Of course all things visual are given sight and given the abilities to walk and to talk, but what happened was that we lost our true grip on reality and have given ourselves to the winds of time for the ransom being we surrender ourselves to the shadows of illusionry and trickery. We have made a pact to do so and in the end, we are all tricked by science and reality. What is the true dream as many speak of? What is the true meaning of the hiding in and of itself. We could not completely be depressed of what we have been given. The truth is well versed for Professor Andrew Ricardo Bonicelli at the Metropolitan University of New York City at the Historical Society Building who has devoted his professional life to translating the ancient scripts of the time before what he calls "The rise of Time" and says time has been around for trillions of years, but before then there was an era that left some records that the winds of time has not swept away. As he reads onward, he finally has translated some of these documents as they are similar to Heiroglyphics and Hebrew mixed together, but he is troubled at what he finds. What he finds is the Book of three thousand Tales. He could only translate Fifteen Tales which is an equivalent of Fourty Pages. There are plenty more pages, but what he has done is considered a feat as he uncovered these during the excavation of the Valley of Kings. He died in 1989, but his works live on through people who are a part of the Premordialism or the study of subjects before time. His records are currently being translated by a group of advanced students who are highly skilled in what they have done, but they have released one of these stories to the public which has become this: Tanil and the Iron sword.

During the reign of Emperor Madir Kardish Lashm XXVII who ruled over the continent of Juirk which stands at the centre of the regional Universe, the nation of Suak has come under the influence of the seven true gods of fear as they consume the ultimate power in their life. The evil displayed in what they have placed under a shadow hidden in corridors. There was a great hero who saved the nation from the wrath of one of the seven. This hero was named Tanil after the great God-Emperor Tanil Gashim II who ruled before the first of the Lashm line. Tanil was a poor farm boy who worked for the sorceress Tijea who hailed from the lands of Trije to the far west. Tanil was adopted from his old parents who were too poor to do anything about it. Tanil has grown closer to her and has been her errand boy for many years. At the age of thirteen, she gave him the privilage of going anywhere in the Vale of Xurie. Tanil has ran round the Vale plenty of times and was able to enter the farm once again without trouble from Tijea at all. He knew about her sorcery, but he didn't expect that one day he would see her dead. One fine day during a warm sunny time, the grain gave a sense of company as Tanil ran downhill to the farm when he saw suddenly a pile of rubble in a flash. A wave of air flew through the air and came to Tanil as he was shocked by how the farm was destroyed. He came to the farm after rising from the ground and ran as fast as he could. There he found her lying there with a crescent carve in her womb. She told him, "Take care of the Iron King..." Her final words were the ones that rang clear in his head. He knew what he had to do, but he did not know how to do this.

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