The T film series (which stands for "Terror") by John Graymen, Jr. and his dad. The film series is not a very successful film series.

Films Edit

Gross revenue's Edit

Films Gross revenue Totals
Terror: The Vicious Killer 278,800 U$D, 4,387,730 Euro 4,666,530 world-wide
T2 73,478,700 U$D, 102,878,300 Euro 176,357,000 world-wide
T3 2,833,938 U$D, 8,387,000 Euro 11,320,938 world-wide
T4: Survival of the Fittest 90,498,900 U$D, 22,934,980 Euro 113,393,880 world-wide
All films
305,738,348 world-wide

Plot summaries Edit

Terror: The Vicious Killer (T1, 1964) Edit

The film is about a schizophrenic psychopathic murderer named John Hanson, a convicted cannibalistic mutilator, who randomly kills anyone who gets in his way and kills whoever hates him/he is assigned to kill.

The film begins with a family, known as the Ferris' and they are a family mobsters, the daughter, which turned 19, joins in, and she meets John, which afterwards, the Ferris' are shown pictures of mutilated bodies, and the family is worried about her, they then strangle their own daughter to death at the end, and John kills two members of the family.

T2 (1985) Edit

Main article: T2

The film continues off of T1 and it starts on a warm Summer day, and John is busy cutting up two of the members of the Ferris' and he then starts to hitchhike and kill random peoples, and starts killing off a family six, two daughters, one son, and a grandma, and grandpa, and without the mom, as usual is with another man, and the dad meets John, not realizing that his wife is dating John, and John killed his wife, and soon, John starts to kill off the family one-by-one, which starts with the grandma being stabbed with a metal pike and her jaw getting ripped off and disemboweled, using a sledgehammer to crush the grandpas head, the second-born daughter being raped and cut up with a chainsaw. But her boyfriend appears and tries to kill John, but he is killed with a crowbar, and the son is drowned, and the dad is decapitated, but the Police arrive and shoot the maniac, but the son survived and first-born daughter survived.

T3 (1991) Edit

Main article: T3

The third film continues off where the T2 did and it starts off with the son and daughter from the first film, Sarah and Jack, they're all alone, and Sarah, now 16, is raped by her seventh boyfriend and abused, she finally breaks up. Then, Jack rapes her, and she goes nuts and kills him, she then started to kill off her boyfriends and she killed herself by jumping into a factory full of acute weapons and acute knives, she died there and the cops discovered the corpses that very night.

T4 (2008) Edit

The third sequel film starts with a another mobster family, the Marones' their daughter, Lacy Marones is a dedicated daughter, she is a child's doctor, she was sent to prison for two years after raping a girl and her mother, she leaves, but lost her medical license. Five years, she meets John, and she takes him to her parents house, and the family introduces themselves, and he knows they're killers, and he shows them videos, which he made into horror films, the first one, Don's Death, a short film about a man named Don Harrison, who is brutally tortured and killed, and eaten up by John, and its sequel, Scare Club, a clubhouse for sex play, drugs, alcohol, music, and strippers, he invades and starts to brutally mutilate everyone and kill everything, and the next day, a Police Officer comes and shows them pictures of scenes from the two short films by John, and the corpses that were found, they then realize that they met a sadistic cannibalistic killer who kills everyone, and he is there, and the cop is attacked and ripped apart limb from limb, bone from bone, and flesh from flesh, and soon the dad helped John clean up the mess, and another Police Officer comes and asks, "Where is Officer Connors"?, and they say they do not know, and after the next two days, John kills Lacy's dad and three of dads brothers, it then ends with a man trying to kill John, but the man was hit with the axe, and was about to be decapitated, but the screen goes blank and the film credits start to role.

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