A Conversation takes Place on the Merchant ShipEdit

The four had chosen a small passenger room. The room was rotting so it didn’t amplify your words. There were no windows, and the only source of light was a rune that glowed brightly. The door had a rotting lock that didn’t keep out trespassers, but at least, the door was so rotten that no one could hear through it. It had hay on the floor, where passengers could sleep on, and a flat piece of slate to eat on.

When the door was shut, Kikaz asked Nero “Why did you give the merchant 50 golds?”

Nero hesitated before responding “Because he would have asked me to take my mask off, but amazed with his fortune, he forgot the law.”

Kizox, studying the room’s architecture, spun around towards Nero and asked “Why do you have to keep that mask on any way?”

Again Nero hesitated again, before replying “What you see may not be spoken of with anyone but us.”

At this, bat wings flung from Nero’s back as he lifted his arms in the air, his sleeves falling back, showing his arms. He then pulled off his mask, revealing his serpent like head with its feline ears and cat eyes, bent down to look like he had a normal face under the mask. He moved on as the twins watched in shock to pulling up his pants to reveal goat legs as he kicked off his sandals, showing his fox feet. He lifted his shirt up by a little bit to show the waist of a wolf.

Kizox softly asked in a whisper “What are...what kind of...what race are you of?”

Nero frowned before replying “I’m a spiros ... What race I was, I do not know...”

Kikaz suddenly asked “When will we reach Juroz?”

Nero looked at Kikaz and answered “Not very soon, I am the warlord, I had a disagreement with Virk, the master, and was `expelled` while escaping. We’re going to reestablish in Zixra...Besides I have some personal matters to take care of, this boat is going to Sharoz, the island of the shadons, though.”

Fikar stared at Nero and asked in disbelief “Sharoz!”

Nero reassuringly answered “Why yes only the shadons and the goblins go to Zixra.”

Fikar, completely shocked, shouted at Nero “We should have gone to Goblaina!”

Nero shrugged at this and retorted “I have a friend to meet and a civilization to get things straight with.”

Kizox, listening carefully to the argument asked simply “What’s wrong with the shadons and who is this `friend` of yours?”

Nero looked at him and simply replied “The shadons don’t have a normal governmental system. It’s dangerous if you aren’t seen very well in their view, but as I am trusted by most we should be safe.”

Fikar got up muttered, disrespectfully “If I had those wings I'd make leave of this boat!”

Nero got up, put his mask on and walked out of the room.

Kikaz, carefully suggested “I think it’s getting dark. I also think we should go get some hay to sleep in, because the water is calm right, and it won’t be hard to sleep.”

The twins went to the hay pile and made beds for themselves and Nero. Fikar laid in the remnants of the original hay pile...

A Conflict takes Place on the Merchant ShipEdit

Shortly after the twins fell asleep, Fikar left for the rear deck. The halls were dark and the wood creaked at the weight of Fikar. When he reached the deck, he looked out at the ocean. Kiniz was only a speck the size of the stars now. The town of Kizo only the size of a fruit fly. The water’s voice was dull and gentle, the moss on the side of the boat was absorbing the salt and crystalizing. The moons were all in a half cycle tonight, the tide was still extremely high and reaching their peak. The heat of the day had brought clouds from the water and now the water only lifted into a thin mist during the chill night. Fikar looked around at this world and wondered if the shadons had changed. He was in a deep cloud of thoughts when he heard a loud screech.

Before Fikar had left the room to see the tranquil and prospering view of the broad sea, Nero had also gone to the deck to think. But when he got there he had had a different flow of events. When he reached the deck he traveled to the front to find a kisas standing at the front looking out at the water, as the kisas turned around to see who was there, as he had heard the creaking boards, smiled at Nero, who recognized the face as Serval’s warlord, Dazanra.

Nero grasped his katana and prepared for a combat. He then attempted a intimidation phrase to hold off combat “You couldn’t defeat me even if my arms were bound, wings snapped and my legs broken.”

Dazanra frowned and amusingly asked “Could I have a chance with help?”

Nero heard movement behind himself and leaped into the air, dodging Tezre as he attempted to pulverize Nero. Dazanra sarcastically warned “Watch out for lightning!”and with this, a beam of energy shot through Nero and entered the dense clouds, now rumbling with lightning.

Nero pulled out his katana and it absorbed the beam. The thunder died away. It was around now that Fikar came up to the rear deck. Nero now prepared to send the absorbed energy towards Dazanra when his wings were pierced by two shruikens. Causing him to blast most of his energy reserves at Tezre automatically. Nero screeched a deftly pitch in pain as more shruikens pierced his body. His energy gone and his wings getting tired he ended up smashing into a rotten board and lying in a temporal shock below them all.

Fikar, hearing the screech, sprinted directly towards the riot. When he arrived he encountered Tezre and Dazanra. Dazanra sank behind Tezre and slowly fled as Tezre prepared to crush Fikar. Fikar summoned his energy and prepared to protect himself against Tezre, one of the few skullkas who could use hormonic magick. As Tezre surged forward, his muscles pounding with testosterone, Fikar remembered that the twins were asleep and alone. In shock of this realization his reserves of energy had dispersed and Tezre pounded into his ribs, breaking them into his left lung. Fikar fell with such force that he snapped his spine on a board.

Tezre grinned as he returned to finish killing Nero. As he looked down, a poorly created, low energy containing strand of energy dashed into his forehead. He was being possessed by Nero. Tezre’s mind fought with this intruder but as weak as Nero was, Tezre couldn’t defend his mind enough to save his mentality. Shortly after the mental fight began, he had been possessed by Nero, Tezre would never live again...

Four Events Slowly Collide into OneEdit

While Tezre struggled against Nero’s possession spell, Fikar dragged himself away, with his arms only, as his lower body was paralized in agony. He went to wake the twins, before Dazanra did. As he crawled, he felt scorching pain in his chest. He was creeping slowly when he reached stairs, and as he went down them his ribs pressed his heart rather harshly.

Dazanra, not knowing which room the two twins were sleeping was checking every room. And the workers in the ship didn't try to stop him, as he had the authority to do so. He searched as fast as possible in order to find them before Fikar did. But even if he didn't, tonight was a great triumph already. He and Tezre had killed Nero! Zovna’s warlord and Fikar had little chance of survival against Tezre’s hormonic magick. He anxiously tackled the door beside him to reveal, through the broken doorway, a mother kizaz who was holding her baby in her arms. Doing her best to protect it, and looking up fearfully at the trespasser. Dazanra, seeing that this was the wrong room asked

“Do you know where they are holding a couple of kinor twins?”. The mother shook her head, and Dazanra was off to the next room.

Nero, fatigued by the conflict he had just fought, looked to see where Dazanra had gone to, but saw nothing. He looked down to see footmarks in the muddy lumber, and followed them after Dazanra. He ran through the refuge area and looked through all the different broken doorways to see different people with different lives and causing different effects on Synava.

Fikar tumbled down the stairs. His ribs snapped and his spine cracked. He was now relying on adrenalin to keep him conscious. His heart pounded hard, sweat came out of every single porous in his body and his left lung worked twice as hard because his right lung was dead. He prepared to enter a vent when he heard a door’s smashing vibrations echo down the corridor.

Kikaz woke with a start as Kizox woke him, saying that someone was breaking all the doors in, asking for two kinor twins, that Nero wasn’t back and that Fikar was gone. Kikaz jumped up with a start and frantically replied “We should hide ... in a vent maybe...quick!". The twins entered the nearest vent and waited.

Dazanra was preparing to crash into their room (Although he didn't know that was their room) when he heard foot steps behind him. He turned around and saw Tezre walking towards him. He informally commanded “Help me find the twins Tezre.” and turned around to bash the door. Nero (In Tezre's body) pumped himself with testosterone and pummeled Dazanra. Dazanra crashed through the floor boards and was lucky enough to land on a box of wool, which deflected his fall. Dazanra laid there, paralyzed and in great shock. He could not believe that Tezre, his loyal ally, had betrayed him.

Fikar tried to drag himself through the tiny vent. He began to panic, thinking that he was going to die in this tiny place, he couldn’t breath, he was struggling, tears started to fill in his eyes, his throat was clogging from the crying. The other vent open and he heard the voices of the twins the other vent had covered. Then Kizox’s voice whispered to Fikar in amazement “Fikar?!? What happened to you? You're crippled, we need to get you to the medical room!”

Fikar, now stunned about everything, passed out. Kizox pulled Fikar out of the vent. When Kikaz got out of the vent he bumped into a someone large and bulky, and he exclaimed obstreperously. He turned his head towards the person above him in a flash and, revolted, laid his eyes on Tezre.

Kikaz quickly developed energy and prepared to release it, only to receive an energy beam flaring up from below the floor, and blasting both of them into the atmospheric region of a room. In the room there was a carcass that had just transferred its brain’s data into another brain, Nero's carcass. Nero, not having a body qualified enough to absorb energy anymore, was struck with disbelief at how much pain was afflicted to his entire body; while Kikaz (only partially astonished by the eruption of energy) counter-flowed the vigorous catamenia of energy. Dazanra, weak from recovering paralysis, struggled to hold the menstruation, and for an instant the current completely froze, both casters gradually tempering at the same pace. The energy expired, as it had no movement and both casters fell into a sullen coma.

Nero took a flask that he had kept hidden from Fikar and the twins. As he swallowed the bitter fluid, his secondary vein stretched hazardously. Nero pressed his forehead upon his original body’s brow, accumulated energy and recopied his brain’s contents into his former self. Nero soon fell into a coma too, and now laid in his own body, beside the limp body of Tezre, that would never harbor life again...

Kizox, desperately vexed of what the noises outside were about, crept out of the vent and entered a field of energy that wasn’t moving, he was confined in place. As the energy faded he began to fall, as it vanished, he landed on something. He looked to see Dazanra preparing to choke him. As Dazanra choked Kizox, Kizox struck Dazanra's temple, causing them to both to fall unconscious as Kizox's body lay to rest.

Fikar was confused and his ribs felt much pain against his heart, he lacked blood pressure and so so soon he was becoming delirious. As he watched a light fading outside he started to see the vent closing. In the darkness, he hallucinated that the narrow vent was becoming a box, it started to squeeze, he yelled but he didn’t hear anything. The box lit up into a rainbow and slowly everything dimmed into nothing, Fikar rolled in fear and something pulled him, speaking deeply, Fikar fell into a deep sleep...

The Hospital RoomEdit

Kizox was the first to regain conscious, as he looked around he saw that he was in a gloomy room. One doctor sat beside the bed he lay in, while as he looked around he saw that Kikaz had another doctor beside him. He gazed on to view 3 doctors around Fikar. He kept looking around to see 4 doctors talking over Nero. As he stared on he saw laying on bed next to him Dazanra.

The doctor standing next to him turned around and said in glee “Good morning, I’m Gron, now I would like to know about the conflict last night. It seems to have been quite hectic, as there was one casualty in the battle, last night. So what happened?”

Kizox stared at him dully, he was thinking, so confused. As he thought, he wondered what else had happened. He kept looking at the doctor. He thought hard and started remembering fragments of the event last night. As he put the puzzle together he realized that one of the female doctors was taking a knife out and preparing to cause a homicidal wound to Nero.

He yelled in rage as he lunged out of the bed and slammed the doctor off balance. The doctor spun around to slit Kizox’s neck but Kizox was fully awake now and stole the knife from the doctor’s hand and positioned himself beside the wall. As he did so one of the kisasian doctors focused. Kizox soul bonded with Kikaz, Kikaz received the message, Kikaz stirred, the kisas shot a ray of energy at Kizox, Kizox dodged the ray, the ray chased him, he tackled the kisas, the kisas lost concentration, the other doctors lurched at Kizox, Kizox dived for the door, the doctors chased Kizox, Kikaz’s eyes opened, Kizox broke down the door, the door landed with a loud thud, Kikaz jumped up reflexively, the doctors pushed Kizox down, Kizox shouted in variance, Kikaz gazed over, the doctors pulled the knife out of Kizox’s hand, Kikaz threw a weak energy ball at the doctors, Kikaz feinted back into his unconscious, the doctors let go in disarray, Kizox ran out of the room.

The doctors turned around and prepared to kill Nero. Kikaz’s thoughts still thought of Kizox’s transmission. As it had pondered on what to do it decided to run on minimal brain usage (like a computer’s safe mode). As Kikaz subconsciously lifted from the bed, the doctors looked over, Kikaz walked over to the doctor with a knife mechanically, the doctor with the knife aimed for Kikaz’s throat, Kikaz kicked her in the knee cap while grabbing the knife, the doctor drew the knife out of Kikaz’s hand, with no reluctance, Kikaz’s mind raced to find an alternative option, the other doctors held him down, the female doctor prepared a slice to the throat, Kizox ran back in and charged at the doctor, the doctor slit Kikaz’s secondary vein and shut his brain down from its automatic mode with a blow to the head, Kizox grabbed the doctor and her knife. As he walked to the wall he put it to her throat, he was holding her hostage.

Kizox commanded “Free my brother and Nero, heal the fikos and keep the other kisas unconscious. Any disobedience will have the consequence of me killing my captive. Understood?”

The doctors mumbled in a low hum the word “yes... ”

As they prepared to get up Kizox yelled “Crawl!... line up here!”

As they crawled over to him like slaves he ordered “Stand up, one at a time, and look at the wall opposing me!”

As they followed the orders Kizox looked for a secondary vein, and when he saw one he would pull their heads back to slice it against the sharp blade of the knife. When they were done that he ordered “Put out your arms one at a time!”

As the doctors did this in an orderly fashion he disabled their muscles with slices to their muscles. As he did this he told them with authority “Lay down and face the ground!" As they did so, he kneeled down and put the female doctor’s throat just above the knife as it slithered through their legs’ muscles.

Kizox then yelled “Bandage your wounds but don’t go near the runes!”

As they did this he cut the hostage’s muscle’s and her secondary vein, as she was a kisas. He threw her to the floor and told her to follow the others. As she scurried after the others Kizox went to the rune cabinet and collected some runes to add to his rune sac. As he looked down the rows of flasks he found one that was labeled `multiplier` he also took 2 boxes labeled `energy tonics`. He walked over to Kikaz and slowly poured one portion down his throat, remembering when Kikaz had gotten gravely ill on Nizo and Kizox had to create a mush to feed him for the twelve days he was sick once. He picked Kikaz up and set him in a soft bed.

After doing this he walked towards Nero and gave him a portion also. Then he walked to Fikar and looked at him. As his eyes scanned Fikar’s wounds he saw that Fikar was in critical condition. Kizox walked away from Fikar, his only hope that Nero would wake up and know what to do. He marched to Dazanra and raised Dazanra’s head. He slit Dazanra’s vein and followed it with the disabling of his muscles.

Kizox walked to the door and pulled it up, as he poured the multiplier rune on the cracks of the wood, and as he hoped, the liquid cloned itself into wood. The door sealed, Kizox walked by the group of doctors and looked at them laying there with bandages over their wounds. He picked up a bar lock and carried it over to the door, when he reached the door he put the sturdy bar on the lock holders. He went and sat down on a bed and thought.

As he sat on the bed he looked at the knife and wondered where the doctors had put all the weaponry. As he gazed about he noticed that one of the doctors was sliding towards a drawer, he immediately shot up and hollered out for the doctor to stop. As he reached the drawer and opened it’s largest shelf he saw all the weaponry and the two encyclopedia’s pilled on top of each other. He turned to the doctor and hissed “Go into the corner nearest to the group and stay there!”as the doctor obeyed the order Kizox ripped off the bandages on the doctor and threw them on the vulnerable wounds. Kizox then waited on the bed with the inventory.

He sat there watching the doctors, thinking of them like savages, planning to murder those they mend. As he thought he heard a bed mat rustle against the dry hay. He looked dully at Kikaz and gave a grin as Kikaz looked about confusingly at the surroundings that were only vividly written into his mind. Kizox walked over to Kikaz and sat down on the mat, he had a large explanation to tell.

“Kikaz...These people tried to kill us...I have my reasons...I can’t explain it all...You have to trust me...They’re dangerous...Nero will know what to do...”

Kikaz looked at Kizox and looked around himself to see his setting again, to let it sink in. Kikaz lay down and moaned in exhaustion “I’m going to take a rest...” Kizox walked over to give Nero another energy tonic.

He was tired...He had a headache...He was confused...his memories were fuzzy...he couldn’t remember what he had just been doing...he began to remember the alphabet...he started to remember how to move...he began to remember his vocabulary...He visioned an odd looking creature...he thought ‘fiend’...he visioned a fikos...he wondered why he thought `Fikar`...then everything started to flow, his memories waved in...he had regained his conscious. Nero had awoken...

Kizox got up and yelled at the doctors “Now you have three people watching you!”

The doctors looked over with a grim face and lay on an area they had swept clean with bandages. Nero looked about and saw Dazanra, he expressionlessly asked “Did you kill him?”

Kizox replied with the same tone “No, I just took away any threat he held. I acted as I saw fit, but now you can take control.”

Nero gazed around, as he caught sight of a doctor, he took off his mask and stared at the doctor, mesmerizing the doctor in trauma. He got up, broke the bondage but engulfed the doctor in fear of what he might do to the doctor. He stood their for a moment and lazily told Kizox “We should sneak off this boat in one of their smaller crafts, we’ll take Dazanra with us, the doctors can stay here, by time they mend their wounds and escape we’ll be gone,”and with that Nero strode to the cabinet and set a sound resistant rune at the door, “there...”

An Emergency Boat is StolenEdit

They had waited until night fall, once sounds from the deck had been quiet for a while. Then they put the doctors in an oblivious state of mind by giving them a slight overdose of pain killers. Nero cut a door way out from the wall, allowing the kinor brothers to drag him to an emergency escape boat. Nero took Fikar with him on a medical bed with wheels and a shelf with Nero’s chosen flasks and runes. The twins hurried along while Nero, with his bird eyes continuously avoiding any deep cracks, chose the smoothest path for Fikar. As the twins eagerly followed Nero’s instructions on how to reach the emergency deck, which he had studied on his way to Kizo. Nero kept his ears alert to every unusual sound, he tuned out the ocean waves and the large oars and focused on anything like foot steps.

The 93 meters they traveled (which took 1.45 minutes) seemed to have taken an hour, but they were still safe. Nero silently told the twins to set Dazanra in the boat after setting it in midair, as they did that he sawed off the legs of the hospital’s stolen bed and laid it in the side pouch of the boat, his eyes evaluated the condition of the small craft, its bottom support rail was a young and well-furnished plank of oak and would snap of age before it would rot from the salt of the ocean water. The side paneling had an old furnish that needed to be done again, but it was still above minimal requirements. The paddles were locked securely in their sockets, only a tiny gap in-between the boat and the paddle and a pale was in the boat to empty it of any water that entered it. It passed his evaluation and he set Fikar in its emergency patient pouch. The twins sat in the boat and got comfortable, but Nero told them to grip the bars tightly and for them to sit on Dazanra. He knew he had the most difficult part to play in this split second occurrence and focused. The boat was secured by 9 thick ropes, one folding the bow. He took his katana and swiped one loose, the twins realized what was going on and adrenaline pumped their veins even faster, strengthening the grip they held. Nero slashed all but the center rope, each cut rope tensing the twins’ muscles, he lunged his katana at the rope and with a single movement locked it in-between the paddle and the boat while gripping his bar, the boat plummeting the entire time, falling 5 meters down, into the ocean, the boat fell faster and faster and the twins began to lift up from their place on Dazanra, holding on to the boat upside down. Fikar pressed against the pouch, Dazanra was less fortunate and flew up into the air. Nero’s katana sliced through the paddle wood and the paddle flew up with Dazanra. Nero began to lose grip and was burrowing his claws into the wood when the boat dashed through the water and filled the gasping mouths of the twins, but Nero had foreknowledge on what to do and let go, swimming to the surface, breathed in only to be pushed back down into the water by a corps, Nero gasped in shock, but he had to focus on containing his instinctive reflex to direct a flow of energy towards what had hit him by surprise. Then as fast as he had been pushed down, he was pushed up. This whole event took only 9 seconds(3 in the air and 6 in the water).

The twins had focused by the 6 second and swam up, only to have their feet kick the raising boat, then Kikaz hit his head on Nero. The boat came up, flipped from the weight of the water and held the twins captive, Nero grabbed their feet and detached them. Fikar had breathed little and lay in the pouch still, but his squeezed lungs had filled with water and he now had pneumonia, too. Nero hurriedly flipped the boat back to its original direction of facing and spoke what he thought “Kikaz, drain the water! Fast!,”Kikaz quickly obeyed, “Ok, Kizox, can you do CPR?”

Kizox looked at Nero with a puzzled look. Nero understood that Kizox didn’t now what CPR was and told Kizox “Blow into Fikar’s lungs and keep on doing that with the rhythm of my pushing.”

Kizox frowned, but followed Nero’s odd orders, Nero pushed on his heart, Kikaz finished draining the water and asked “Need any help?”

Nero kept pushing with his own heartbeat and replied quickly “Start rowing the boat to a secure area on the side of boat.”he pushed nearer to Fikar’s heart and felt his snapped rips, he had just found out that it was an even bigger problem then he had thought he knew about, he knew the CPR wasn’t having its full effect, only a trickle came was coming out, he knew they would have to give Fikar professional help, “we need to get him to a hospitable, we should latch our boat to a secure side, we’re going to be here for around 40 days.”Nero continued to give CPR slightly above the heart.

Kikaz found a safely sheltered area, Kizox put one paddle in the dense mush of zebra muscles and took the rope in Fikar’s sack to tie the boat to one of the wooden nooks. While the twins attached the two boats together, Nero slipped off Fikar’s shirt. Nero could see his chest glazed with dry blood, smeared by rubbing the blood, his spine was crooked and he could see a large bruise, the source was under the blood. But the blood was still moist, a puddle on the left area of his chest. Nero opened the shelf and took out a skin multiplier flask, he set it down, he took an anti-bacterial rune, an anti-pneumonia flask, bone glue and a case of calcium tablets.

Nero scraped off the blood and followed it with the anti-bacterial rune, he glued the ribs together and he then quickly poured the skin multiplier on the border of where the ribs had torn Fikar’s flesh. He partially dissolved the calcium tablets into the anti-pneumonia solution (he required a heterogeneous mixture because if it was a homogeneous mixture it would become toxic) and trickled it down Fikar’s dry throat. Nero then laid Fikar’s shirt under his damaged spine.

Kikaz fastened all the knots, then wedged the free paddle into one of the crevices, pushing the boat against the side. They measured whether the huge oar handle would hit the boat and estimated that they would be alright, they would only get a minor splash. Nero, on the other hand, analyzed it for a long time and took into account where the oar shafts were rotted and how much they would effect the rotation, after a few seconds Nero cut off an area of the bow with his katana, a few centimeters ahead of where he estimated it to land...

Waiting for the Sharoz PortEdit

They had sat on the boat and watched the oars hypnotically press forward, the waves splatter over their bodies, triggering a cold chill through their spines. Fikar lay their, Nero spent all his time mending his wounds to keeping Fikar alive. When they got hungry, they snacked on the zebra muscles that surrounded them. Fikar was fed zebra muscles after Nero tore the shells off of them and crushed them into a paste, mixing them with nutritional supplements.

They sat there, listening to storms from their sheltered den. They heard the waves splashing with glee, gradually raising in vigor and sprawling across the ocean with a rage unsuspected of the minor waves they once were. The waves had been exceptionally aggressive for the past few days, thrashing about without mercy. If the ropes hadn’t been supporting their escape boat, they would have been drowned long ago within the distant waves...

Dazanra had been put on the side of the boat, Kizox and Kikaz didn’t understand why Nero was keeping Dazanra aboard, but they did know that Nero was intelligent and knew more then themselves. They had fed him the leftovers that had began to rot and left him as was, they had left him alone, playing chess on the board they had engraved and using well decorated shells for the pieces.

Kikaz was gazing at the massive oar when he saw Dazanra stir in the corner of his eye. He spun his head around and yelled instinctively “Nero! Dazanra is awake!”

Nero turned quickly, yet relaxed in posture, locked eyes with Dazanra and walked over. As he sat down beside Dazanra, he told Dazanra “I am no longer the warlord of Zovna, Dazanra, but I still have my skills,”Nero sighed to collect his thoughts in an organized order, “please cooperate for the time being and understand that you are outnumbered, warlord of Serval.”

Dazanra looked up and asked “Where is Tezre?”he looked about to search the boat, “Did you posses him, Nero?”Dazanra stared up at Nero in demand.

Nero held the stare and replied formally “I acted in necessity of survival, as I would have been slain otherwise.”

Dazanra looked at Nero’s healing wounds and understood that Nero had a point, but he was enraged by the death of his loyal companion. He looked away at the oars and for the first time his eyes dampened because of death’s cruel chain. He hadn’t cried for the death of any of his highly ranked officers, barely flinched, and only because they always played a key role in his ambushes, but here he was having his eyes blur for a bodyguard. Though he had known Tezre since he was 15, Dazanra was now 36 years old, so Tezre was a friend. But he wouldn’t lash out at Nero, Tezre had fallen of the beam of life when he attempted to nock Nero off and so this was to be accepted and he would move on.

The twins believed that Dazanra was up to a plot for revenge, so they only pretended to play chess, but really watched Dazanra incase of any suspicious acts. After a few hours of staring at Dazanra stare at the oars they got bored and started playing chess strategically. Kizox won after leading a unit to Kikaz’s left and immediately striking Kikaz’s right, leading into an assault lead by Kizox’s queen at Kikaz’s core military base and leaving Kikaz’s king vulnerable, after those three consecutive ambushes, Kikaz had been doomed to lose.

After 35 days, Dazanra spent his time gazing away while the twins got bored of chess and started passing the time by trying to make one that was were fair, intellectually strategic and luck free. They made many of them, Nero helping them to improve their strategic thinking, make them more alert and substitute what they would have learned at Zovna.

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