Tel Loriyn Continued

Escape Edit

This was when Neltor stepped into the conversation: “I think we should be healing my hand now.”

The guide bent over and said “Elorn, help Neltor. I’m going to be feinting and vomiting all day, we’ll talk in the evening, once I’m back to my normal self again ...” The guide then slumped back to recuperate.

"Speaking of which, have you noticed all the unusual peoples on this mainland?" asked Neltor, as he was being attended to by his brother.

"Ah yes, there are several races here, and we're one type. I remember seeing the elves--those were nearly two meters tall and had different colored skin from the rest of us--"

"And I recognized the one that attacked us as a skullka--right?"

"Yep, those are giants, but they're not all too stupid, as you've just seen. We nearly lost to him."

"What about the more common ones around here, you know, the ones in that port city and that of our guide?"

"Those? Those are close relatives to our peoples..." He broke off his conversation, noticing that their guide had fallen asleep, then yawned. "O-oh, I'm getting so tired. Let's take a nap..."

That evening, when the guide was awake and back to normal again, Neltor asked: “I have a question for you. How did you change your form?”

“I am a morpher. I can control my body forms and other shape factors. Very few can morph, though there are morphing runes... Morphing is an advanced magick. But enough about me, you two ought to know what You can do. You--Both of you--can 'mind bond' together."

"Hmm, sounds cool!"

"It Is cool. You will be soon be able to send messages to each other, and to direct your energies to each other, constructively. And with others that you encounter on your journeys, you shall be able to direct that energy to confound and disorient them--through pure mental energy!" Noticing Neltor opening his mouth, he continued: "No questions now please!"


"If you're asking me how to use that ability, notice that I'm not your type, so I can't answer for you."

"What types?"

"You two are different races from what I am, you know..."

"And so what type are you?"

"I'm a Fiko! You should have figured that out by now!" But that only confused the twins some more.

"Just who, or what, Are you??" But to that, he just fell silent, as the trio continued on their foresty journey.

Once Fikar was asleep, the twins whispered to each other, as they always did, every night.

“...I think we should run away.” Neltor muttered. “We can use a soul bond to have two advantages, he’s out numbered And we can soul bond.”

“But now we know he can morph. Besides, he told us we can soul bond, and why would our enemy tell us our strengths?” Elorn pointed out.

“He never told us how to use that strength though,” Elorn objected. "And there's also the thing about his not telling us his name after three days of travelling."

“... You’re right...Fine, we’ll leave tonight... ” Elorn thoughtfully remarked.

It rained that night, nevertheless the twins traveled through the path, deeper and deeper to who knew where...

When the Fiko awoke, he saw that the runts had left and immediately panicked. First he called out for them and looked around the area when he found their tracks in the mud.

He tracked them, using his rune blade to run for the day down the trail, but he hit a fork in the path. The mud had dried and the trees had blocked the rain. He went left, but the twins had gone right--had he looked at the cinnamon trees, he would have seen one tree 3 meters away peeled in one area.

He traveled on for three days down the empty trail...

Wilderness Edit

It was nighttime, and the twins were soundly asleep on the forest floor. Elorn was dreaming of peaceful things, dreams that would soon be forgotten. But Neltor's dream was vivid, extremely so--as if someone had tried to show it to him, through his mind:

It was a bright, hundred meter tall room with a pure diamond dome at the top, from it hung a titanically enormous chandelier that reflected the sun’s rays of light with every jewel one could possibly name, it had many meters of height and width and a perfect diamond at its very lower tip. The entrance door was larger than two human adults and was made of fine topaz. The enterer would have a golden velvet rug to walk to the master. The walls were pure silver and the floor was tiled with the finest ceramics, encrusted with an assortment of jewels.
At the southern end of the room, regally sat an elf, young and powerful, yet far from his prime. He wore a peacock-blue robe(to fit his peacock-green eyes) and had his jet-black hair cut at chin length at the back and the front of his ear’s top. He wore peridot earrings. On the northern end, an odd creature lazily stood, it wasn’t of the eight races but was a creature that looked as if it didn’t know what it was supposed to be.
The creature had black goat legs (with rusty orange fox feet), an emerald-green snake’s head (with mystically metallic teal colored cat eyes that when gazing at directly seemed as if they were reading your mind), rusty colored cat ears, white mouse hands and black bat wings that could wrap its ferret like body. The only tokuru-like thing about it was that it had a human-like anatomy. It wore a dark-green short-sleeved shirt with dark-red sleeves coming out from beneath the short sleeves(with two holes in the back for the wings to squeeze out of).
The creature wore a dark-blue hood that pointed at the top (at the end of the point were three long and very acute triangular strands of dark green silk. Underneath the hood was a titanium tiara, it had an opal eye (the pupil being a pure amethyst) in the center and the sides were ruby, with emerald bordering around the tiara. The pants were dark-aqua-green silk and baggy for its thin legs. It wore black gloves that had holes for the razor sharp mouse claws that held a diamond katana, containing an energizer rune, an energy-absorber rune and an anti-gravity rune.
“I need more turf. How much longer until the two runts get here?” demanded the elf.
“The Fiko is the escort, not me.” the odd creature replied. “now, why did you call me?”
“I need more turf.” the elf stated again.
“We are dealing with intruders, we don’t have enough warriors to ambush another guild.” the creature calmly replied.
“Draft the villages.” the elf retorted.
“We are here to help them, not draft them.” the creature countered.
This was replied by the elf yelling out while standing up “...You might be the most powerful mortal here, but I will not tolerate your repeated refusals to obey orders anymore! You will cooperate or be expelled from this guild, fiend.”
At this, the creature took a rune out and threw it at the dome saying "Yes, I am quite a fiend am I not?”. As the rune hit the dome, it cracked, letting out its true rune, a destruction rune. The diamond shattered at contact with the rune and the creature flew up and out of the room, away from the palace, away from Juroz...
‘That fiend!’ the elf thought to himself in disgust ‘breaking my dome! It takes a year to fuse diamonds together...I’ll have to summon my alchemists...’

...To which Neltor could only smile at the irony, before entering a more tranquil sleep.

The twins awoke to the sound of a birch twig cracking under a foot. They suspected it was the Fiko and were more alert. They had been resting in a secure area, thick with trees around them, on a hill that contained strong minerals in it, holding it together and not allowing trees to grow well on the hill, this way they could see anyone coming near them, couldn't be easily seen and had the higher ground.

“Are you our guide?” Elorn asked to the form below.

“I’m not your protector, I’m the skullka.” the voice came low and powerful, as the skullka they had met walked up the hill.

The twins wanted to run but the skullka’s legs were much longer. Elorn immediately threw an energy orb at him, but he held out a rune and the energy diminished to nothing.

“This is an energy nullifier, it absorbs and then destroys the energy,” the skullka explained to the vomiting Elorn. “Now come with me. Your magic is useless, and I overpower both of you by a long shot in strength.” he took out his sword while talking.

“You're going to kill us anyways, and you're more than likely going to win,” Elorn spat out at the intruder while taking his dagger out and shruiken designed to tear deep into flesh. "So why not give us some time to prepare?"

Elorn had an idea--if he sent his mental waves to Neltor they might be able to converse, if Neltor could use magic. As Neltor received the message ‘focus your thoughts to Elorn’, he tried to do so. Elorn, unfortunately, received an emotion, not a message--an emotion of confusion.

Neltor vomited from his first telepathic message. Now it struck Elorn that maybe a soul bond is combining the energy of two minds. Elorn sent the message to Neltor to send his energy to him. Elorn than focused on sending a weak strand of energy to Neltor. As the weak energy wouldn’t be enough to feint Neltor. Neltor sent a slowly growing strand of energy to Elorn. Elorn and Neltor now thought as one and sent a weak strand of energy towards the skullka.

Exasperated, the skullka took out his energy nullifier rune. The rune was absorbing the energy, but as it had no time to disperse the energy, the second law of thermodynamics came into play and burnt its holder's hand, who then dropped it and was struck with the strand. He passed out after awhile, as he would be for the rest of the next day due to his mind's incapability to deal with an energy overload.

Meanwhile Elorn and Neltor, after taking the energy nullifier and Tezre’s entire rune sack (That also contained a flask), walked away vomiting and delirious, while Neltor mournfully remarked “I don’t like telepathy or anything to do with magic anymore, I no longer envy your ability to use magic, but pity you...” The twins then continued on their three-day journey to the promising city on the map that they had stolen from the Fiko.

Canorks Edit

The Fiko ran for many more days until he arrived at a city--the place where the three had been traveling to. The city traded many products, specially minerals, with the humans and fikos, since they had solid minerals in its soil and there was a mine there. The foundations were wide and tall, at the entrance was the only structure with more than two stories in the whole town, it was very tall.

The port had seventeen docks for trade ships, three for cruisers, thirty for small sized crafts and another ten for warships defending the port. Most of the town was built on a large hill with a central tower. The town region was owned by the guild of Serval.

The Fiko knew that the Whoppin' Wallop pub, in Kizo was a prime source of information (if you could tell the were drunkards from the sobers). The pub was large, but it was still crowded most of times, mainly by drunks. It’s rock floor was lathered with different alcohols and the scent was revolting to the nose. When he reached the place, he paid the fee of one copper coin to take the stage. When he reached the top he asked “Have any of you seen two loiryn runts?”

The crowd first erupted with the drunkards laughing and yelling that the runts were left on an island a decade ago. But one of the people who had come to talk of gossip, had some coffee and tea to be social...maybe some alcohol to sip at for a couple of hours, yelled out “Juss zis...ziz mornin'...shme mashked guy...he ashked ze shame thing...only he alsho...alsho ashked for a Fikos shoo!”

The Fiko immediately responded anxiously “Where is he?”

“I’m not...not! Going sho yell over theshe shcreaming drunkardsh...shum...shume...cume over here!” the person screamed over the drunkards.

The Fiko leaped off the stage and jolted towards the gossip table. Three others sat there, one of them was having dark coffee, the other green tea, one was drinking light coffee, the second was sipping at her beer and the third was having herbal tea.

The dark coffee drinker immediately spoke up in a quick voice “He asked and when he saw everyone laughing he hopped off the stage ran down the path that leads to the Forbidden Forest.”

The Fikos, unfamiliar with this place, then asked curiously, “Why is it forbidden?”

The drunkard replied in complete hysterics “Because it has canorks nesting in it, always has, it’s their territory, because the soil has a mixture of hard and soft minerals, that helps grow the rare canork bean tree. They like its beans, I hear it makes a very dark coffee, and a delicious one at that, I’ve always wanted to try canork coffee! In fact now that I think about it, I think he had fox feet, I saw them for a moment. Though it would likely be of delusion!” and with that he was laughing with his head against the table.

The beer sipper responded “She...Sho...He getsh a little out of hand...hiccup...but you learn to ignore it.”

The Fiko thought for awhile and responded “Thanks.”, getting up to leave.

The Fiko ran and ran into the forest. The cinnamon, birch and bean trees (So famous in that region) were merely blurs as he ran. At each passing second there were more and more bean trees, slunking down like weeping willows, taking up space and making the path wider and wider.

He noticed fox-like footprints in the dirt, with the depth showing the muscle power of a goat’s hind legs. He followed the tracks deeper and deeper into the Forbidden Forest. Then he noticed new foot prints, much bigger and much deeper. He ran faster. After some time he saw an immense creature jolting towards him. Its fur was a tangled smear of brownish colors. Its legs were muscular and its jaws containing 243 layers of serrated teeth (as it was 243 years old and at its prime). It was a canork.

The canorks kept their population down by eating each other, for no animals ventured into the Forbidden Forest. They don’t eat their young, they eat others at the age of around 150 years of age. Their natural life span is around 500, rarely will they live this long without being eaten. They can mate at the age of around 50. A pregnant canork will be pregnant for an average of a few years, only giving birth a few decades later, giving birth to around 10 canorks.

The Fiko immediately pulled himself up a canork tree branch and climbed as fast as he could. Some of his coins fell out of his sack and landed in the snapping mouth of the canork, it snapped on them and he cringed as he heard them grinding and being crushed into dust. This gave him just enough time to climb out of reach of such a fate.

But the canork was hungry, the herd being far away. It was bashing the tree and he had to hold on with all his might. While holding for his life nervously glancing around for a means to save himself, he saw a form on a nearby tree. He crawled closer in-between bashes and leaped forward, managing to get a grip on a branch and crawling it up again with the canork leaping towards him. A bean came hurtling by his head and into the canork’s mouth, this gave him time to climb, like the coins had.

When he reached the top he saw that it was his guild's warlord, a spectacular avian creature of sorts. The creature immediately asked “Where are the twins?”, and the Fiko answered: “They ran away, It’s been 4 days.”

The tree shook, the canork walked away up a hill. The creature spoke quietly “We’re going to go find them and then take them to make our own guild. Our former guild is now drafting, so I was willingly expelled.”

The tree shook hard, the canork had ran down the hill and bashed the tree, and the Fiko flung in the opposite direction yelling for help. The creature easily created a dense energy field that held him and brought him back to the tree, getting a major headache as consequence.

The Fiko fully understood what the creature meant. He immediately responded “Thanks, but the twins took a left turn probably, when I was tracking them.”

The avian creature coldly replied “Then we’re going to go and retrieve them...when the canork gives up from its attempts to eat us.”

Later that afternoon, when the canork left the tree, the Fiko slowly descended to the ground, as the avian took flight overhead. They took a short-cut through the Forbidden Forest that would lead to the fork that the Fiko had encountered in the forest path...

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