The rain was pouring heavily on the white plains. Though the snow has fallen, the rain still comes. the stone keep on the boarders of the Dukedom was bleak and dreary, but isn't all fortresses that way? The Guards watched carefully in their black armor wearing a red shield with a lion in the center. They stood with their bows drawn and their arrows sharp. They await an army from the west to come and take them by force. A horse rider came from the south wearing the seal of the Vandigard. They opened the gates and let him pass through. The streets were as cheery as the stone and the people wrought with fear and dispair. The Rider went on into the keep and travelled to the halls of the Duke, Duke Vascos Hartstead. Vascos was not there, but his son, Daris was there. Daris looked at the Horse rider and said, "You would enter my father's halls at ill-timing? Such a pity." The Horse rider spoke to Daris in a gristly tone, "It is not ill-timing, but rather ill-fortune. the Vandigard rides north to Berudin's Deep. We will defend the fortress here and follow the armies to the north." Daris smiled and said again in a ghastly voice to match his albino form and his red eyes and black hair, "My father is now ill and I am ill, you have naught reason to defend our fortress. The Fortress is but a bump in the road. continue to the deep." The Vandigard rider shouted at him as he finished the sentence, "But we wish to help you and we will!" Daris chuckled and said, "We are fine, soldier. Pass on by." The Vandigard rider became frustrated and practically screamed at him saying, "WE WILL HELP!" That was done and he went on. As the Vandigard went on, the knights were sent for Daris. The knight, who were tired from their long run, in spite of exaustion said to Daris, "My lord! Your father..." Daris stood up and rushed to his father's side, passing the dormant halls with baffling pictures of battles and the Flags of the country. He finally made it to the Steel door that opens into the king's Bedroom. The king was hacking as much as he could and was pale with illness. His eyes were ambered from the illness and wore the velvet robe for kings. Without his crown, you can see the grey hair that has become of him. The incurable illness has taken him and his son. The lineage is dying out. "Father!" Daris said as he rushed to the king's side. The king's voice has been turned to a rustic voice with but a rasp. "Son..." Daris' eyes started to water as would any son at the sight of their father's death. Tears rolled down his cheeks only to fall off. "Father..." Daris' voice trembled at the hearing of his death. The king whispered into daris' ear, "My son, my time has come. You must now take the throne in a time of chaos. Do not weep for me, for I am going to Zavinas, the grand city of heaven!" Daris bursted out in tears at the hearing of this. He held tight to his father and cried, "Please father, Don't go! I've only wished to see the sun once more in our dukedom with you!" The father whispered to him once more, "Do not weep...I" Daris wept evermore for his father. As he wept, the chamberlain went out to the advisor and the advisor went to the people and announced, "Duke Vascos is now dead. Duke Daris Hartstead is now ruler of

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