NOTE: This story was written as an independent fan fiction project, mainly during 2005, and has no relation to the actual "Men In Black 3" film released in the spring of 2012.

After Laura Vasquez, a waitress at a SoHo pizza restaurant, is forced to leave Earth upon discovering her true identity as the magical "Light of Zartha" (if you saw Men In Black II you know the scene), Agent Jay, a young, up-and-coming agent of the Men In Black, is heartbroken. But the sadness he feels over the loss of his new love - quite possibly the love of his life - is suddenly replaced by a most shocking revelation: Jay is himself NOT a regular Earth person but actually a Zarthan - and not only that, he's heir to the throne of this alien planet.

His mother, Angie, whom he was told died long ago, is not only alive and well, but she is the reigning queen of Zartha and desperately wants her son, and Laura, to become man and wife and succeed her as rulers of the planet. Their marriage was arranged from childhood, but a deal was made with MIB that changed things: in the mid-1970's the children were neuralyzed and placed in exile for their protection, as Zartha was on the brink of a potentially catastrophic civil war.

In the universe of this story, the events of the two Men In Black movies were 1) lived out by Agent Jay in complete ignorance of his true identity which 2) Zed and Agent Kay knew all along. Now, it's time for Jay to "step up" and prepare to be a husband and a king.

However, a brash, power-hungry, cavalier Zarthan senator, opposed to the rule of the current royal family - and to freedom, justice and liberty in general - tries to derail the wedding, and threaten the very existence of both Earth AND Zartha, by making an alliance with a renegade Kylothian warrior-princess, Serleena, whom Jay thought he destroyed.

Jay's training, skills and knowledge are put to the ultimate test as he is faced with saving TWO planets while coming to grips with his own potentially cataclysmically powerful extraterrestrial identity, which was deliberately hidden from him for 25 years.


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Sun of Zartha

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