I hope that everyone knows TNSO, and my other stories, this is the article on TNSO information, status, characters, books, couples, and, if you can't find something from the story line, I might've also forgotten it. And, if you feel that it's precence should be in here, please leave me a message on my talk page, or here, telling me about what you think is missing. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you. And I hope you enjoy this article.

Reasons for WritingEdit

At around 9 years of age, being in 3rd grade, my best friend and I started writing. Of course, our writing was... faulty back then, being very... very much without detail. I was a reader of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and had multiple accounts on that wiki (given up now) and mutiple stories and characters. But as my best friend and I started getting older, we came up with a story sort of related to the Percy Jackson series. The story was similar to Percy Jackson and the Olympians, though, on first read of the first Chapter one may not think that. My best friend and I we were thinking of what it would be like. Originally, the islands of Isla had no name, most of them just being named after when receded there. But, as we continued in the writing I came up with names for each of these islands, and sense my move away from my best friend, our sharing of details of the story had grown very slim. The story was supposed to be split into three different sections, which, when I think about it, weren't really sections, but more of the same stories with different narroters. For mine, my main character, Demitra, narrated it. For my best friend, her main character, Roxxane, narrated it. And for my second best friend, her main character, Riko, narrated it. As everyone will soon find out, Riko is almost always out, and when she does come back she doesn't share her story to much, this gave my second best friend the chance to narrate using Riko and Riko's adventures when she wasn't near Demitra. Sense Roxxane was hardly away from Demitra, my best friend was still able to narrate, the same speech, but with different thoughts and her own words, and even her own descriptions. For my second best friend, it was like a whole different story altogether, while it still matched up to my own and to my best friend's. Their stories are not on here. But, my reason for writing it is because I felt that it would be interesting to write my first ever story, and I even thought of it sometimes when trying to surpass my low insomnia and sleep.

What it stands forEdit

TNSO is an anagram for The New Set of Olympians, the double O does not appear but TNSO was created by me in an attempt to shorten the long name of this story.


Book One:Demina-Island of the Demi-GodsEdit


  1. Demitra
  2. Toya
  3. Roxxane
  4. Riko
  5. Lexandra
  6. Nagashi
  7. Cody
  8. Jeff
  9. Alex
  10. Lily
  11. Pallas
  12. Raven


Plot (Demitra)Edit

It seems that everything is just fine for 14-year-old Demitra. Demi is happy and out-going, she's prepared to face the world and it seems that everything really is fine for her, and nothings going to change. Boy! Is she wrong! When Demi enters first period with her best friends, Roxxane and Riko, the teacher announces that they have a new student. The new student? Demi's childhood best friend, Toya Black Haden. Demi is shocked and she is raging with anger and rage. She still remembers what that no good Toya Haden did. But, as she is taken by him, she goes to a strange place. As shes there she passes out for no good reason and wakes up in a bed the resembles nothing of her own. She's wearing the samething she had gone to school in and was surprised by the giant majesty of the house. Demi and Toya make up, Toya saying something surprised and made the 14-year-old cry. But their make up doesn't last for long. It ends soon after. Riko and Roxxane caught her and told Demi that Lex, Nagashi, and Pallas were gone. Where did these guardians go? And did it have something to do with Riko and Roxxane leaving? Are they ever going to find them again?

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