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This page has a short list (below) of reminders for wiki editors. For more detailed help see this Wikia help resource

General Code HintsEdit

  • Links: [[X]]
  • Templates: {{X}}
  • Template links: [[Template:X]]
  • Page templates: {{:X}}
  • Images: [[Image:X.jpg]]
  • Image links: [[:Image:X.jpg]]
  • Redirects: #REDIRECT [[X]]
  • Categorize: [[Category:X]]
  • Category links: [[:Category:X]]
  • Number list: #, ##, ###
  • Bullet list: *, **, ***
  • Break line: <br>
  • Line: <hr> or ----
  • Table of Contents: __TOC__
  • No Table of Contents: __NOTOC__

Font HintsEdit

  • Comment: <!--X-->
  • Section Header: ==X==
  • Section Subheader: ===X===
  • Italic: ''X''
  • Bold: '''X'''
  • Bold and Italic: '''''X'''''
  • Big: <big>X</big>
  • Small: <small>X</small>
  • Strikethrough: <strike>X</strike>
  • Code Text: <code>X</code>
  • Just Text: <nowiki>X</nowiki>


  • Center: <center>X</center>
  • See Wikipedia tutorial
  • Start Page: type X into search box, click on create page
  • Signature: ~~~~
  • No overflow: <pre style="overflow: auto;">*

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