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Deluge Edit

Lately, Elorn had been working in some "project", but seemed to have no intent in telling his twin brother, who didn't want to appear nosy, but really wanted to know what Elorn was up to. Despite the fact that he kept close, trying to figure out what he was doing, he made no progress.

After several days, he finally decided to ask his brother: "Elorn, how much longer are you going to keep your plan a secret?”

"Huh? I thought you didn't want to know. But fine, I’ll tell you: I’m making a boa-” But before Elorn could finish his answer, his anxious brother asked him, "Why?”

“--I was getting to that. When I was five, and before I was stranded on this island, I read that once every thirteen years the ocean rises by nine meters. The tides are rising. Soon Nizo will be swallowed by the waters, for about a month.”

“And so we'll live in a boat?”

“No, we’re going to our homeland.”

“But they don’t want us there--"

“We’ll go on a cargo ship, to the elves. They have a wonderful library. I’ve wanted to read their books again for a long time--as far as I can remember, in fact.”

“Well, I guess we have no choice.”

“Exactly. But I’d like some help though, seeing as you're the only other person on this desolate island,” Elorn replied.

His brother gave him a surprised look. “Then why didn’t you ask me before!?”...

In less than a day, the twins were able to finish the raft, and just in time too, for in that very same night, the seas began to rise, and swiftly. "Elorn, why does the water rise so fast all of a sudden?"

"Ah, the elven books had taught me much. Every eleven years, the seven moons align, pulling up the water with their gravity. Then, after a month, they go their separate ways, and the water levels recede..."

"Tell me again, why did our parents leave us stranded here?"

"For the last time," Elorn nearly cursed, then remembered that he was speaking to his beloved brother. "Oh, all right. Our mother gave birth to us at the same time seven years ago, around the time that they found out that we were runts. Now, exactly what a runt is I don't know, but their society couldn't accept it, and so we were judged to be Unpure for them. So they brought us here and left us for good--"

"But just why can't they stand runts, Elorn?"

The brothers fell silent, wondering just what a runt was.

The twins fell asleep on the raft, still on the island, and woke up startled just a short while later in the middle of the ocean. "Whoa!" exclaimed Elorn, as some storm clouds grew overhead.

The island had already vanished.

And now they had to sail west, all the while with a terrible storm threatening them...

The twins were traveling due west, towards where Elorn said he recalled there being a port, when a crackle seemed to shudder their skulls. Within seconds, it was absolute chaos. They quickly took down the sails. This was the worst storm they had ever seen.

“Lay flat, head up!” the other twin shouted through the loud storm.

The storm howled for hours, and the two were soaked within seconds. And worst of all, at all times they had to make sure that the raft was still heading west, or they would surely die of thirst, lost in the salty ocean. Luckily, they had made a raft, for a boat would have long been sunk by the rain and the waves...

It wasn't until the sun rose again that the twin brothers arrived at the port that Elorn had promised. It wasn’t large: there was holding space for only two ships (and only one was occupied), a single shack supervised the goods, and there was a beach for smaller crafts, which was where the twins headed to. They saw a tall male standing there, wearing a simple red shirt and orange pants, with red hair and dark-gray streaks.


As soon as the two stepped ashore, the stranger coldly said “I don't know how you're still alive...but it won't last long.”, to which Elorn answered, confused: “What the--”

The Lorn raised his hand and suddenly a bright beam of energy rapidly flowed towards them. Elorn put out his left hand in reflexive impulse and somehow absorbed the energy with the palm of his hands.

“Good catch. You plan on killing yourself? 'Cause I'd release it if I were you,” the stranger taunted.

Elorn limply raised his hand and the beam flared towards the rude stranger, who quickly extinguished it.

“So you know magic, runt?” the Lorn rudely spat out.

“N-no?” Elorn staggered the word in utter delirium and confusion. How did the stranger know that he was a runt? Why did he have a bone to pick with them anyway?

Suddenly, the stranger fell with a clunk, revealing the other brother holding a large rock, the size of his head, standing behind him.

“He'll be like that for some time. But we better leave now," he explained.

Elorn replied by vomiting, just before fainting. "Aww, that's too bad, seems like victory is bittersweet," the brother shook his head in near disbelief, before proceeding to drag him towards the nearby town. At the entrance, an even stranger looking creature, wearing colourful clothes, a sack, and carried a wool tube with a sword inside, greeted them.

This stranger began, “I see you dealt with the stormbringer without my aid. Sorry for being late. I’m--"

"What's a stormbringer? You come to aid me?"

"--Er, yes, I was sent to escort you both to--"

"Why are you coming to escort me?"

"As I was saying, now that they know you're here, they'll be looking for you two, soon--"

"How did you or anyone else know that we had come here?"

"If you really want to know the answer to that, just come with me to--"

“Why?” the remaining brother questioned.

“You’ll see, now come!" There was urgency in his voice.

He obeyed, dragging his unconscious brother behind him. How did this one know who he was, or when he would have gotten here? No one had come by them in all the years they had been stuck on that now-submerged island...

For the first time, as the trio went walking away from the coast, the new arrival was able to appreciate the new surroundings. For two years now he had been stuck on a tiny island, all flat and having little variety, and he knew the island inside and out. Here, he was struck by the tremendous versatility of nature, and all that it had to offer, from rolling hills and lush woodlands to fancy houses and stony quarries, from the birds overhead to the earthly critters belowfoot... It was so wonderous, so much that he missed out on what his guide was saying.

"...Are you listening?"


"I think it's best we rest a bit in the shade of these woods," the guide remarked, and the trio turned around to see the docks and town far back in the distance...

Only then did the brother who had not fainted, looked down to see Elorn awake again, breathing softly. The guide quickly gave him some water to drink. "Well, it seems you're okay?"

"Er, yes... Who are you?" Elorn was quite a bit confused.

"Never mind who I am," the guide replied. "Know that I am to be your bodyguard on our journey. But in order to do that, I'll have to know your nam--"

"What's THAT?" Elorn interrupted, pointing at the large bag the "bodyguard" carried, which had a few shruikens and a sharp dagger. "We'll be needing those!?"

"Yes, and you just interrupted me," the guide continued.

"Oh, I'm SORRY," replied Elorn, not quite the least sorry. "WHAT were you saying??" But for some reason the guide had forgotten what he was talking about anyways, if he Had been talking about anything...


"Well, I guess we should continue with your lessons. We'll start with you," the guide intoned, pointing at the taller of the twins.

The guide began to speak, rather pedantically: "A dagger is shorter than a short sword, but it is longer than a knife. It is light and simple, best used with stealth and speed. Now, the shruiken is a bladed disk. Here’s a book on combat physics and tactics,” the guide then told him, while handing him one large book, the dagger and the shruikens.

“Now for you," the guide continued, pointing to Elorn. "Here’s a book on magick and magickal tactics,” he handed Elorn the other large book, “make sure to fully understand the parts about "The Laws of Magick", and "The Consequences of Magick". It is vital information to assure that you don’t receive a swift and foolish death.”

“I-I’ll do...that.” replied Elorn nervously. He took a quick look at his book, entitled:

...And he was flabbergasted. "I'm only SEVEN!! There's no way I'm going to understand this."

"You'll be able to understand it someday. In the meantime, I'm to be your tutor and protector. Which means--"

"I know what that means," Elorn replied.

"Oh good, that'll save me some explaining..." The guide got up, and they prepared to trek more. But then Elorn got another idea.

"Right, now can you explain to us what you're doing here?"

His brother added, "You know... You never told us what the place you're taking us to is like, so we... demand an explanation.” The guide just kept on walking, while the brothers remained behind. "I'm not following you another step until you tell us."

They finally noticed where they were. The minerals were softer and more tender. The hills had flattened from erosion and trees had grown. Only rich cinnamon trees and mighty birch trees grew, giving the forest a gloomy and mysterious feel, with the low growing berry bushes adding to the atmosphere.

The guide straightened, smiled and easily replied. “I expected you to ask soon, and I’ll tell you all I am allowed to tell, but that’s not much. First of all, I’m not with Serval."


"Serval is the guild that, the one who attacked you, belonged to."

"What do you mean by 'guild'?"

"A guild has a turf which other guilds will try to take from its owner. Each guild controls an area. The larger your turf, the more it is attacked and it is harder to find the intruder. The master is its leader and the warlord is its combat organizer. Speaking of which, I'm bringing you to my guild's turf to meet with our warlord, by orders of the master. Once we get there, the warlord will explain all he wishes to tell, and then you will be brought to the master to dine and converse."

"Okay, and where is that place exactly?"

"It's on the island of the Humans. Here, take a look at this." And he handed the twins a map of Synava, 'our planet'. "Our guild will then give you both an advanced education, as you only learned to talk and listen from your parents... Which reminds me, what's your names, anyway?"

"You finally asked?" Elorn was incredulous. The guide, meanwhile, who had been trying to find out all day, rolled his eyes in unveiled intolerance at this 'revelation'. "No, I've been Trying to Ask... You keep interrupting me," he replied.

"Well, since you were nice enough to tell us a Little about yourself, I guess you can have One of our names," replied the until now unnamed brother. "I am Neltor. And you are...?"

"Hold on a minute, that's all you're going to tell me?"

"Yep, for now at least, until you tell us a bit more about yourself."

"Horrid tradeoff," remarked the guide under his breath. Then he continued: “Okay, enough of this chat. I have things I need to teach you. Runes are one of the three types of spells, but there are also different types of runes, the most commonly used types being potions and runes. Runes are stones filled or lathered with ointments. They are useful in a number of ways, such as bursting smoke to escape when you’re in a disadvantage position or creating an energy beam without energy. Some runes are forbidden to create, such as the doom rune--"


"Yes, Doom. That if it touches any living being, it causes a chain reaction of destruction of that being's body, killing the victim. It takes three years to create. Now, to get back on track..."

“Rune blades are swords containing runes in them. Their usual price range is from a hundred platinums to 10,000 platinum--"

"And what about Your blade?"

"Oh, for your parents' sake, would you quit interrupting me?"

"No, and you can't call upon our parents, they are Ours, not yours, remember?"

"Geez..." The guide muttered.

"Come on, teacher, just tell us," Neltor nearly pleaded.

"Oh all right, all right... To get off on a tangent--My sword is a rune blade ... It would sell for about 4,000 platinums it has a gravity rune in it, making it light and easy to handle, and an energizer rune, allowing me to use it for a longer time, use more magick and require little sleep... There’s a rune blade called Ultima that has not a price."

The guide made a pause before continuing: "Utlima was created by Tyr, who was the greatest alchemist to have lived. It’s customizable, never breaks, has 7 slots and they open on the holder’s command, it has the seal rune, the only one. Unfortunately, Tyr’s manuscripts on the creation of spells were buried deep in a mine, for it is blessed, with powerful alchemy, to never be destroyed.”

Neltor than asked “Can I eat some supper? I’m starving...and your instruction is tiring me out.”

Elorn then chipped in “Ya, I’m still trying to recall what you said about the price ranges of rune blades.”

"I swear, I won't ever get off on a tangent with you two again..." the guide muttered, only half-heartedly. "Now. That’s all for today, we need to cover ground...” The trio set off, deeper into the forests in the center of the mainland.


Three days later, the guide had finally managed to wring out the name of the other brother--Elorn. He also managed to find out a few facts about their short lives secluded in the 'middle of nowhere', and how they managed to make do. But the brothers still had yet to figure out the guide's elusive name. And in the meantime, they had been doing a lot more teaching, so much so that they rarely noticed that the forest was seeming to get ever denser and cluttered.

After the group made another stop and ate more cinnamon ground berries, they traveled for about ten minutes until they heard a rustle in the trees. Which prompted the guide to immediately stop and tell the others: “You two, over here, we’re being followed.”

Immediately the two ran to form a triangular defense position. Neltor took out the dagger and the shruikens, but the guide then told him not to use the shruikens, so he put them away. The 'bodyguard' guide took his sword and Elorn prepared to focus his mind.

The guide then called out “We know you’re there and we will continue to consider better formations, come out.”

It all happened in a--

...and Elorn vomited.

Neltor, now in a drunken state, pulled Elorn away and woke him up. They then hauled the guide, with his sleeves ripped, shirt stretched and pants torn apart, looking like shorts, away, and woke him up...

They took a moment to recuperate.

Then Elorn asked, “What did you just do?”

Continue on: Synava2/2.

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