Tel Loiryn Contined

Reunion Edit

The twins had traveled fast and were soon going to enter the Forbidden Forest.

They stopped when they heard the sounds of crinkling leaves and saw the form of a Fiko. Immediately, they got into back to back formation, keeping their heads close together, to have a stable soul bond.

Elorn warned to the former guide: “We can now soul bond, Fiko.”

At this, the other form, hidden by the shade appeared. The second form moved forward and approvingly replied “Good, let’s see how much you can charge it and what form it takes.”

"Who are you?" Neltor challenged.

"Me?" Asked the avian, quite surprised. "Hmm. Call me Nero."

"Good, at least you told us your name immediately. We still haven't found out the name of the Fiko."

"Ha ha, oh he's a tricky one, isn't he? Well, I won't spoil the surprise for you. You were going to show me--"

The twins immediately caused a steady stream, weak, but stable. It struck the form’s hand, and Elorn immediately remembered his first usage of magic. Neltor, due to the soul bond, also remembered Elorn’s memory as his own memory and they corrupted the link, giving the usual effects of magick. But the avian didn’t toss it back, it absorbed it instead.

Nero disaprovingly replied, “That wasn’t very good. I don’t feel refreshed...Now stop fooling around, your former guide and I, have dealt with canorks because of your expedition!”

Elorn, remembering the stories about canorks, questioned “Canorks?”

Nero simply replied “Yes, canorks, now come along we’re going on a merchant ship.”

Elorn, understanding that they could have been slaughtered right now, realized that no harm was meant towards them from Nero or the Fiko. Elorn quickly sent Neltor this explanation. They had found that these tiny mental messages were dealt with easily and that only minor headaches came from doing so. They also had learnt that by thinking as one their disputes were solved less then a second.

Neltor, now agreeing with Elorn, replied sorrowfully, “Well, we thought you would kill us, we weren’t sure so we decided to escape for our safety.”

The Fiko grinned at this and apologetically replied “Well if that was the case Nero and I would have already killed you both by now.”

Nero now spoke with authority “We should be traveling, the goblins reported the skullka that had ambushed you all earlier is looking for you two.”

Elorn proudly replied at this “We met him in the forest and flared him and his energy neutralizer with a soul bond a few days ago. We stole his sack of runes, there are 6 of them, and we stole this flask.”

Nero complemented the twins, saying “Great! May I see the runes?”

Neltor gave the runes and the flask to the avian, who read the symbols on the spells and muttered “The flask is an energy tonic and the runes are an energy neutralizer, a smoke rune, an energizer, a negative magnet, a positive magnet and a magnifier rune... It’s a standard escape pack, it is pretty useful.”

That day the group exchanged stories about their split up. Though Nero was quiet about what happened before he met the Fiko in the forbidden forest. That night, around midnight, they decided to sleep at the edge of the forest...

That morning they traveled to the town market where all the stores were placed, it was an early morning and so the people of the city were just waking up. They went to a restaurant, to talk of what they would do next.

Nero chose a table in the corner and stated “So what do we need?”

Neltor sarcastically commented “Anything but ground cinnamon.”

Nero jotted down: eat at a restaurant in his notebook. He then asked “Anything else? Don’t worry, he and I have sacks of coins.”

Elorn, at this asked “Are there spells that avoid the effects of magic, Nero?”

Nero smiled at this, stretched his hidden scales, and gladly responded “Yes, energy tonics. And they're not very expensive.” he then wrote: energy tonics.

The Fiko now spoke: “You should get a weapon, Neltor.” Nero wrote: one runeblade, “And we should get our clothes washed.” Nero finally wrote: four cleansing runes.

They all ate breakfast at a restaurant, and the rest of that morning was spent buying their shopping list. Nero bought two energy tonics and a triple-socketed runeblade, as well as washed their clothes with cleansing runes.

At noon they headed for the docks, but at the entrance, a person in hysteria jolted at them, laughing uncontrollably. When the dark coffee drinker reached them, he squealed “You're alive! We thought you were mush now but your alive! Not that I don't like mush but I like you more and since I like you I don't want you becoming mush since that wouldn't be very pleasant I think. Did you get any beans!?”

The Fiko looked at the hysterical person and responded “No, I’m sorry. But we must be leaving.” at this they walked away, away from him, who now was glum. The caffeine had lost it’s effects and his hopes were ruined. He sorrowfully walked back to the pub, shaking his head slowly.

At the dock, the four spotted a reliable transport ship and walked towards it. Nero handed the owner of the ship fifty coins for a one way ticket, and the quartet kept walking on. The merchant was so joyful that he forgot to ask Nero to remove the mask--which probably saved Nero's life, as a 'avian-like person' was wanted by Serval. The four settled for the next week.

The ship was a well built one. It’s frame was built with canork lumber and fifteen large oars came out of it’s side to propel it forward with miraculous agility. It’s front bow was a well decorated energy magnifier (with a enormous energy absorber in case of pirate attacks). Its ten sails were high, quite wide and could be brought down with ease. When they departed, the wind was on its side, so it would travel doubly fast. Things were finally starting to go well for them.


Aboard Edit

The four had chosen a small passenger room. The room was rotting so it didn’t amplify one's words. There were no windows, and the only source of light was a rune that glowed brightly. The door had a rotting lock that didn’t keep out trespassers, but at least, the door was so rotten that no one could hear through it. It had hay on the floor, where passengers could sleep on, and a flat piece of slate to eat on.

When the door was shut, Elorn asked Nero, “Why did you give the merchant 50 golds?”

Nero hesitated before responding “Because he would have asked me to take my mask off, but amazed with his fortune, he forgot the law.”

Neltor, studying the room’s architecture, spun around towards Nero and asked “Why do you have to keep that mask on any way?”

Again Nero hesitated again, before replying “What you see may not be spoken of with anyone but us.” To this, the Fiko turned with surprise--how could Nero be so open with them?

At this, bat wings flung from Nero’s back as he lifted his arms in the air, his sleeves falling back, showing his arms. He then pulled off his mask, revealing his avian form: resplendent feathers, a shining opal beak, and great, wide wings. He was majestic--even if his name wasn't.

Neltor softly asked in a whisper “What are...what kind of...what race are you of?”

Nero frowned before replying “I’m an avian ... What race I was, I do not know...” He hastily put his mask back on, as he heard a few people walking past outside in the hallway.

"How could you do that?" asked the shocked Fiko. "I haven't seen this level of trust from you before, ever!"

"Sometimes, you have to be open with others, if you hope to make a strong connection with them. Remember that we're out to form a guild!"

Elorn had in the meantime took the opportunity to obtain Nero's notebook while the two were talking to each other, and walked into a corner, slowly and silently, while sending a signal to Neltor: keep them busy.

Neltor suddenly asked “When will we reach our destination?”

Nero looked at Neltor and answered, “Not very soon, I am the warlord, I had a disagreement with the master, and was `expelled` while escaping. We’re going to reestablish at our destination...Besides I have some personal matters to take care of, this boat is going to the island of the shadons, though.”

The Fiko stared at Nero and asked in disbelief.

Nero reassuringly answered “Why yes only the shadons and the goblins go to where we're going.”

The Fiko, completely shocked, shouted at Nero, “We should have gone to Goblaina!”

Nero shrugged at this and retorted “I have a friend to meet and a civilization to get things straight with.”

Neltor, listening carefully to the argument asked simply “What’s wrong with the shadons and who is this `friend` of yours?”

Nero looked at him and simply replied “The shadons don’t have a normal governmental system. It’s dangerous if you aren’t seen very well in their view, but as I am trusted by most we should be safe.”

Meanwhile, flipping through the notebook, Elorn had deduced that the name of the Fikos, at long last, was Fikar. For some reason all this hassle to figure out what his name was made it seem far more important than it could possibly be--could it? He returned, with the notebook stashed away in his pocket.

Meanwhile Fiko muttered, disrespectfully “If I had those wings I'd make leave of this boat!”

Nero got up and walked out of the room.

Elorn carefully suggested “I think it’s getting dark. I also think we should go get some hay to sleep in, because the water is calm tonight, and it won’t be hard to sleep.”

The twins went to the hay pile and made beds for themselves and Nero. Fikar, the Fiko, laid in the remnants of the original hay pile.

Confrontation Edit

Shortly after the twins feinted falling asleep, Fikar left for the rear deck. Nero had already left--not intending to sleep right now either.

Shortly thereafter, Elorn set his mental powers to work sensing for the others' presence. Not realizing any, he quit his feint, stood up, and pulled Neltor off the ground. "I picked Nero's notebook earlier," he explained. Neltor was immediately interested, and they set to work reading it.

The halls were dark and the wood creaked at the weight of Fikar. When he reached the deck, he looked out at the ocean. Tel Loiryn was only a speck the size of the stars now. The water’s voice was dull and gentle, the moss on the side of the boat was absorbing the salt and crystalizing. The moons were all in a half cycle tonight, the tide was still extremely high and reaching their peak. The heat of the day had brought clouds from the water and now the water only lifted into a thin mist during the chill night. Fikar looked around at this world and wondered if the shadons had changed. He was in a deep cloud of thoughts when he heard a loud screech.

Before Fikar had left the room to see the tranquil and prospering view of the broad sea, Nero had also gone to the deck to think. But when he got there he had had a different flow of events. When he reached the deck he traveled to the front to find a person standing at the front looking out at the water, and he turned around to see who was there, as he had heard the creaking boards, smiled at Nero, who recognized the figure as Serval’s warlord, Dazanra--and his archenemy!.

Nero grasped his katana and prepared for a combat. He then attempted a intimidation phrase to hold off combat “You couldn’t defeat me even if my arms were bound, wings snapped and my legs broken.”

Dazanra frowned and amusingly asked “Could I have a chance with help?”

Nero heard movement behind himself and leaped into the air, dodging the skullka who had ambushed the twins twice, as he attempted to pulverize the opponent. Dazanra sarcastically warned, “Watch out for lightning!” and with this, a beam of energy shot through Nero and entered the dense clouds, now rumbling with lightning.

Nero pulled out his katana and it absorbed the beam. The thunder died away. It was around now that Fikar came up to the rear deck. Nero now prepared to send the absorbed energy towards Dazanra when his wings were pierced by two shruikens, causing him to blast most of his energy reserves at the attacking skullka automatically. Nero screeched a deftly pitch in pain as more shruikens pierced his body. His energy gone and his wings getting tired he ended up smashing into a rotten board and lying in a temporal shock below them all.

Fikar, hearing the screech, sprinted directly towards the riot. When he arrived he encountered the skullka and Dazanra. Dazanra slowly fled as the gigantic form prepared to crush Fikar. Fikar summoned his energy and prepared to protect himself against him, one of the few skullkas who could use hormonic magick. As Tezre surged forward, his muscles pounding with testosterone, Fikar remembered that the twins were asleep and alone. In shock of this realization, his reserves of energy dispersed, and the opponent pounded into his ribs, breaking them into his left lung. Fikar fell with such force that he damaged his spine on a board, sending him immediately unconscious.

The skullka grinned as he returned to finish defeating Nero. As he looked down, a poorly created, low energy containing strand of energy dashed into his forehead. He was being possessed by Nero. Tezre’s mind fought with this intruder but as weak as Nero was, the skullka couldn’t defend his mind enough to save his mentality.

Shortly after the mental fight began, he had been possessed...

Dazanra, not knowing which room the two twins were sleeping in, was checking every room. And the workers in the ship didn't try to stop him, as he had the authority to do so. He searched as fast as possible in order to find them before anyone else did. But even if he didn't, tonight was a great triumph already. He and the skullka had killed Nero!-so he thought. The rest of that pitiful guild had little chance of survival against the skullka's hormonic magick. He anxiously tackled the door beside him to reveal, through the broken doorway, a mother who was holding her baby in her arms. Doing her best to protect it, and looking up fearfully at the trespasser.

Dazanra, seeing that this was the wrong room, asked: “Do you know where they are holding twins?”. The mother shook her head, and Dazanra was off to the next room, and the next...

Conflict Edit

Nero, fatigued by the conflict he had just fought, looked to see where Dazanra had gone to, but saw nothing. He looked down, besides Fikar's unconscious body, to see footmarks in the muddy lumber, and followed them after Dazanra. He ran through the refuge area and looked through all the different broken doorways to see different people with different lives and here for different reasons...

Elorn jumped with a start as Neltor nudged him saying that someone was breaking all the doors in, asking for two loiryn twins, that Nero wasn’t back and that Fikar was gone. Elorn frantically replied, “We should hide ... in a vent maybe...quick!". The twins entered the nearest vent and waited.

Dazanra was preparing to crash into their room (Although he didn't know that was their room) when he heard foot steps behind him. He turned around and saw that skullka walking towards him. He informally commanded, “Help me find the twins.” and turned around to bash the door.

Unbeknownst to him, the skullka had been possessed, and now Nero, in its body, pumped himself with testosterone and pummeled Dazanra. Dazanra crashed through the floor boards and was lucky enough to land on a box of wool, which deflected his fall. Dazanra laid there, paralyzed and in great shock. He could not believe that his loyal ally had betrayed him.

Elorn tried to drag himself through the tiny vent. He began to panic, thinking that he was going to die in this tiny place, he couldn’t breath, he was struggling, tears started to fill in his eyes, his throat was clogging from the crying. The other vent opened and he heard the voices of the battle. He then turned his head towards the person above him in a flash and, revolted, laid his eyes on the skullka.

Elorn quickly developed energy and prepared to release it, only to receive an energy beam flaring up from below the floor, and blasting both of them into the atmospheric region of a room. In the room there was a carcass that had just transferred its brain’s data into another brain, Nero's carcass. Nero, not having a body qualified enough to absorb energy anymore, was struck with disbelief at how much pain was afflicted to his entire body.

At this time, Elorn (only partially astonished by the eruption of energy) counter-flowed the vigorous catamenia of energy.

Dazanra, weak from recovering paralysis, struggled to hold the statis field, and for an instant the current completely froze, both casters gradually tempering at the same pace. The energy expired, as it had no movement and both casters fell into a sullen coma.

Nero took a flask that he had kept hidden from the others. As he swallowed the bitter fluid, his secondary vein stretched hazardously. Nero pressed his forehead upon his original body’s brow, accumulated energy, and recopied his brain’s contents into his former self. Nero soon fell into a coma too, and now laid in his own body, beside the limp body of the skullka, that was now released from the possession but that had temporarily been mentally crippled.

Neltor, desperately vexed of what the noises outside were about, crept out of the vent and entered a stasis field, confining him in place. As the energy faded he began to fall, and as it vanished, he landed on something. He looked to see Dazanra preparing to choke him. As Dazanra choked Neltor, Neltor struck Dazanra's temple, causing them to both to fall unconscious.

Fikar was confused and his ribs felt much pain against his heart, he lacked blood pressure, and he was delirious. But rejuvenated by the spell of unconsciousness, he jumped to his feet and seeked out the place where the twins had been sleeping, becoming more worried with every step.

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