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Couple of things in "Wings of fire" grabbed my attention and made me think.

-> Iyadurai Solomon was a great teacher because *he instilled in all children a sense of their own worth* (This is what a teacher should do) -> By the time I completed my education at Schwartz, *I was a self-confident boy determined to succeed* (This is what education should give)


The theme and the story line should be enabling not to hurt the irresponsible teachers but to encourage them to get their acts together, and to laud good teachers, the theme can narrate a story with two teachers and their influence on a single student. the story should be based on the students life what are the phases he goes through it. our message sould be sutle yet we should drive home the point. it shouldn't be too obvious that we want the irresponsible teachers to be uncomfortable. we need to be on a higher ground, if we need to get our goals achieved we also need the support of such teachers.


with sridhar Edit

srid: actually, I think the story so far written in wikipedia is mokka (boy goes to bangalore; hates work; comes back to anna univ.. and becomes a teacher) .. but the debate and discussion part can be made interesting.

srid: thumb rule for teachers: don't teach students X. teach them to think /about/ X. (plus and minus)

<wikipedia> A drama film is a film genre that depends mostly on in-depth development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes.

srid: keyword here is 'emotional', 'realistic', 'development', so acting != 'just speaking'

srid: i hope you don't make a rebellious story

and it shouldn't sound like srini is the zen master

me: and answers shold not be for claps or appealing to the mass, but convey a message in appropriate words

srid: <idea> the interaction can be mutual. student comes bewildered (or raging) .. teacher /questions/ him .. student is forced to /think/ to answer the question .. some sort of evolution of ideas happens here (sometimes, on other students, who listen to this discussion, as well)

me: yes. this is better!

not focused, boring Edit

Srinivasan story is boring. further it doesn't seem to be focused on either student or teacher. let's have a separate workshop for teachers.

considering skit to be for abt 15-20 mins, we have to make it project some role-model --ignite possibility into student's mind

here are two suggestions (this is for enacting in front of teachers)

a rivalry between two school boys, each consults two different teachers. one teacher gives a positive influence the other lazy and gives irresponsible guidence one will adress the core problems and solves the issues the other gives punishment and address the symptoms of the issue comedy love track... atleast a female track to have entertainment

-ashok vk

Possible elaboration of srinivasan scene 1: school teacher absent in rural school andha time la boys come up with different time pass activities discussion dhan appo srinivasan somehow diverts the topic and brings them to academic discussion by asking some interesting questions k va... school bell adikkidhi scene chnges

scene 2: thala moves to chennai city, studies in college , becomes IT professional here we'll show briefly his inner feelings (mismatch of character and job rquirement, etc) aprama this chance to take KT again he finds himself in front of a class. he enjoys it. scene 3: night call to mom scene change scene 4(final): again some other village school la some teacher is absent and srinivasan goes as substitute see the villain of the story is conveniently absent narration is minimal just scene introductions dhan motive is to open some topics of discussion among students and show that it can be fun plus teachers ku there is a bit of glorification (city la hitech people are longing for their job nu) students should ask questions, and try to logically arrive at answers. this is the main theme

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