By: F.<話して~!!>

Note: Original title is "ひまわり" or "Himawari".

Wind; Summer, when all are one
A time when all are gathered under a Sun

A Sun, a Star in the distant Sky
Looks down on us with indifferent eyes

Like all that lived, we sway simply
Shaking, whirling, dancing limply

Like a sunflower.

Green is the Field, the Field of all Life
Life so ungrateful, sending tears to the Sky

Those meant for joy, those meant to heal
Wounds left behind in a great upheaval

Yet we watch on without a care
Just a smiling face and toss of hair

Like a sunflower.

Suddenly, it’s cold and the sun has gone
It’s hiding away, has something gone wrong?

The green becomes dark and the blue becomes gray
Not one person could have seen it this way

With just one thought and one simple mind;
We are one and the same.

The trees seem limp, the waters, like lead
The wind falters once, and

Like a sunflower;

It is dead.

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