This is the opening logo to our story, As you read, imagine this, and the entire story, as if you were watching it in your favorite multiplex movie theater with your huge $10 tub of popcorn on your lap, or on television/DVD as you are snuggled on the couch:

Against a black background, a large ball of bright white light, filled with the effect of multiple optical lens flares, flashes, expands, and rapidly fills the daytime sky.

We move rapidly back and downwards and can clearly see that the deep blue sky is filled with huge cumulus clouds. The light is coming from a golden torch. A woman is holding the torch high up in the air, in her right hand.

The woman is actress Rosario Dawson.

She is wearing flowing white and blue robes. There is sweeping, majestic orchestral music playing which is building up to a crescendo.

Then, in a bold, golden chiseled font, the word COLUMBIA fades in. A ring of bright, shining light shimmers around Miss Dawson.

Just then, the words "a SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT company" appear in smaller gold lettering across the bottom of the stone pedestal Dawson is standing on.

Dawson then drops the blue portion of her robe and with her left hand, pulls some black Ray-Ban sunglasses from a small pouch in the robe, and puts them on. Then the torch suddenly flashes a bright, blinding blusish white light for a brief second. The camera pans up past the clouds into the vast reaches of outer space, where our story will now begin.


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