Survival on the Mountain

(The Warriors and Master Fung are climbing a mountain next to the temple. Master Fung and Raimundo are way ahead.)

Master Fung: Increase the pace young ones, take a leaf out of Raimundo's book.

(Raimundo gave a small grin.)

Clay: It's hard to take a leaf outta his book when his summer camp was mountain climbing.

Kimiko: And from what I’m hearing, he got first place.

Raimundo: What was that Kimiko?

Kimiko: (Fake smiling) Oh nothing, nothing.

Raimundo: Yeah, whatever. Just speed it up, or you'll never reach the top.

Clay: Oh sure Rai, we'll reach the top as soon as we get first place in mountain climbing!

(Eventually, Omi, Kimiko and Clay made it to the top.)

Omi: How long have you been waiting?

Raimundo: Er... bout an hour and a half.

Kimiko: Rub it in!

Clay: It don't really matter much, least we're all here.

Raimundo: Yeah, let's just get outta here. Golden Tiger Claws!

(He tore a portal that led to the Temple and they all went in.)

Master Fung: Well done, Raimundo. Your rock-climbing skills are admirable.

Raimundo: Gee, thanks Master Fung.

Dojo: So how many chickens didn't reach the mountain on time?

Clay: HA Ha, very funny.

(Then Dojo started shaking and writhing.)

Dojo: A new Shen Gong Wu just popped out.

Master Fung: (While looking at the scroll.) It is the Compass Pointer; this Shen Gong Wu can point you in the direction of what you desire.

Kimiko: Great and maybe I can use it to find my lost hair dryer.

Raimundo: Kimiko, that was found months ago, you just weren't told about it. Don't ask me why.

Kimiko: Well thank you for your concern Raimundo, but as soon as we get the Compass Pointer, I’ll look for it myself.

(Dojo is flying the others towards a mountain with a huge blizzard.)

Clay: And I thought a mountain alone was bad.

Raimundo: Don't sweat it big guy, as long as we have Dojo, we'll be fine.

(But little do they know Hannibal Roy Bean was closely watching.)

Hannibal: Hm, they'll be safe with the dragon eh? Well let's see how they survive this mountain. Hhahahahahaha!

(The warriors are going along the mountain and found the Compass Pointer. And going for it also was Jack Spicer, along with the standard Jack-Bots.)

Omi: Do you ever throw out the cloth?

Kimiko: Throw in the towel.

Omi: Exactly.

Jack: Well I would cheddar head, but seeing as I need to rule the world, I just can't resist taking Shen Gong Wu.

Kimiko: Well you're not getting this wu.

Jack: Wanna bet on that? Jack-Bots attack!

(The same old Jack-Bots attacked but thanks to their wudai powers, they were easily destroyed. Then Omi grabbed the Compass Pointer along with Jack.)

Omi: Jack Spicer, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!

Jack: You’re on. My Monkey Staff for your Lotus Twister.

Omi: The game is Mountain Climbing, first to the Compass Pointer wins.

Both: Let’s go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The mountain changed into a huge landscape with boulders rolling down from it.)

Both: Gong Ye Tenpi!

Jack: Monkey Staff!

(He changed into a monkey and started climbing the cliff.)

Omi: Two can play at that game, Lotus Twister!

(His arms turned elastic and started climbing up as well. Then boulders shot out of nowhere, both narrowly missing them.)

Jack: Boy that was close. (Making monkey noises.)

(Both continued to climb, dodging boulders along the way. Until Jack kicked Omi along the way sending him flying, then using his elastic body, he grabbed a piece of the cliff and swung back to where he left off.)

Omi: You may have attacked me, but I’m still inside the amusement.

Raimundo: That's still in the game, Omi!

(They continued to climb until a boulder came towards Omi, he dodged it and using his elastic body, and he wrapped his arm around it and hurled it at Jack.)

Jack: Oh, that's not good. (Making monkey sounds.)

(He jumped off the cliff, and avoiding the boulder. And Omi grabbed two pieces of the landscape, pulled himself backwards, and jumped and grabbed the Compass Pointer.)

Raimundo: Way to go, Omi. I'd say you'd get first place no problem.

Jack: You haven't seen the last of Jack Spicer!

Omi: Shout all you want, but we have won the Showdown!

(Then a rumbling started engulfing the Warriors.)

Kimiko: What's going on?

Raimundo: Oh no, guys quick, it's an avalanche!

Clay: Can't I just use my earth powers to stop it?

Raimundo: Not an avalanche of rocks, and avalanche of snow.

Clay: Oh right. Let's get outta here!

(But as soon as the Warriors were making the escape, the avalanche hit them and washed them away. By the time the avalanche stopped. The entire place was shrouded in snow. And Raimundo emerged from the snow.)

Raimundo: Hey guys! Guys! GUYS! Huh?

(He could feel someone's foot, it was Kimiko's.)

Raimundo: Hey, Kimiko.

(She was knocked out.)

Raimundo: Kimiko, Kimiko please wake up.

Kimiko: Ugh, Raimundo? Brrrrr, so c-c-cold.

Raimundo: (Taking off his jacket and giving it to Kimiko.) Here, you need it more than I do.

Kimiko: Thanks, so any word on the others?

Raimundo: None, but we have to keep looking.

(They pressed on a found one of Omi's gloves.)

Kimiko: Poor Omi, I hope he's okay.

Raimundo: Maybe he's buried under this snow.

(They started digging and right enough, he was there. Knocked out and badly hurt.)

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire.

(Kimiko made fire from the palm of her hand and blew it towards Omi, it went inside Omi and he became conscious again.)

Kimiko: You okay?

Omi: Ugh, besides this frobbing pain at the back of my head, yes I’m fine Kimiko.

Raimundo: Three down, two to go.

Omi: Here, let me help with that. Wudai Neptune Water.

(He turned the snow into water.)

Omi: Kimiko, a little help.

Kimiko: will do, Wudai Mars Fire.

(The water turned into vapor, and there was Clay and Dojo.)

Raimundo: Yo, big guy. You Ok?

(Out of the rest he was not knocked out.)

Clay: Oh yeah, it's gonna take more than snow to stop me.

Kimiko: Dojo, are you the same as strong bull over here?

Dojo: Well, no. I got hit on the head on the impact and er... ouch.

Omi: Everyone is here. And the Shen Gong Wu?

Raimundo: Okay, we all took one Shen Gong Wu each, Kimiko do you have your Star Hanabi?

Kimiko: Right here.

Raimundo: Omi, you still got the Lotus Twister?

Omi: Yes.

Raimundo: I still got the Falcon's Eye, Clay; you still got the Sphere of Yun?

Clay: Got it.

Raimundo: And, we have Jack's Monkey Staff, and the Compass Pointer?

Omi: Got them both.

Kimiko: So everyone's here and so are the wu.

Clay: Can we get outta here now? These winds aren't good for a cowboy.

Dojo: Roger will do Clay mah boy.

(He looked like he was reshaping but, he froze midway and shrunk back to his petite form.)

Raimundo: Dojo, why'd you stop?

Dojo: I'm trying. That head blow must have tampered with my shaping factor.

Kimiko: So you can't take us home?

Dojo: 'Fraid not.

Omi: Quit childing around.

Dojo: I'm serious, if i was kidding i'd have done it by now.

Raimundo: This is just great.

Clay: What d'ya mean?

Raimundo: We're stranded in a mountain, with only six Shen Gong Wu, excluding the Silver Manta Ray, Tunnel Armadillo, Crouching Cougar, She-Ga-Roo, Jet Bootsu, Longi Kite, Golden Tiger Claws, Serpent's Tail and Monsoon Sandals.

Clay: And is that my fault?

Raimundo: Well if you didn't question that avalanche, we'd be flying on Dojo, right about now.

Clay: Oh so mah questions somehow become time wasters, eh?

Omi: Guys.

Raimundo: Of course they are, when you put them in with your old sayings.

Omi: Guys.

Clay: Well, my sayings got nothing on your fast-poking talk!

Omi: GUYS!

Raimundo and Clay: What!

Omi: I know we are stranded, I know we have little Shen Gong Wu and I know that fighting isn't exactly going to help.

Kimiko: Omi's right, we don't have much time before we freeze to death so we need to think of an idea to get us off this rock. 'Kay?

Clay: Okay, I guess.

Kimiko: S let's put on our thinking caps and think of a way of getting outta here, with only six Shen Gong Wu.

(Minutes later, Omi thought of something.)

Omi: Kimiko, do you have your PDA?

Kimiko: Of course we can call for help! Good thinking Omi. (She took it out and realized there s no signal.) Oh I forgot Omi; in mountaintops you have no signal.

Raimundo: I knew it, we're doomed.

Omi: Shh. Kimiko, why is there no signal?

Kimiko: Because the huge mountain tops are blocking the radio waves from reaching its destination.

Omi: So if we were to get in a position where we would have contact to the Xiaolin Temple, then we could contact Master Fung?

Kimiko: That could work.

Clay: But where's the strongest point?

Omi: Compass Pointer!

(The Shen Gong Wu span and span until it pointed due east. In front of the mountain.)

Raimundo: So we should go around the mountain?

Kimiko: Who's a clever boy today then?

Omi: Until the Compass Pointer points in a direction towards the Temple with no mountains blocking the way.

Raimundo: Good enough for me. Let's go.

(And directly above a cliff was Hannibal.)

Hannibal: So the Warriors have survived and have a plan to counter MY plan. Ying-Ying, time to have some fun with our new survivors. Ahahahahahahahaha!

(The Warriors are walking at a huge ridge. Omi's checking on the Compass Pointer to keep track of their right direction.)

Raimundo: We've been travelling two hours, how long have we got?

Omi: It is the Compass Pointer, not the Time Pointer. And it will reveal how long it will take when Kimiko has a good signal.

Raimundo: In others words, days, weeks, months.

Dojo: Quit your whining otherwise it will take days, weeks and months.

Kimiko: Omi, any word yet?

Omi: None that it is telling me. And judging by those dark clouds above. We are in for some heavy rain.

Kimiko: And i doubt Raimundo's jacket will help.

Clay: We can always go inside the Sphere of Yun.

Raimundo: Now you mention it?

Omi: Then let's use it. (He felt a drop of rain.) Er... quickly.

Clay: Sphere of Yun!

(They were engulfed with in the Sphere, when it started to rain.)

Kimiko: Looks like we made it.

(They walked only a few seconds, until the Sphere started shifting a shaking.)

Raimundo: What's going on?

Omi: Because we are inside something round, the winds will blow us off the cliff like er...

Clay: Snowball on a snowy hilltop?

Omi: Exactly.

(The Sphere gave way and rolled of the cliff.)

Omi: Take out the Sphere, Clay.

Clay: Will do.

(He de-activated the Sphere, which made it all the worse.)

Omi: Lotus Twister!

(He turned into elastic grabbing onto a tree branch and the others.)

Omi: Hurry, get up to the branch.

(They climbed up to the branch and seen a familiar figure perched on the branch. Hannibal.)

Hannibal: Why mah fellow Warriors. Nice ter see you here, enjoying the weather?

Kimiko: Oh, what do you want now?

Hannibal: Mah dear girl, nothing will please me more than to push you off this cliff.

Raimundo: You wouldn't.

Hannibal: Ying-Ying, prove our friends wrong.

(The little bird used it's beak to push Omi's arm away. And Omi lost his grip and fell.)

Hannibal: Hope you enjoy the trip! Ahhahahahahaha!

(The Warriors are at the bottom of the cliff, all knocked out until Omi wakes up, only to realize he has broken his arm because of the fall.)

Omi: Ouch. Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay, Dojo. Come on get up.

(Raimundo woke up and noticed Omi's arm was hurt.)

Raimundo: Omi, your hurt?

Omi: Nah, it's only a flesh wound. (He moved it slightly and screamed in pain that woke the others.)

Kimiko: Omi, you okay?

Clay: Yeah, you don't look too good there partner.

Omi: I'll be fine. We need to find a way to get back up this cliff.

Kimiko: Maybe we should go around the mountain from here.

Clay: Er Kimiko, Omi. Perhaps neither look over there.

(They saw a small cabin under a small shelter.)

Raimundo: Do ya think we should go in?

Kimiko: What if there's someone inside?

Raimundo: Then we can ask for a phone. And maybe find something to help Omi's arm.

Omi: Raimundo is correct. Nothing i want more than to get my arm fixed.

Clay: Then what are we waiting for partners?

(They ran to the small cabin, Raimundo was kind enough to give Omi a piggyback to it. They opened the door the place was deserted.)

Kimiko: Anyone here?

Raimundo Guess not.

(Over at a small table they noticed a Morse-code transmitter and receiver.)

Kimiko: Cool, who needs a phone when you can do Morse-code.

Clay: Er... Kimiko, do you even know Morse-code?

Kimiko: Is that a question? Clay, I’ve been learning Morse-code since I was seven. In just a month I learned how to say two hundred different words on this baby.

Raimundo: Okay, I guess that sorta comes in handy.

Kimiko: Okay, shhhhh. I'll try and contact Master Fung; you try and see to Omi's hand.

Raimundo: Okay, now what's good enough in this scrap-heap? Er... medicine, pills, er... bandages! Guess that could work.

Omi: And what about the broken bone?

Raimundo: Hey, pipe down. You’re lucky enough to be getting this, never mind a proper operation.

Kimiko: Shhhh. We're getting something.

Clay: What's it saying?

Kimiko: Is...everything...all...right?

Raimundo: Tell him, we're stranded cus Dojo's sizing factors gone haywire and Omi's broken his arm. Besides all that we still got the Compass Pointer.

Kimiko: Okay, give me a couple of minutes.

(During Kimiko's clicks and taps, Raimundo, Clay and Dojo helped with Omi's arm. And after a few minutes after Kimiko's tapping stopped she came back with a reply.)

Kimiko: aid...with...the...Silver...Manta...Ray,

Raimundo: So what's the signal? Press SOS on the snow.

Omi: The Star Hanabi. We can send the fire blasts to the sky when we see him.

Clay: Nice one Omi.

Dojo: Oh and Kimiko, can you tell Master Fung, MY HEAD IS NOT SENSITIVE!

Kimiko: Okay, it'll give me something to do while Master Fung comes.

(They waited almost hours.)

Raimundo: Omi you don't look too good.

Omi: So...cold.

Raimundo: Guess I’ll go get some fire wood and heat this place up.

(Raimundo went outside and hopped out towards the trees. Then he saw a grizzly bear just across a couple of trees away, and perched on the massive bear was Hannibal.)

Hannibal: Ah, my dear friend Raimundo. I was wondering where you had gone to.

Raimundo: Oh, what do you want now?

Hannibal: To show you my new pet. And in action. Tongue of Tsaiping! My dear pet, this troublesome delinquent tried to steal your cubs.

(This got the bear ticked off and it started to go on a charge but Raimundo missed it.)

Raimundo: Oh come on, is that the best ya got bean soda?

Hannibal: No, I got snow wolfs, eagles and a mountain panther.

(And in a split second, he was surrounded by mountain panthers, snow wolfs and giant eagles.)

Raimundo: You sure know your nature.

Hannibal: Why thank you. ATTACK!

(Then out of a split moment, Clay and Kimiko joined the battle.)

Raimundo: Nice of you to drop in.

Clay: Well a'll never miss a chance tah square-down with a grizzly bear.

(He ran and jumped on the bear, punching and whacking it. Kimiko and Raimundo stared with wonder.)

Kimiko: Wow, the big guys got guts. Anyway we still got other animals to deal with.

(They both jumped towards the nearest animal and kicked them back and worked their way forwards. Until Kimiko was slashed at the back by one of the panthers, causing her great damage.)

Raimundo: Kimiko!

(He punched one of the wolfs away and ran over to get her.)

Raimundo: You okay?

(But before she could answer, the animals attacked again knocking Raimundo out too. And only Clay was left, but he got slashed by the bear back along with Raimundo and Kimiko. But just before the animals could do any more. Omi stepped in.)

Omi: Fearsome beasts, step down.

(They attacked but Omi used his Xiaolin abilities to fight them back until eventually, Omi had to face the bear.)

Kimiko: Omi, get outta here.

Omi: No, I cannot allow my friends to be defeated by mere mountain beasts.

(He humped up towards the bear and got lunged back to the others.)

Omi: I will not be defeated by a bear. Wudai Neptune Water!

(The bear got pushed back onto its back, and Omi crouched down with injury.)

Hannibal: Well looks like the young monks have fought through mah trials.

Omi: What do you mean?

Hannibal: Meaning it was ME who caused that avalanche, and it was me who stole those bear cubs to get the bear on mah side.

Omi: But... you have failed in destroying

Hannibal: On the contrary, I only tend to let the cold kill you. Enjoy the deep freeze. Ahahahahahaha.

(All of them were injured very badly that they couldn't walk to the cabin. Until Omi could see a dark figure circling above, Master Fung had found them but they didn't know where they were. And with all his strength, Omi walked over to Kimiko and picked the Star Hanabi from her pockets. Raised it up in the air.)

Omi: Star...Hanabi.

(The fire blasted up in the air hitting the clouds, and then Omi fell into darkness, along with Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay.)

(When Omi awoke from his unconsciousness, he was in his bed, wearing a perfect bandage and in his normal Xiaolin robes instead of his cold wet jacket, gloves and hat. Then Master Fung and Dojo appeared.)

Master Fung: Ah, the little monk has awoken, at last.

Omi: What do you mean at last?

Dojo: Sorry to break it to ya, you've been out cold for an entire week.

Omi: What? So much has happened so little time, what happened...

Master Fung: Ho ho, wrong. Nothing has happened; mostly the others were recovering from their own injuries. And taken frequent visits to you to see how you’re doing.

Dojo: Yeah, especially Kimiko. She said she was entirely responsible for this. But now she isn't.

Master Fung: And because of your harsh expedition, I am allowing you a week holiday. To ensure your injuries to properly heal.

Omi: Yay! Thank you.

(And with that Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay, all rushed in to check on him.)

Clay: Wooowee. The little critter's alive.

Raimundo: Yeah, everyone was worried about you. Especially Kimiko.

Kimiko: Shut yer yap. I was kinda responsible for Omi. But I’m so glad your okay.

Omi: It is Ok Kimiko. I'm fine and handy.

Raimundo: Well at least we know you haven't suffered from head injuries.

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