Why think outside of the box, when you can think outside of the circle?

These tales are of happenings of a sea called Unreality. They show the forces of the elements of Altera, from passionate fire to analyctical water. And it shows the lessons that are passed down through generations in Nowhere, Paradon, and Randominia. Tales and lessons that peoples would do well to heed, before the end comes. But the end doen't exist, for it is simply the end of one thing, and the beginning of another. But I am straying from the point. So with no further ado, I present to you, the Tales of Altera!


Water is calm. Tranquil. Peacful. But it is also analyctical. Those who possess the element of water are calm. And if you wrong them. They remain calm. Until you are in their territory. Then they unleash a barrage of strikes that never end. Hurricane. Storm. Tsunami. But they will warn you. Subtle hints must be heeded. The price to pay is not worth the reward. This tale is of one who aggrivated the sea...

...And paid the price...

Wan was a burly seaman. But he was not a very...Sea-ish...seaman. And one night, he was sailing through the sea when he spotted a fish. He could tell it was sacred by thesilvery coating, and its...Magical...feel. But he caught it anyway. He brought it back to his home, and cooked it, and ate it. It was the best meal he had ever tasted. But he had insulted and aggrivated the sea. And it was his greatest mistake.

Twenty years later, Wan was about to set sail with a more experienced seaman, when a small wave struck the beach. It was just powerfull enough to wet Wan's ankles. The burly seaman knew what this meant. "The sea is aggrivated, I will not sail in this danger." But Wan did not heed the warning. He set out alone. On the sea, the waves got more and more powerful. Until he was in a full-blown hurricane. He did not live. The next day, a small note in a bottle washed up onto the beach. It read:

I have aggrivated the sea, and paid the price. I know now that I must heed the subtle warnings of life. But as I am dying in this hurricane as I speak, I have not much more life to heed the subtle warnings of. So I apolagize. To my wife and children for leaving them. To the seaman for not heeding his warning. And for the sea. I am sorry for capturing your sacred fish. I will accept the price.


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