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It has been hundreds of years after the Armageddon, and the Solar System, our galaxy, is overflowing with darkness. The irony that our greatest victory in battle was the loss of our greatest war was a fatal one. The demonic invaders rule all that lies beyond the outer walls of humanity's last strongholds. Everyday, an inch of our hope is lost.

But it wasn't always like this.

Some time in the distant past we coincided with powerful beings with abilities beyond comprehension. The Angels, as we called them, had power greater than even their massive physicality. More than just the enormous, metallic, levitating cubes they were, the Angels taught us not with words, but by example with their supernatural dominance. With their assistance, we accomplished eminent achievements. We colonized other worlds. We found cures for once unstoppable diseases. We built space stations of extraordinary composition. We doubled our life span. Our waste was disposed of in the gas giants, and we had more than what we could ever wish for.

But with a single invasion, our grand utopia was devastated. Numbering in the millions, the Demons gave us a lethal illustration of their barbaric customs. These vile, otherworldly creatures struck horror into us with phenomenal powers and technology of their own, razing our colonies before we could signal for help. But when they descended upon the red planet Mars, the Angels, without warning, disappeared into the heavens. Then panic and despair became a commodity. Then the enemy took the first steps of their own on the rusted surface of our greatest colony, and the red planet was even redder and darker in rotting flesh and blood.

Just before the men of Mars suffered the calamity of oblivion, the Angels descended upon Mars from the Heavens, and with them came the King of Angels, the Archangel, and the most powerful of all Angels. The Archangel's shadow fell over the Army of Darkness, and along with it the Fifty Legions of Angels. The shadow was soon replaced with light, illuminating the field of annihilation and blinding the enemy forces, and the great explosion occurred. No life of a human was harmed by the impact, but the same could not be said for the heartless lives of the Demons within every inch of the red planet, for they were obliterated.

But the enemy's crusade was far from over. The Archangel retreated to our homeworld, Earth, and the enemy went on hiatus, planning to defeat us once and for all.

And they did. This improved armada of absolute destruction was nothing like we've ever seen. The Demons fought as if under the influence of a great malevolence. As Mars was run with blood once again, we soon found the answer to such darkness. The Demons had powerful monarchs of their own. Seven to be exact, and like the Angels, they took the form of copious large cubes with strange markings across their surfaces. But unlike the Angels, they were not ridden with light, but instead, the dark. The Seven Princes they were called, and after the fall of the beautiful Venus, the Demons marched on, led by their princes. The Archangel, to our dismay, did not move against the enemy. It lied, waiting, perhaps an act of patience to our fate. But we did not have time for patience.

The enemy descended upon our last world, Earth, our birthplace. Every nation on the surface of the planet had rallied against the enemy, but neither victory nor defeat was clear. As the first battleship drew fire, the Archangel woke from its slumber. With the Fifty Legions of Angels, and we did clash with the enemy. Fire and death lie above the surface of our world. The Archangel clashed with the Seven Princes. For twelve days and eleven nights we clashed. But on the twelfth night, a defeat drew near. The Archangel took a last stand to the Seven Princes, and we did the same to the almost endless hordes of invaders.

With a last resort, the Archangel gathered for its final act. But unbeknownst to us, it was also its final breath. With its last cell of great power, the Archangel unleashed the worst catastrophes ever known to the enemy. The Ten Storms they were called… ten waves of pure destruction upon the invasive monsters. All of the Demons were obliterated, and the Seven Princes of Demons retreated from our world. This great battle was the Armageddon, a victory that was also a defeat; for the Archangel, with all its strength no more, fell into the deep blue ocean mass, and crumbled out of existence. The Angels crumbled along with it. There was no time to celebrate, for the Demons landed upon our homeworld, and they ruled our galaxy.

With no supernatural source of power to protect us, the remainder of humanity retreated into their cities, fighting a defensive battle, not to thrive once again, but only survive such great darkness. Hundreds years have passed, and to this day, only 13 strongholds of humanity remain, with our future dim. But we do have one advantage over the Demons for now. We have hope.

We thought this was the end, but this, is also the beginning. For the spirits of the Angels lived on. These spirits, known as the Pneumas, roam this world seeking the future heroes of mankind as their avatars… those worthy of passing on with the roles of the Angels as guardians of humanity. And these heroes, bearing the Aura, or the power of Angels, shall rise and fight the Demons, and liberate the world from darkness.

This is the beginning of end. This is the story of the Templars of Humanity.

Table of ContentsEdit

  1. Prologue
  2. Part I, Chapter 1

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