by Afadi Chionesu

Chapter 1Edit

It is late December 2009, during the time of the War of Iraq had about a few months to end. In Geneva, Switzerland, there is a criminal organization called the Raging Wolves Society (RWS), in which it is founded and led by a Neo-Nazi super-genius named Wolfgang Reinhard (aka Vodunius). Their headquarters is a fancy mansion near Lake Gevena. The organization's major goal is world domination. During one afternoon, Vodunius and his crew (Heinrich, Sven, Francisco, Dylan, Joseph and Osward) had gathered in the dining room, and they start coming up with an evil plan. Their plan is to destroy and take over America as their own empire. Meanwhile in the gardens of the mansion, Vodunius' pet cat Darek, who also has a criminal organization of his own, called the Claws of Justice. His crew is: Aubrey (Darek's assistance), Aloysius (Darek's muscle), Bruno, Lutz, and Quintin (Darek's henchmen and spies/inventors). The Claws of Justice are also planning for their goal for world domination as well, and of course make most of the other animals in the world as his slaves. Later that afternoon, Sven and Dylan had volunteered to go to America uncover, under a secret identity. Once they did, they went to the restroom to put on their disguises by wearing wigs, fake facial hairs, and old clothing. After that, Sven and Dylan pack their things in chests, and then load their chests in a couple of Saab 9000s (also Darek and his crew had went onboard with nobody noticing), and then started leaving the city. They drive all the way to Hamburg, Germany, to for the next few hours. When they got there, they went on board a ship goes to New York. The ship had sailed for another few days. Once the ship got to New York, it had stopped at the docks of Ellis Island. Minutes later, the immigrants, even Sven and Dylan, went in the Immigrant Landing Station, where the immigrants were asked 29 questions by taking a little test, and then they took a medical inspection. Later, when the immigrants were done testing and the inspection, they were given some food, ID, and $5000 in cash, before they leave the island. Once Sven and Dylan (even the cats) made their way to New York City, they headed to the Plaza Hotel to get some room to stay, except Darek and his crew in which they were heading to another part of the city. Later in the room of the Plaza Hotel, Dylan has an idea that involve of get a lot of money by gambling. The next day, Sven and Dylan have planned to gamble by horseracing, at the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens. When they do, they win several times and 150 million of dollars. Back at the Plaza Hotel, Dylan is counting the money, and Sven was standing at the window, watching the view of the city while thinking that Vodunius' plan for revenge should work, so the RWS will have peace, freedom, and justice.

Chapter 2Edit

During the present day, it is a beautiful day in Detroit. In Bella Isle Park, a young Common Genet named Harry, is sitting under a tree all sad. He is sad because of his family had been kidnapped. Seven years ago (the year 2004) Harry's father, Alberto, was born from a family line of Common Genets from Portugal. He was raised in St. Louis. Two years later when Alberto got older, he moved out and work as an agent of the CIA, in which he was hired to track down terrorists. The CIA group that he worked for is called N.A.S.H. (Nonstop Action Secret Headquarters), and the founder and leader is an Alaskan Malamute named Quigley. In another two years, Alberto had become famous for his job. He'd captured so many terrorists and criminal masterminds, foiled their plans, and got them locked up. Then one day during mid-July 2008, Alberto was vacationing in Las Vegas. While he was there he met a beautiful female Common Genet named Lucy and they suddenly have feelings for each other. In two months, Alberto and Lucy got and had a honeymoon in Hawaii, and then live together in the abandoned Ransom Gills house in Detroit. During March 2009 Alberto and Lucy were vacationing in Nicaragua. They were staying at a summerhouse in which Alberto owns, at the beach in San Juan de Sur. During their vacation, they had gone hiking in the tropical forests, climbing mountains, and went on a stroll through the city. Lucy was pregnant during that time, and then one night she gave birth to triplet at the summerhouse. The triplets are Harry, Johnny and Penelope. Harry is a simple boy but intelligent. He loves to read books at the Detroit public library, mainly studying philosophy. When Harry was reading the newspapers and watch the news, he had suddenly been thinking that he could help making the world a better place. Johnny is a intelligent boy like Harry and he is a trained doctor. Penelope is an artistic girl, in which she has an interest in painting. She likes to paint pictures of nature. Alberto and Lucy is enjoying their lives as a family and having a lot of fun. Then one day in March 2010, Detroit was having a city celebration on St. Patrick Day. And Harry and his family were having fun by going to church, watching the parade, and go to the festival. Later that evening, while Harry and his family were at home eating dinner, a group of mobsters had broken in. They'd damaged the place with concussion grenades and knocked out the family with knockout gas. One of the mobsters, a Beech Martin, orders the other mobsters to their victims Then Harry escapes the house and runs for his life as two of the mobsters chases him. Minutes later, Harry finally outrun the mobsters when he got to the Bella Isle Park. Since he can't go back home Harry decided to stay the night at the park. The next day, a duo of dogs: a Panda Shepherd dog named Dwaine and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Jethro, were having a stroll in the park. Then discovered Harry under a tree all sad. So they came to him and Dwaine said "hey little guy, what's wrong"? Harry had told that mobsters had kidnapped his family last night and he doesn’t have any place to go to, and Dwaine and Jethro were stunned of it. So they invited Harry over to their place. They live in the abandoned Packard Auto Plant. Inside, half of the place is made fancy and the style is quite similar to the famous Buckingham Palace. Dwaine and Jethro's other friends lives there too as a family: a Umbrella Cockatoo named Kelly, a Jack Russell Terrier puppy named Billy, a white Ermine named Kent, and an African Civet named Daphne. Harry was amazed of the place and Dwaine thanked him. Then he introduced Harry to Kelly and them, and they did the same. Later, Harry and company become friends. Throughout the rest of the year, Dwaine and Jethro had volunteered to help find Harry's family but they are nowhere to be found in the city. Also Harry sometimes cries at bedtime. On December 2010, it is New Year's Eve and everyone in the city and at the Packard Auto Plant is parting the holiday. Harry and company were dancing to some music, eating some refreshments, and watching “Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve” on TV. During the party Dwaine was the DJ for the party, and Kent was preparing the crystal ball in which he made for the countdown. On the side Harry is sitting on the rooftop speaking to God by prayer, hoping that his family is okay and wishing that he'll see them again. Minutes later, Harry made it back inside for the countdown. Everything is settled now, and then everyone started gathering around for the countdown. Then Kent activated the crystal ball as the countdown started. When everyone shouted “happy new year”, the crystal ball was shooting fireworks. As the fireworks were shooting outside of Packard Auto Plant, everyone inside and outside was singing “Auld Lang Syne”.

Chapter 3Edit

During the year of 2011, the White House has a new president: an African American man named Alan Marshall. In the Oval Office, Alan is sitting at his desk, filing his paper work. The first wife, Lorraine Marshall, and the first daughter, Brittany Marshall, are playing a board game of Monopoly together in the Blue Room. The Marshalls have two presidential pets: a Tuxedo cat named Marty and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Shirley. They are good friends to each other and they spend their time playing games. On June 26th, it is a beautiful day in Detroit. While Daphne is reading a newspaper, she checks out the travel section. Minutes later, Daphne come Dwaine and Jethro, and talks to them about going on a vacation. Dwaine said it's a great idea and Jethro told that it would cheer up Harry because he'd been very depressed lately. Moments later, Daphne, Dwaine and Jethro announce of going on a trip to New York City to Harry, Kelly, Billy and Kent. They are all amazed. The next day, early in the morning, Harry and the gang arrived at the BWI-Marshall Airport from a bus, and then they get on board in the baggage hold of the plane that flies to New York City. When the plane makes it at the Airport, Harry and the gang came out of the baggage hold and leave the airport. Later they for a stroll through the city, and checked out the city's features: Times Square, Empire State Building, the United Nations headquarters, the South Street Seaport, Financial District, Greenwich Village, streets of Harlem (including the Apollo Theater), SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown and Wall Street. Harry and the gang really liked the city so far. Meanwhile, Sven and Dylan are now living in a fancy mansion in Rochester. On the side, they both had created a company called Eaglestein Inc. A multinational company that involve projects for the world’s future. A lot of people in the US adore the company’s work and many had works there. Then Sven mentions that everything will be going as planned.

Chapter 4Edit

Meanwhile, Harry and the gang were going for a stroll in Central Park. They never know that the park could be so big, and then Harry and Dwaine told that it was so cool, and the others agreed with them. Minutes later, Max and they saw several of the park’s features: the Belvedere Castle, the Ramble and lake, the Cleopatra’s needle, the Conservatory Garden. Even some of its sculptures (such as the Tempest, Romeo and Juliet and Group of Bears). A moment later, when Harry and the gang were about to leave the park, Daphne was thinking about getting some lunch. Then Dwaine heard a cry for help. So he and the others found that the cry came from two young ringtail cats, being attacked by a flock of Monk parakeets. Then Harry and Jethro saves the Ringtail cats by throwing rocks at the Monk parakeets, then they got scared and started flying away. Then the two young Ringtail cats (a beautiful one with a blond hair and a red-violet jacket, named Alice, and a cool one with sun glasses and a tan Hawaiian shirt, named Ricky) came out from the bushes and told the Monk parakeets not to come back ever again. Then Harry asked Alice and Ricky if they’re all right and they said yes. In seconds, Harry starts to have a crush on Alice, and she asked him if he’s all right. Once Harry woke up, he told Alice that he was all right. Also he and the gang started introducing themselves and then Alice and Ricky did the same. Then Alice asked “so, what bring you guys here in Central Park on this fine day”? Then Harry told that he and the gang were vacationing here from Detroit to have a good time. When Alice asked Max “where y’all are going to stay”? And Dwaine said, “We were thinking of staying at a hotel or somewhere”? So Ricky told that there’s no need to, and invited Harry and the gang to stay at their house.

Chapter 5Edit

Later, Harry and the gang had walked with Alice and Ricky, all the way to Downtown Manhattan, because they live with their parents at the abandoned apartment building on Houston Street. They live on the second floor. When they got to Alice's place, Alice knocked on the door, and her father, Rocky, answered it. He was glad to see Alice and Ricky came home and they hugged. Then Alice had introduced Harry and the gang to Rocky and Lily. Then Alice asked Rocky if Harry and the gang can stay for a few days, and he agreed and invited them in. Inside the house, Harry and the gang really liked the inside. It had a nice coat of glossy aqua blue paint on the walls, very nice furniture, pictures of various landmarks in the world, flowers hanging over on every corner, and a 6 ft tall aquarium. Harry, Kelly, and Dwaine told Rocky that the house looked fantastic, and he thanked them and then introduced them and the others to his wife, Lily. She said hello and invites Harry and them into the living room, and relax on the sofa. As they are relaxed, everyone is talking about each other. Then Jethro asked, “So, what do you do guys do for fun here”? And then Ricky told that he and his family enjoys most of the city’s attractions like going to the amusement park at Coney Island, even they enjoy the nightlife. Harry and the gang believed that it sounds exciting. Then Alice told about the Majestic Pack, a famous dog band in New York City. There are four members in the band: a Siberian husky named Steve (the leader of the band and the main singer), a Border collie named Frank (the lead singer and keyboard player), a Rottweiler named Bernard (the current bassist and second lead singer), and a Finnish Lapphund named Chuck (the percussionist and the third lead singer). Also she told that she, Ricky, Rocky and Lily were their biggest fans and their close friends. So Rocky and Lily invites Harry and the gang over to their place to introduce them. The Majestic Pack lives on the third floor. Inside, the band is singing the song “I Really Don’t Need No Light”. When the band finished singing, Rocky knocks on the door. Steve answers it and he is happy to see Rocky and his family. So Harry introduced himself, even Daphne and the others did the same. And then Steve and they introduced themselves. Then Frank told Harry and the gang that he never seen them seen them from around here and asked them where they from. So they told that they come from Detroit and they each tell a little about themselves. Minutes later, the band plays two of their happy/ mellow songs. As the band played, Harry and company is dancing to it. Later back at the Alice's place, it is bedtime, and Alice is in a bedroom, watching the night sky as she is sitting next to the window. Then Harry come in and asked if he can join her, and she sure. So Harry walks up and sits next to her. Then smiled and holds Harry’s paw. Then she tells him about the night sky, of how stunning it is, and Harry agrees with her. The sky had a lot of star sparking like diamonds, the moon was shining in a bluish glow, and three shooting stars were flying across were flying across the sky.

Chapter 6Edit

The next day, it turned out to be another beautiful day, with birds singing and flowers opening up. Inside the apartment building, Harry and company is eating starwberries, mangos and smoked sausages for breakfast. Then Billy asked, “How’s everybody doing today” and they said that they all doing good. Then Rocky asked Harry and the gang if they heard of the company of Eagle stein Inc, and they said no. Then Lily told a little about it, even told that she, Rocky, Alice and Ricky were huge fans of the company since last spring. So Rocky takes out a Time magazine that tells about the company. In the company it have a few impressive subsidiaries. The first one is technology department, where the employees developed designs of weapons, computer hardware and software, and much more. The second is the chemicals department where the scientists developed and creating cleaner and natural fuel sources. The third is the food department, where the scientists helped supporting farms to produce specialized products with no additives and controlled growing. Also they worked on developed efforts on organic producing. The fourth is the company’s industries, where the employees operated the country’s utilities: electricity, gas, water, and even sewage treatment and waste disposal. The fifth is the shipping department where the employees involved shipping operations for precious metals and others substances. And finally, the environmental department where the employees develop ways to protect the environment. Harry and the gang are amazed.

Chapter 7Edit

Meanwhile in the Bronx, Frank is walking along the streets while humming to himself, and then another dog bumped into him, a beautiful Australian Shepherd named Victoria. She is Frank’s long-lost childhood sweetheart. Frank apologized to her, and she said it’s okay. Then Frank started to recognize her, and Victoria recognized him. Once they did, they hug and then tell that they missed each other. They Victoria asked Frank “how you been doing”? And he said “I’ve been very good”, then he asked the same thing and she was okay. Then Frank asked Victoria if she can go out with him, and she said, “Sure I can”. Later, in Riverside Park in Manhattan, Frank and Victoria are sitting under a tree near the lake while eating a bucket of chicken from KFC. They even talked about each other, from the last few years. Victoria had told her story first. In her story, she used to be owned by a French guy named Francois, which he lived in Iowa (Rock Island), and he used to own a circus. The show featured clowns doing funny stuff, lion taming, a trapeze act, seals doing tricks with beach balls, and finally, Victoria had performed by doing terrific stunts as she was riding a white pony. The stunts she did were: jumping through hoops of fire and doing some ballet moves (the Vagonova method, the Balanchine method, and the Arabesque). The crowd loved it. But a two years later, Francois had died of a heart attack during his bedtime, and then his family found and planned his funeral five days later. So Victoria had packed some of her things and went on a train to New York City. Once she got there, she started living at the Edgehill Church in Spuyten Duyvil. Then Frank told that was a good story, and he apologized about Francois' death. Victoria told Frank its okay and thanked him, and then asked him about his story. In his story, Frank had left Iowa, to move to New York City (before the time Victoria did the same). While he was traveling the street of Long Island City in Queens, and he discovered The Majestic Pack in an alley, singing "After the Love Has Gone”. Frank was singing along with them. When the band was done singing, Steve asked Frank for his name and he told, even Steven and they did the same. Then Steve told that his singing was good, just like his, and then Bernard asked Frank if he can sing with them, and he said sure. So Frank came up on the stage and told the band to play a gentle beat. He sang was a love song in which he thought up. Also Steve and they sang along with him. When they finished singing, Steve had talked Frank of joining the band, and he said yes. Also Frank was welcomed to live with them. Victoria really liked Frank’s story and she was thinking about seeing the Majestic Pack and Frank said okay. At the Majestic Pack’s apartment, Frank had introduced Victoria to Steve and them, and then they did the same. Then Victoria told the band members that she never realized that they could be so talented, and they thanked her. Then Frank told a little about Victoria: about the times when she was performing at the circus. Steve and they were amazed, and then Victoria was going to demonstrate. So the moves that Victoria did were the exact same one she used at the circus. When she was done, Steve and they had given a huge applause. Then Steve told Victoria that her performance was so awesome just like Frank’s singing, and she thanked him. Then Frank asked Steve if Victoria can live here, and he said yes. Then Victoria cheered and told that she will have fun here. Steve agreed with her and then started thinking in his head, saying that it’s great to have a superstar staying here, just like the time when he met Lassie in person. As one of her fans, Steve had a picture of her, with his autograph on the side. Later that evening, Harry and company are at Coney Island, and they had a lot of fun at the beach. They are swimming and sitting around a campfire, while eating jerky and dried apricots. Meanwhile, Frank and Victoria were sharing a joyful moment in Central Park. They had walked along the lake, feeding breadcrumb to some ducks, and Frank carved a heart with their names in it (with a sharp-pointed rock), on a tree. Moments later, they sat on Cherry Hill, watching the stars.

Chapter 8Edit

The next day, Harry and the gang with Rocky and his family, are having fun of visiting of the World's Fair site in Queens. Harry, Dwaine, Jethro, Kelly, Billy, Kent and Daphne are amazed of the site. An hour later after leaving the World's Fair, Harry spot a file envelope flying from the sky and lands in front of Dwaine. Dwaine said "I wonder what's in this envelope" and Harry told him that they should check them out on the way. Meanwhile, at the Majestic Pack’s apartment, Frank and the others are having lunch at a bar counter, eating Salisbury steak and dog biscuits with champagne. Then Steve congrats Frank for having such a pretty girl, and Bernard asked, “Where did you meet her”? And Frank tells that he first met her in Des Moines, Iowa, when they were puppies. During their childhood, Frank and Victoria were riding in a carriage through the Walnut Woods State Park one day. Then one night, Frank and Victoria went out to a candlelight dinner, and ate spaghetti and meatballs. As they were eating, they inadvertently shared a kiss. And later they went dancing at a jazz club. But one day, when Frank was going to see Victoria again in the Walnut Woods State Park, a dachshund came to him and gave a note, which it was from her. The note told that she been taken by animal control, and she won’t be able to see Frank again. Then it started raining and Frank was heartbroken. When the story ended, Steve said, “That was a good story. Really sad at the end. But at least you still have your girl again”. Then Frank thanks Steve and shake his paw. Along the streets of Manhattan, Harry and company are sitting near a cafe on Bowery, looking at the files from the envelope they found. The envelope has handwritten notes of step of an evil plot by the Raging Wolves Society. It instructs Sven and Dylan to steal tons of plutonium ammunition from the NATO headquarters. For this purpose, Sven and Dylan will use the plutonium ammunition to build huge ballistic missiles. In a couple of days, Sven and Dylan will kidnap the US president at the White House and keep him as prisoner (to cause the US citizens to sit up and take notice) In a few days, Vladimir and them will launch the ballistic missile into the U.S. before the U.S. president get executed at 11:00pm sharp. In a few months, all the members of the Raging Wolves Society will take over the country, even the White House, and then get the country re-built into a better country with newer buildings, houses, and much more. Harry and company is completely stunned. Then all of a sudden, Harry spots a trio of mobsters across the street, but he recognizes one of the them: Benedict, the exact same Beech Martin that was at the screen of kidnapping Harry's family. And the others are robot drones. Filled with rage, Harry goes after Benedict and them. Daphne asked "Harry, where are you going" and he told that he spotted the culprits that kidnapped his family. So she, Kelly, Jethro and Kent joins him to watch his back, and told the others that they'll meet back at the apartment. Benedict and them are on their way to grab a bite to eat. Then Harry do a sneak attack on Benedict by tackling him, punches him in the gut and slam him against the wall, while Daphne, Kelly and Kent by disassembling the drones. When Benedict is against the wall, Harry tries to force him to tell him where his family is. He don't understand him at first, so Harry help jog his memory, having him reminded of the kidnapping in Detroit, during St. Patrick Day last. Benedict started remembering now and notice that he's the kid that snuck out the house. Tired of waiting, Daphne yelled, "Alright buster, you wasting time here. Spit it out or we have to use extreme measure”. Then Benedict said "Never" and then subdues Harry and them with knockout grenades. In seconds, they started feeling dizzy and collapsed. Then Benedict said “pathetic weak links, when will they ever learn”. Later, three Trooper drones are flying in a jet plane, over a city somewhere in Florida. When the jet was flying over the water, one of the drones orders another to put a medium-sized box (with Harry and them inside) out of the jet. Once it did, it said, “so long suckers”! As the box fell in the water and being flowing away by the waves.

Chapter 9Edit

The next day, the box had made it safety on a beach. Inside the box, Harry woke up and then he woke up the others, and then found that they’re inside a box. So Jethro told everyone to stand by, so he can break down one of the walls to get themselves out. Once the box was open, Harry and them got out and then got spotted by two Havanese dog soldiers, Alexander and Rico, with machetes in their hands to have them surrender. Then Harry said, “Oh my, we’re in Cuba”, and then Daphne asked anyone if they could speak Spanish. Kent told that he could speak many different languages. So he said hello to Alexander and Rico, and told them that he and the others had came in peace. But they thought he was bluffing them, and Kent repeated their words. Then Kent told him to tell them the truth. So Kent told the reason why he and the others were here: that they were being ended up inside that box stranded them here. Alexander and Rico believed Kent’s words and then told him and the others to come with them to find shelter. Kent thanked them and then tells the others to come along. Meanwhile at the White House, Marty and the Shirley are in the backyard relaxing in the sun while feeding the birds with breadcrumbs. Out of nowhere, a helicopter flies to the rooftops of the White House, and two men (Sven and Dylan) in black suits and ski masks quietly goes inside the building by using a laser cutter to cut a hole through the roof. Once they get inside, they knock everyone with tranquilizer darts, as they are heading to the Oval Office. In the Oval Office, President Alan Marshall is filing some paper works. And then Sven and Dylan barges in, tell the president to freeze, and Sven shoots a couple of tranquilizer darts at his neck. Once the president is knocked out, Sven and Dylan ties him up and put a bag over his head. Then they carry his body throughout the hallway as they drop some smoke grenades. Moments later, the guards, even Lorraine and Brittany Marshall, wakes up and wonder what happened. As Marty and Shirley are walking in the hallway they found a pin, with a wolf and an acronym (R.W.S.) on the floor and they couldn’t understand what it means. Then one of the guards is in the Oval Office and found that the President was gone, and then he reports it to the other guards. Even Lorraine and Brittany Marshall had found out and started worrying. Then Marty and the Shirley come to Lorraine to show her the pin. Back at the apartment, everyone are worrying that Harry, Jethro, Kelly and Daphne didn’t come back from last night, and Alice is thinking that something bad might have happened to them. Then Ricky said, “don’t say something like that. I’m sure they’re be all right” and Billy said “yeah, I’m sure they’re not far away from the city”. Meanwhile, Harry and they are walking with Alexander and Rico alone along the streets of Havana. Jethro is stunned because of the looks of the city and Daphne said, “Yeah, I agree. How did the town got so bad” when Kent translates. Then Alexander and Rico told that the Americans had did it by ruining the work of the Soviet Union, who helped the Cubans for 31 years. By giving them food and water supplies, health care, transportation, and material items (like medicine, money, even oil). That what they called: The Special Period in Peacetime, and when that happened, all Cuban hate the Americans and calling them bad names. Then Harry, Daphne, and Jethro tells Alexander and Rico that they’re wrong, and Harry told that only half of America hated Cuba. Then Daphne said “yeah. America is not as bad as you think. They mostly trust people from different cultures, especially helping their needs and trusting their feelings”. So Daphne and the others sing a song to Alexander and Rico, of how America is an honest country, like helping the less-fortunate, saving the environment, and much more. When the song ended, Harry and they notice that dozens of Cuban were listening to their wonderful song and applauded with Alexander and Rico. Then Harry see Alberto, standing in the crowd. And then he ran to his dad and gives him a big hug because of how much he misses him.

Chapter 10Edit

Along their way to Playa Tarara, Harry introduces Alberto to Jethro, Kelly, Kent and Daphne, and they did the same. Later in the evening, Harry and the gang are staying at an abandoned house near the beach. In the living room, Alberto tells the others of what he been through. When he first came to Cuba, he explores the city of Havana. While the animals in the city (Rock Pigeons, Cuban Parakeets and Havana silk dogs) were shocked and mad when Alberto unexpectedly has words painted on his shirt saying, “Cuban are stupid” (in Spanish). And then three Havanese dog soldiers came to Alberto and beat him up. Later, Alberto was being ended up in a prison, which he was sentenced to be here for a year, and do hard labor. He had to work in fields to harvest crops and trimming grass, even did construction work. When Alberto’s story ended Harry and the others felt bad about his pain and suffering, and then Kelly said, “It’s a darn shame for Alberto to be ended up stranded here”, and Daphne and Kent agreed with her. Then Alberto asked Harry "So how did you and friends got here son" and Harry told it happened when he spotted Benedict in New York City, in which he was one of the mobsters that terrorized their home in Detroit last year but refuses to tell more, thus sending him, Kelly, Daphne and Kent stranded here in Cuba. Then Alberto asked "why were you in New York City son", and he said, “Me and my friends are vacating there right now”. Then Alberto started realizing that he know whom responsible of kidnapping Lucy, Johnny and Penelope and get him stranded in Cuba. That someone is Richard and wishes to put him out of his misery. Daphne agreed with him and Kent asked, “How did you know that punk”? And then Alberto had told a story about him. When Alberto was a kitten, he befriended a young Beech Martin (Richard). They often like to play games together, mostly Stratego and combat reenactment. The games had given Alberto and Richard the skills to win during his missions for N.A.S.H. During the time when Alberto was vacating in Las Vegas, Lucy was previously Richard's ex-girlfriend and she realized that her heart belongs to Alberto. When Richard had lost the love of the life, he became mad with rage and eventually mentally insane. He seeks revenge on Alberto by making suffer painfully. During one night, when Alberto and Lucy on from their date, a couple of hired thugs were following the couple because Richard hired them to assassinate Alberto. In front of the Mirage, the thugs did a surprise attack on Alberto; right after Lucy kissed him goodbye and leave from the building. They used karate during the fight. The fight went all the way to the front of the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. The fight ended at the pool of Siren's Cove, when Alberto strangled the thugs while underwater. When Alberto’s story ended, Harry said, “I don’t believe it. That jerk wad should have let it go, so none of this should ever happen” and Kent said “Yeah. But not to worry, when we get back to New York City, he will dealt with soon in time”. Meanwhile at Sven and Dylan's mansion, President Alan Marshall wakes up and finds himself being ended up inside a cell, in a dungeon. Then Sven and Dylan comes to check on their valuable prisoner. When President Marshall sees the two, he asks them “who are you? Where am I”? Then Sven came toward to the President and answered his questions, telling him whom he is and where he’s at. Also he told him that he’s not going anywhere and told him that he will be executed soon (after the US is destroyed), so he rule the country. Then President Marshall told Sven that he won’t get away with this, and he said, “Watch me”. Then Sven and Dylan start walking out of the dungeon. As he was walking through the hallway, Dylan told him “holding the U.S. president might be dangerous. If a word of this get out, it could generate sympathy for the FBI and all”, and Sven said “no one can find him here. Now he is my only link to help our master succeed”. Then Dylan said, “what if he escape or secretly send messages”? And Sven said “Don’t worry, he won’t be”.

Chapter 11Edit

In the morning, Harry had found Alberto standing at the balcony, watching the sunrise, and said “geez Dad you’re up early”. Then Alberto said “yes son, it wasn’t very nice when I was in prison, but it’s great to see the sunshine once again”, and then asked his son more stuff that been happened while in Cuba. So Harry told more about Dwaine and the gang at home, of how they care of him, being loyal friends, and help him find his family. Even he tell about NYC friends (and his crush Alice) and having a lot of fun. "That's good that you made some good friends son" Alberto said and Harry thanked him. Then Kelly and the others came over to Harry and Alberto and told them good morning, and they said the same. Later, Alberto invites Harry and them out to a cafe to eat breakfast, and they had Pig roast and some tropical fruits (papayas, mangos and pineapple). Later, Harry and company goes for a walk alone a beach, somewhere near Old Havana. During the walk, Alberto asked Max about the Raging Wolves Society’s evil plan. Then he told everything about it, from stealing from the NATO Headquarters to destroying America. Alberto is stunned about it, and he said that they will have to deliver an urgent message to the White House once they get back to New York City. Meanwhile at Sven and Dylan's mansion, Sven and Dylan are in the basement, and they have successfully finish making the Juggernaut. It is twenty four feet tall and it's looks dangerous enough to do the job. After finishing the missile, Sven and Dylan connects Vodunius and tell him the missile is completed on schedule. Vodunius is proud of them. While walking along the streets of Old Havana, Harry and the gang walks into Alexander and Rico. They are happy to see Harry and company again. Then Alexander speaks in English for the first time, and tells Harry and them that he and Rico had understood, about what they and his friends said yesterday. They thank the two, and Daphne said "It's great that you guys believe our words. All we're doing is trying to help society, and help make our world a better place". Also Alexander and Rico given Alberto an apology for being harsh towards him, and he accepts it. Then Kent asked Alexander and Rico if they can help him and the others get back to the U.S. by flying back, but Alexander tells that there isn't any aircrafts to fly on. A little bummed, Harry and Kent come up with an idea: of building a flying machine, named the Mighty Eagle. Everyone like the idea and get started on it. At the abandoned house in Playa Tarara, Harry and Kent first draws the blueprints in which it took an hour to complete. The flying machine features with steam punk-like controls, a electromagnetic-powered motor to the whole ship, a leather balloon for lifting the ship, homemade jet engines, a boiler for blowing hot air, and a large-sized balloon with a net holding it. Next everyone are gathering the materials for the flying machine: a rowboat, scrap wood, nails, bolts, three pounds of scrap tin and aluminum, some recycled plastic, lot of leather and miles of rope. Harry and Alberto are gather a dozen of scrap wood boards, nails and bolts from the garage of the abandoned house. Alexander and Rico are gathering the metals from an abandoned warehouse. Jethro and Daphne are some plastic bottles and a large amount of leather from a local junkyard. And finally, Kelly and Kent gathers the rope from a boatyard. Once all the materials are gathered, they head to a lone rowboat at the beach. Then the Mighty Eagle is being constructed. The men are working on the body of the ship and machinery by heat the metal and plastic, shaping it, and put it all together; while the ladies are working on the balloon and the net, by sewing the leather together into a large balloon, and typing the ropes into a net. Harry and the gang work all the way to the middle of the evening. When the Mighty Eagle is finished, Harry and Kent tests the controls and the steering, even the boiler that blows hot air into the balloon. It is a great success that it works and everyone cheers. Then Kelly asked “how long will it take to there, by flying to New York City”? And Alexander said “You are able to head to the United States in thirty minutes. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to get to New York City in three hours”. Then Rico told Harry and them that need to wake up pretty early to ready to leave and he wanted them to meet him and Alexander at the grassy plains near the beach.

Chapter 12Edit

At 5:30 in the morning, the alarm clock ring and Alberto tells everyone to wake up. Then everyone started washing up and eating some mangoes and tortillas for breakfast. Minutes later, Alberto and they had meet up the grassy plains, next to the shore, where the Mighty Eagle is. Also there are some lanterns around the plains that can help lead the way. Everyone is getting onboard the flying machine. Before heading out, Harry come to Alexander and Rico and thanked for believing him and the others. So Harry, Alexander and Rico had shook paws and said good-bye. Once Harry got aboard, the flying machine took off and Alexander had wishes them good luck. Around four hours, the flying machine flies across the ocean, and above the cities of the eastern US. When Harry and company had finally made it to New York City, Kent lands the flying machine at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. After an hour, Harry and company finally arrive at the apartment building in Downtown Manhattan. When they made it Alice's place, Harry knocks on the door and Dwaine answers it. He was surprised that Harry and them came back, and then told Rocky and them. Then they came and gave them a big hug. Also Rocky and Lily had shook hands with Alberto. Moments later, everyone gathered together in the living room. Harry, Daphne and Jethro tells everyone what happened: finding out what that mobster Benedict is working for, getting stranded in Cuba, Alberto had been framed, got help by a couple of Havanese soldiers, and heading back to the US. Alice and they were amazed about the story. Then Harry and Alberto had planned a manhunt around the city to track down the mobsters, capture them and get information from them. At the Majestic Pack's place, Harry, Daphne, Alice and Ricky were telling the Majestic Pack and Victoria about the Raging Wolves Society and their evil plan. Even the mobsters. They were shocked about it and they agreed to help. Then Steve said, “This is going to be so cool to fight bad guys. I’ve been wanting this”. He and Bernard also think of hiring some local friends of their to join, and Harry agrees.

Chapter 13Edit

Later, Steve, Bernard and Chuck heading to Staten Island. Because they were going to see their local friend, a cat named Gino. When they arrive at the abandoned Staten Island Monastery, they head to the back side of the building. Then they came to a camouflaged door, and Steve had knocked. A cat guard cracked the door and asked, “Can I help you”? And Steve told that he and the others came here to see Gino. So the guard let them in and had them follow him. Inside, the whole place was part restaurant and part casino (called NYC World), in which owns. The place also had a stage for entertainment, an indoor swimming pool, an indoor golf course, and cool decorations (replicas of New York City’s landmarks and treasures) and paintings (of various places of the city). The guard had Steve and they follow him, all the way to Rossi’s table in the restaurant. They had found him his brothers (Michael, Fredo and Sonny) sitting at a fancy table, with two bodyguards on both sides. Gino and them had shook hands with Steve and them and invited them to sit at the table. Then Gino asked “so, what bring you here today”? And Steve had told Gino about the humans' criminal organization, the Raging Wolves Society, and the hoodlums that are putting harm on new friends. Also Steve believes that the hoodlums maybe linked to Darek. Gino was outraged of it, even Michael, Fredo and Sonny were outraged. Darek was once a great friend of Gino, but now Gino and his entire family and have a long rivalry against him. Steve and they understand his frustration, and then Steve talked Gino and them of working with him, Bernard and Chuck so they could be able to fight the hoodlums. Gino and them told that is a good idea and Fredo said, “Speaking of which, how are you guys doing with your band”? And Steve and the others told that it was going so great, even they about Frank and Victoria. Minutes later, the show presents Gino’s beautiful daughter, Maria, singing Marilyn Monroe’s version of “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”. Along with a female dancing group of cats and dogs in pretty dresses, called the New York Rockets. The band that was playing the music was really swinging. Maria is wearing a pretty blue dress with a pink flower in her puffy hair. All of a sudden, Chuck start to fall in love with Maria. Toward the end of the song, Maria had thrown an orchid to the crowd, and Chuck had caught it. When she finished, the crowd cheers, even Gino and them. Chuck tells Gino that his daughter is a great singer and he thanked him. Also he told Chuck that Maria is a huge fun of his band. Meanwhile, at the empire of the Claws of Justice's secret base, Darek and his crew are working on the their diabolical scheme. The had made an equation called the Turmoil Equation, in while it will give them success for total control over the free will of other animals. Also they're creating a super-weapon: a mechanicalized ship called the Leviathan. With the weapon, he will use it against his enemies. All this time, Darek had his prisoners construct the exterior of the weapon, even Lucy, Johnny and Penelope were forced to. On the side, Aubrey is secretly expressing his hatred toward Darek’s plans.

Chapter 14Edit

Back at Alice's place, Harry and Alberto comes up with a plan to save the United States, and shared with everyone. It involves sending a message to the White House, (which it would tell the Raging Wolves Society's location and their evil plan. Even told of giving out a warning in New York City, and do a surprise attack at the Raging Wolves Society's mansion), do a manhunt, fighting and capturing the hoodlums, and demolish their empire. Billy told that the plan was neat and Harry thanked him. Then Kelly say that she volunteer to go. So she takes the message in her carrying bag, and start flying off to Washington DC. Later in the city, the manhunt had been started, and Harry and company had spread out. Minutes later, Harry and Alberto are searching through Brooklyn. And all of the sudden, they both spot Benedict on the streets of Carroll Gardens. So they tried to capture by doing a sneak attack but they are unlucky, when Benedict flees. Then Harry and Alberto chases after him. The epic chase take place upon the rest of the streets of Carroll Gardens, onto Interstate 478, through the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, and finally i the Bowling Green Park in Manhattan. Then Harry catches Benedict and force him to tell him who he works for, and what is the purpose for him and his associates. But every time he refuses to answers, Harry forces him by slapping him in the face and punching him in the gut. Finally he tells that he works with the Claws of Justice, and purpose of the organization is that the leader, Darek, want his henchmen to capture his enemies and plenty of innocent animals citizens to have half them a his slaves and the others to do his evil bidding. Harry and Alberto believes every word of it, and then they ask for the location of the secret base. But Benedict refuses again, and then he blow a smoke grenade and vanishes. As Benedict runs away, he contacts the base and tells Darek that their secret have been exposed. Later that evening, back at Alice's place, Harry and company had came back and gathered in the living. Harry an Alberto congrats the others for the effort they did during the manhunt, and that they will be able to continue tomorrow. Unfortunately, Benedict had followed Harry and company back to the apartment building while using a camouflage device. Ten minutes later Richard meets up with Benedict at the building with seven robot drone soldiers called Troopers on his side. They were camouflaged as well and they're getting ready for attack. Back in the apartment, Harry and company are relaxing and eating roast beef, salmon, fruits and salad for dinner. Then all of a sudden, a hole busts through the front door, and a couple of concussion and knock-out grenades flew through it. They make miniature explosions, causing a little damage and make Harry and company a little company sleepy. Then Richard, Benedict and the Trooper drones crashes in. The first four are ordered to beat up the men senselessly, while the other three kidnaps the women and the children with a large net except for Harry. Meanwhile at NYC World, Gino's wife Camela and his son Tony, are watching the place while Gino and his brothers are out. They also watching Maria performing to the audience. She is singing an excitable love song, with the New York Rockets singing and dancing by her side. When the song is done, five Trooper drones crashes in and invade the whole the place, (which it scared the other cats and dogs, and leave the place), threw some smoke bombs and kidnap Maria, Carmela and Tony. Back at the White House, Lorraine Marshall is in the Press Briefing Room, putting on a speech, saying that the FBI would continue searching for the president and capture the R.W.S. Marty and Shirley are listening to Lorraine’s speech along with the crowd. Then the Shirley hear a tapping sound coming from the window. So she checks it out that it was a Umbrella Cockatoo (Kelly). Shirley opens the window and asked, “Can I help you”? And Kelly told that he was seen here to deliver a message. So she gave Shirley the message and she read it. When Shirley came back to the Press Briefing Room, he told Marty about the message, and he was thrilled about it. So Marty went to Lorraine to give her the message, right when she was nearly done with her speech. She took the message and read it. Then she announced the R.W.S.’ location and told their evil plan.

Chapter 15Edit

The next day at the apartment building, Harry, Alberto and Gino have waken up still in pain, and they found out that the women and kids are missing. Then Dwaine, Jethro, Kent, Rocky, Steve, Bernard, Chuck, Gino, Michael, Fredo and Sonny waken up, and Rocky asked "What happened last night"? And then Harry and Alberto told that the women and the kids have been kidnapped and realized that is the work of the Claws of Justice. Rocky and Frank are furious about it, and Harry said "I know you guys. They've gone too far. If it's war they want, it's war they'll get"! Then a mysterious figure in the shadows said "I believe you guys might need some help". Then Harry asked "who are you"? And the mysterious fight reveals to be an Alaskan Malamute with an eye patch. It is Quigley, and Alberto is glad to see him when he shook paws. Then Alberto asked "what brings you here Quigley"? And he said "I been told about your situation with the Claws of Justice because one of it's members, Aubrey, betrays the organization and wants it to be taken down as much as you guys do". Harry is thrilled about it and Quigley said "But you guys need my help in order to stop your enemy". So Quigley invites Harry and company to the N.A.S.H. Headquarters. Meanwhile at the White House, Lorraine Marshall alone with the National Security Council John Miller and some associates to the US Navy and Navy SEALs, are in the Situation Room planning an capture on Sven and Dylan and destroy their missiles from destroying the nation. Shirley and Marty are enjoying of what they were planning. Later, everyone arrive in Rockaway, Queens, where they knew that the N.A.S.H. HQ is underneath Fort Tilden. Then they have taken a camouflaged elevator down to the HQ. The HQ is big as two football fields, filled with offices, laboratories and warehouses. So Quigley gives Harry and company a little tour while heading the warehouse. Harry is quite impresses of what he sees. When they get to the warehouse, Quigley gives Harry and company each a utility belt with some weapons and gadgets they need: knifes, grappling guns, grenades, tranquilizer dart guns, C-4 explosives, gas masks, night-vision goggles, shuriken, handcuffs, an Acetylene torch, a decoding device called the Decoder, decoy capsules, bolas, and electric-powered sword called zap-blades. Even Harry and Alberto each get a collapsible sword. After that, Quigley invites Harry and company to his office to meet Aubrey. When they come in, they all said hi. Then Aubrey tells that he will aid them to the empire because he know the passwords and Jethro said "Now we're talking"! Aubrey thanked him and told meet at South Beach on Staten Island, at sundown. Also he told Gino that Darek is keeping Maria and Carmela held hostile at Liberty Island.

Chapter 16Edit

Later that evening, at Sven and Dylan's mansion, Vodunius orders his henchmen to head into the control room and launch the missile. In seconds, the missile flies from the mansion and into the sky. At South Beach, Harry, Alberto, Dwaine, Jethro, Kent, Rocky, Steve and Bernard came just in time to meet up with Aubrey; while Chuck, Gino, Michael, Fredo and Sonny are heading their way to Liberty Island. He tells that the secret base is on Swinburne Island, and he have a raft that will get them there. So they get onboard the raft and heading to Swinburne Island. Once they get there, Harry and company follows Aubrey to the secret cave. Aubrey and them snuck into the cave. The cave had an elevator that leads down to the empire. So Aubrey and them gone onboard the elevator, heading his way down. Meanwhile, the US Army are heading their way to Sven and Dylan, while the U.S. Navy had soldiers flew in three Grumman F-14 Tomcats in order to stop the missile from destroying the U.S. Once Aubrey made it down, the hallways are swarming with Trooper drones guarding. So everyone did a sneak attack on the drones, one-by-one, without being detected at all, even putting C4 explosives in the walls. Once the Troopers drones are trashed, Harry and company continue going through the base. Back in the sky, the soldiers had been reported that the nuclear missile had made its way into Earth's atmosphere. When the soldiers saw it, they had each launched missiles to destroy it completely. Once the nuclear missile was destroyed, everyone all over the U.S. had cheered. At the Sven and Dylan’s mansion, with the mission failed, Sven and Dylan tried to escape and head back to the R.W.S. base. But the US solders caught, right before they drive out of the front yard. The US soldiers had rescued the prisoners and President Bill Clinton. Minutes later, Sven and Dylan were two police vans, as the President Marshall is going a ride his personal helicopter. Back, Aubrey and company made it down to the detention level, where the prisoners are held. Then Dwaine had found a control panel to all the cells, and Steve deactivate it by using a decoding device. Once all the cells were unlocked, the prisoners comes out and Harry and company reunited with their family and friends. Also Harry, Alberto, Dwaine, Jethro and Kent are introduced by Steve’s parents Karen and Fred, and siblings Mark and Cookie. Harry is so happy to see his mother and siblings again. The prisoners had thanked Harry and company for freeing them. Unfortunately, Lutz had found out that the prisoners were free, and then Jethro had informed everyone of attacking all the Claws of Justice members in the entire empire. Cookie agreed with it, and then Mark said, “Come on, let get them”! Once that happened, everyone went on a rampage throughout the empire by wrecking the place, even fighting all the other Claws of Justice members and most of the robot drones. In the lobby, Richard and Benedict tackles Harry and Alberto, send them all into a rough fight. They were using karate during the battle. Harry and Alberto took some sharp blows by the two, but take an upper hand and defeats it easily. For Harry, he defeats Benedict a few punches and knocks him unconscious with a hard spin kick in the face. And for Alberto, he defeats Richard by hitting him in the gut, broke his arm, and knocked him unconscious.

Chapter 17Edit

Back in Manhattan, Gino and them had swam all the way to Liberty Island, where they had found Darek. They see him at the top floor of the Statue of Liberty, and then head their way up. When Gino and them made it to the top, they tell Darek, Aloysius and Bruno to surrender. Also Gino had found Maria and Carmela hanging at the edge by their waist, screaming for help (while Bruno was in charge with the ropes, hanged upon a tree). It had angered Gino. Then Chuck said to Darek “shame on you, Shame! You have done enough tormenting innocent lives”! And then, Michael said “Yeah! Give yourself up now, so we can go easy on you”. But then, Darek had called eight more some Trooper drones with his convert listening device, orders Bruno to drop Maria and Carmela causing them to fall and scream, makes his escape with Aloysius and Bruno on his side. Gino and Michael goes after the criminals. Then Chuck jumps off the edge of the balcony, captures Maria and Carmela by the rope, and pulls themselves back up with grappling gun. Fredo and Sonny had fought and defeat all eight of the Trooper drones. Once Chuck and they came back up, he then untied the ladies, and Fredo and Sonny had applauded. Then Maria said to Chuck “my hero” and thanked him by kissing him on the cheek, as Carmela give him a noogie. In the stairway of the Statue of Liberty, Gino and Michael are still trying to capture Darek and prevent him from escaping. On the lower grounds of Liberty Island, Gino and Michael each uses their bolas to capture Darek, Aloysius and Bruno. Once captured, Gino comes to the criminals and said "now, I'm going to tell you one more time: surrender now and me and my brothers will go easy on you". But Aloysius pull himself free and sucker punched Gino. After that, Darek said "I will never surrender. Never, ever. Until you are gone", and Gino said "Alright, let's fight". Then Gino, Michael, Darek, Aloysius and Bruno engage in a battle to the death. The fight is dramatic and they all uses karate. Gino and Michael a few blows during the fight but they didn’t give up. After a few minutes, Gino and Michael finally defeats the criminals with a strong punch in the gut and a jump front kick in the face. When they are defeated, Gino and Michael cuffs them. Then Maria, Carmela, Chuck, Fredo and Sonny came and congratulates the two. Back at Swinburne Island Harry, his family and friends, and the prisoners are beginning to leave the island, on Darek's fancy yacht. As they head out, Aubrey had let Frank and Tony do the honors of detonating the explosives. Once that happened, Darek’s empire got blown sky high, and caves in. Everyone cheers and, Harry and Alberto did a little victory dance.

Chapter 18Edit

It's Independence Day, and everyone at the N.A.S.H. base, watching the news. It had told about President Alan Marshall’s return to Washington DC, and a special announcement: the Raging Wolves Society members (Sven and Dylan) are sentenced for life at Rikers Island. The news reporters even told the heroes behind the rescue are unknown to everyone. Harry and company are thrilled of the reports. Then Daphne asked Steve “so what happened to the Claws of Justice members”? So Steve and Gino had explained everything. They told that all the Claws of Justice members are put on a life sentence under solitary confinement by Quigley, being ended up a highly-secured prison at the Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY (which Quigley had created to lock up notorious criminals). When Steve and Gino are finished telling their story, the others had cheered. Then Rocky and Gino was thinking about throwing a huge victory party. Later that evening, at NYC World, everyone are having fun at the party at the ballroom; even they are celebrating for Independence Day. The others are the cats and dogs that were captured by Darek. Everyone are dressed in eveningwear. Also they were enjoying themselves by eating some refreshments (hot wings, nachos, cookies for example), drinking sparking fruit punch from an 8 ft. tall fountain, playing casino games, and dancing to the music. During the party, many are on the dance floor and socializing with their family and/or friends. Steve and Bernard are on the dance floor, dancing with pretty poodles. Meanwhile Maria, in a pretty pink Lamé dress, had asked Chuck of dancing with her. He agreed. On the dance floor, Chuck said “hey Maria, it’s great that you’re one of our fans. You’re a great singer yourself”, and Maria giggled and said, “Thanks cutie. You’re really charming”. Then she told Chuck that she had been performing in a few plays and musicals: Guys and Dolls as Sister Sarah Brown, South Pacific as Ensign Nellie Forbush, Miss Liberty as Maise Dell, Wonderful Town as Ruth Sherwood, and Bye Bye Birdie as Kim McAfee. Also Maria told she had won in eight beauty pageants for best talent in which she did a performance of Billy Rose’s Aquacade, and best eveningwear by wearing a sparking but fashionable lavender dress. Chuck was amazed and said, “That is very interesting. But you know, I have gone to some of your musicals and most of your pageants. You were so cool. I have never seen anyone that can be so talented”. Minutes later, Frank said to Victoria “I believe that we should live together for the rest of our lives, do you think”? And she said, “of course we should. So we will never be apart, ever”. Then Frank told Victoria that he had a surprise for her, so she covered her eyes as Frank pulled out a gift box. Once he did, he opened it revealing a pretty light blue collar with two rows of diamonds, and asked “Victoria, will you marry me”? As Victoria uncovers her eyes, she really liked the gift, and said with tears of joy “Oh Frank, of course I will”. Then she hugs and kisses Frank. Minutes later, an English Shepherd named Gerald and a Bernese mountain dog named Sandra, had presented Quigley as an invited guest. He is invited to award the heroes with medals of Honor. After that, the heroes get their picture taken. The next day, in the morning, Harry and the gang, along with their friends are at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. Harry and the gang are saying good-bye to their friends and getting ready to get back home in Detroit in the Mighty Eagle. But before Harry get aboard, he tells Alice and the others that he would promise to write letters to each others. So Alice told that she was going to help with the letters. Then Harry and Alice kiss good-bye. As Alice and they are waving goodbye, Harry is getting on board the flying machine, and it start flying off.

Chapter 19Edit

Back in Detroit, Harry and his family are finally home and fixing up the damages that the Benedict and the Trooper drones had made. Later, they all have a fruit salad for dinner and go for a stroll at Bella Isle Park with Dwaine and the gang. Three week later, everything goes back to normal for Harry and his family. Then a pigeon come to the home and knocks on the door. Johnny answers the door and the pigeon tells him that he come here to deliver a letter to Harry. So Johnny takes the letter from the pigeon and thank him. When Johnny closes the door, he calls Harry and tells him that there's a letter for him. He thanks his brother. So Harry had read his letter from Alice. In the letter, Alice had written about the good stuff that was happening in New York City, from the past three weeks. The first part is she and her family had become famous from a paintball tournament. The second part is Aubrey had got a job of working as assistant manager at NYC World. The third part is that the Majestic Pack, Victoria, Gino and his family, went on a three-week trip, riding in the Darek’s yacht. They had a lot of fun (such as sight-seeing, hiking, and went to the beaches). They had gone to: Panama, St. Lucia, Paris, and Tuscany (in which they visited Gino’s parents and relatives, at a cottage on the countryside of Florence). At the cottage, Rossi and his family had visited Rossi’s parents Hugh and Mary, and some uncles, aunts and cousins. The parents, uncles, cousins were happy to see Gino and his family. Also the Majestic Pack and Victoria had got along with Rossi’s family. They had gone a picnic, exploring the city of Florence, and making wine (which Hugh and Mary had their own wine business and wine yard). During the long trip, Chuck and Maria had developed a romantic relationship, and Gino and Carmela didn’t really mind at all. While in Paris, they were dating during a starry night. Chuck and Maria were wearing gorgeous eveningwear. They were having a candlelight dinner near the fancy restaurant, Maxim’s Paris, and then watching the stars on the hills near the city. As they were watching the stars, they had shared a kiss. And the final part of the letter is telling that Frank and Victoria had planned to get married, and the wedding is set in Long Beach, CA.

Chapter 20Edit

Five days later, Harry and his family, even Dwaine and the gang are in Long Beach, CA, along with their new friends (Alice and her family, the Monk parakeets, Gino and his family, and much more). They came to the wedding in Birdcage Park. During the wedding, Mark was the minister while Steve, Bernard, Chuck and Tony are the groomsmen, and Maria, Cookie, Kelly and Daphne are the bridesmaids. When Victoria came, Mark started his speech and then it was time to say, “I do”. And Frank and Victoria said, “I do”. Then Mark had pronounced them husband and wife, and had them kiss. As Frank and Victoria kissed, the crowd cheered. Later, during sunset, everyone are partying on board the Darek’s yacht as it is sailing along the Pacific Ocean. During the party, the Majestic Pack is performing by singing some songs. They first sang “Say That You Will” And then they sang “Love’s Holiday”, along with Maria. A few minutes, Steve makes a toast to wish Frank and Victoria good luck on their marriage and gave another thanks for Harry and the gang for help saving America from terror and destruction. After the toast, the Majestic Pack is singing “Dance Hall Days”, and everyone else continued partying, as the yacht is sailing off into the sunset.


At the Philipsburg Manor, the prisoners are quietly in their prison cells. On the side Darek, Richard and Benedict are filled with rage in their eyes. They are hoping for one day, that they will get revenge on Harry and his family and friends, and continue their goal for world domination.

The End

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