for "Incompetent and nonexistent aid". Sure, no one really cared about them, but WAR! Such pointless bickering was keeping them from capturing the Hacker. Couldn't the "unfortunate" just stay out of everything? About a half second later, one of the soldiers fell. "Jet, get outta there!" Just in time, Vick had broken his train of thought and gotten him out before of the sea wall and into their makeshift bunker as enemy tanks burst through their cover. "Hold it," whispered Jet, just loud enough for his troops to here. "Hold it." Every soldier tensed, waiting for the order. "FIRE! Give them all you've got boys!" roared Jet. Gunfire ripped through the enemy, sending them into disarray. Jet took his squad of Vick, the Anti-Armor specialist, Lenny and Fred, the Anti-infantry specialists, and Sam, the inexperienced youth who shot at anything but his allies to clear a landing site for their reinforcements. They moved forward, slowly advancing while staying behind cover. Jet peeked over the top of the fallen tank and returned to his team with good news and bad news. "The Good news is, I found a clearing large enough for all of our transports to land at once. The bad news is that there are ( looks back up ) Twelve turrets in our way." "So....... that's bad how?" asked Sam ever so innocently. "Because those turrets tear shreds out of men like us." replied Fred. "Can't Vick pick them off?" "No, they would see where the rocket came from" "Our transports have guns." "The turrets can shoot in the air, stupid." Sam and Fred would have continued to argue had Jet not broken it up. "Will you two quit arguing for two second so I can hear myself think!" He half yelled, half whispered. He needed to come up with a plan. "If I may, we could put an mini nuclear detonator on one of Vick's rockets. If he aimed it correctly, it would survive long enough to let us activate it." suggested Lenny. "Is it possible Vick?" asked Jet. After considering for a second, he replied, "Yeah, but I would need to get a bit closer to get what you want to happen. Can I count on you not to detonate it before I get back?" "Uhh... sure Vick, whatever you say" replied Sam. "Sam, stop it. You can count on us, Vick." added Jet. Five seconds later a thundering clap sounded. Two second after that gunfire erupted from the turrets. A second later Vick fell down behind the wall, panting. Another second after that a singular, massive explosion rocked the area. "Transports, This is Captain William. You are clear to land." whispered Jet into his microphone. William was his real name. When the transports had finished unloading, Jet was in command of an army of Twenty-five men and Five Heavy Mechs. The heavy mechs were a sight to see, sporting over thirty machine guns and heavy cannons. They were also equipped with a full compliment of swarmers. It was time to reinforce his men's last position. But other plans had been made....

Chapter One, Part Two "One and a half Battles"Edit

The ground shook under Marcuz Kvay's feet. He looked up and saw debris flying from a potential enemy landing site. "Come with me, men," instructed Marcuz. He and his men moved towards the area where the they had heard the noise come from. When they got to the area, they saw a group of enemy soldiers and mechs moving west. Marcuz raised his Electric Disable weapon and advanced on the strike force. Marcuz was one of the three commander-in-cheifs of the warrior people Rezoxians. The three commander-in-chiefs made decisions together and led their people in the war. The so-called "Great" Republic offered them no help on their harsh planet and still expected them to pay taxes. War was most definantly better than that. He had disabled two mechs and shot down two men when he saw who was leading the charge. William "Jet" Jameson. He had been Marcuz's rival in the training acadamy. They had equal tactical ability and fighting prowess. What made Jet graduate at the top of his class was his morale. He had the inspiration to fight for the Republic that Marcuz did not. The fight was breif but intense. The remaining Mechs cut down his infantry but Marcuz's numbers did a toll on Jet's forces. Overall, it was Marcuz who was forced to retreat. Marcuz contacted The other two Commander-in-cheifs and informed them on the current struggle on Aserto.

Chapter One, Part Three "One and a half Battles"Edit

"So little Marckie is back?" thought Jet. He hadn't seen Marcuz in years. Too bad their reunion was a battle. Many gunshots were fired. "Cover!" Jet yelled "Get to cover!" his men did so and his mechs were able to put a dent in Marcuz's forces. Just then, Jet and Marcuz made eye contact. Jet saw a cold yet determined spirit in him. "Rally troops! make the people proud!" shouted Lenny, breaking Jet out of his daze. He fired into the mob of Rezoxians that advanced on their position. Eventually, Marcuz ordered a retreat. Jet took his men and moved towards the rest of the strike forces' last known position. they found them and moved forward. They had to capture the city of Kru-han so they could continue their counterattack against the Rezoxians, who had enslaved the good people of Aserto. If they liberated the planet, they would be that much closer to putting down these rebellions. Jet just wished that the two rebellions would just join together. At least then they wouldn't have to waste time tracking down multiple leaders and coming up with two different binding, loophole-less charges against them. But all wishes weren't meant to come true. "So I guess its back to reality" Jet thought as he led his men through the wilderness and towards the city of Kru-han.

Chapter Two, Part One "Trouble in the senate"Edit

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