Tales of the Heartbroken Bard is just a summary of an Idea I have. It is yet to be finished, yet written. Most of the story's original except for some of the concept and I received Inspiration from some things. Most of this is just creativity and if there is any similarity between andy stories, it is pure coincidence and you can can it about it.

Part 1: The BeginningEdit

The Bard Cheoann Llyrd is travelling the roads of the new kingdom and finds true love on the road. He falls in love with the gypsy woman, Kori who is also travlling the roads of the new kingdom, but they both find their love threatened as the Bard discovers an ancient evil is awakening. The Bard has spent his whole life travelling the world and finds his own love, but soon must fight an ancient evil or die for his love...

A caucascian man wearing Black Clothing and a Blck Hat. He carries a guitar with him and has a rapier at his side. He also has a feather in his hat. He is walking on a dirt Road and is looking to the background were there is three mountains with a lake and a forest. There is grass that is as green as the forest.

Part 2: The AwakeningEdit

Cheoann Llyrd was killed trying to destroy the ancient evil, Tywyllwych and Kori became the heartbroken Gypsy who must travel least until today. Cheoann came back and is a different person with mind and body, but not at heart. Now he must protect his love from the forces of a new evil: Anhrefn. After being ressurected by shear will, coming to his love's rescue, he must now fight an evil that truly may be a match for the Bard.

Part 3: The Tale of the Heartbroken BardEdit

Kori is now dead and Cheoann Llyrd is very heartbroken. He still hunts for Anhrefn. As he does, he finds out that Anhrefn was a god and if he defeats him, he could lose his love forever. Will he be able to keep his love, but also destroy a god? Find out in this book!

Credits to OthersEdit

  • Air Supply and Foreigner for the idea of the story
  • Final Fantasy for the Idea of a foreboding shadow and the greater evil
  • Gypsy History for Kori
  • The Welsh and Gaelic for the names
  • I might complete this story, but it may be a while before then.

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