Tis another day has dawned over the hills on the Dariuk plains. The Greenery sparkled in the morning dew as dawn had shown its face. The hill rolled deeply as the blue sky sparkled like the eyes of a Stewardess in the house of Adenor. Derek Thompson has awoken from a deep slumber on the hillside while thinking of the warm beds at home in Kingston, Illinois. He knows he may not go back without finding the foolish sorcerer, Xanthas Bringh. The Accursed sorcerer...Xanthras brought him to the world many years back when the kings fought the Khruls before.

His eyes still heavy from the worn night of celebration. He kept thinking about his love, Sarah Clearstead. Ah yes, Sarah Clearstead. Her skin was as fair, yet as hardened as the sun shone on armor in broad daylight. Her eyes shone in the fair grace of the Evening Firelight. Her hair was like silk woven to be a web of grace in a beheld by the darkness of the night.

He shook his head after hearing softly the sound of the sillouette of Trumpets in the distant. He knew that Valledore was near and the armies of the west gathered under the banners of the Eagle Lord. He felt the gentle breeze tug him as he was roughly awoken by the sound. He sat upright with his back to the tree he laid upon. His sword, Calindor carried by his side was tossed upon the ground and never dared touched by mortal hands for if one touched the sword, they would meet their fate by ashes and the whispers of the wind. Calindor, detailed with runes that cover the bronze handle with the pictures of the original heroes who have wielded the sword. The blade, be forged of Mystast was strengthened by the powers of the rune of Xanthras. For Reasons unknown, Derek walked with the excuse for a leg that wouldn't walk properly. His bum leg is whnat prevented him from mounting his horse.

After a while and a while more, he finally hopped onto Sadlines, his white maned horse with black on the chest and the crest of the Horseforn. He rode on into the west and followed the sounds of the trumpets. The journey was quick, for he was naught far from the city. He heard the trumpets get louder and louder and finally he could hear steel clashing and the groans of men as they fall with wounds to the ground. It was to be a battlefield. He rushed up the barreling hills to the arms of men and fought along side the men of the east, the Salinas. The ride on to battle along side with the brother in arms, the Vallendi.

The swords clashed in a hearwrenching sound that overtook the ears and gave the innocent chills. Soldiers were injured here and there and the opposing force whom couldn't be identified was beyond Derek's imagination. They slew hundreds of soldiers like a person ripping paper. He couldn't understand how they were doing it. He finally had enough and came to the city and shot a bolt of fire at the ground and scared the enemy away. the people cheered and the gates opened. The doors were bound as old, wooden doors that were almost rotting, but the white bricks surrounding the city say different. The 50 feet high walls that were almost impossible to behold and the 1100 feet tall tower that stood in the center of the town certainly stood out more than the walls.

Derek entered the city and beheld a white road with many houses that were different in size and shape. some were circular at base and some were triangular, but all were white. It seemed too white for a city, but there were cracks and plants seeping into the city. the tower though, was perfect. It was too huge to be manmade and was even more so in the size of the castle at the base. The tower was over 7 acres in length and 4 acres in width. The castle added 2 Acres to each side and was the largest castle ever seen. Derek entered the main hall and tried to speak in the white halls of the Eagle lords, but he was inturrupted by the general. "My lords, there is trouble brewing in the east."

The general stated in a deep, but hamonized voice. His rugged appearance say he is not a general, but his coast of arms signifies otherwise. His silver coat with the coat of arms was his proof and his hair was a red mess. The same for his beard which hanged from his chin clingingly. "The Jagarad has sent an army of many and has conquered the three kingdoms in the Barrens. We must sent the Vandigards to the north." The Eagle lords who sit on the white throne were proud, old men who wore silver crowns each and wore the traditional silver suits for the Eagle lords.

the eagle lord with the Grey hair and was balding on the top cleared his throat and said in a rustic old voice, "And where to the north?" The general motioned towards them and said, "to Berudin's Deep. To defend the Shield of Civilization." The Eagle lords all looked at him, staring coldly as the one who still had black hair, but had no beard said in a gristly voice, "And how do you plan to help your kingdom? by going to a distant land while we fight the wild men?" Derek then started with a chuckle and then bursted out laughing. The Eagle lords looked at him as he was thought of as a fool of the court.

Derek looked at them after finishing his laugh. "They were not wild men," Derek said. "i have no idea who they were, but they were not wild men." The Balding grey one said to him, "But they came from the south, fool. They must be the wild men." Derek then chuckled again and said, "Alright, if that's what you think." The Eagle lords looked at each other and muttered amongst themselves and they finally had an agreement. "Alright," The Balding grey one said. "We will believe you, if you identify yourself." Derek turned around and smiled. He cleared his voice and said, "I am the Flame Dancer, Derek Thompson. I am from the united states of america, not of this world. I am from the small town of Kingston, Illinois. I was raised by Maria and Stephen Thompson. Maria was an accountant and my father worked as CEO to BrinCo, a multi-billion dollar coorperation that boomed into a legend after the third world war."

The eagle lords were stunned to hear that, but then they all laughed. Derek's smiled went to a frown. The eagle lords sent him away in disbelief and he didn't talk about what he was searching for. Dammit, I can't ask anybody anything! He went on his way out of the city into the direction of where the sun would be if it weren't for the clouds. He then said outloud, "Where has the sun gone?"

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