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I encourage edits, revisions, sequels and other additions to this story from the wiki public. As a Wikia user I recognize that I am not the "owner" of this story, and that the public has full and complete rights to make any and all changes, edits, alterations and corrections to this story as they see fit (as per the Wikia Terms of Use [1]).

Two chapters are unfinished: The River People, and Birth of a Princess. They are chapters I feel are needed for continuity and character development purposes.

Here is how I will deal with edits I do not make:

• If the edit adds to the story and enhances it substantially, I will keep it and do my best to integrate it into the entire story.

• If the edit has sexual or violent content stronger than a T or PG-13 rating it will be either deleted or substantially rewritten.

My doing this is allowed, and acceptable for all to do, under the Terms of Use.

Of course, changes and edits may be constantly and freely made by anyone at any time, which is the point of Wikia. All I ask is that any changes you make work to make the best possible story for all to enjoy.

It helps to have already seen Men In Black II (MIIB) before reading this story, since I envision this story to be basically the "second half" of MIIB. Upon request I will post story universe notes that I have used and created. I have tried to keep this story true to canon of the 1997 and 2002 MIB films somewhat closely as regards to the main characters and main events, but I am also trying to expand canon with this story. I had to create an entire story universe around the planet of Zartha, as it was only slighly hinted at in the second film. See Why I wrote this story for more information.

I have never read the original Lowell Cunningham comics, but I have seen MIB (I believe during its original 1997 release or shortly thereafter on DVD - I can't remember for sure) and own the DVD of MIIB.

I am also requesting beta readers to submit critiques as you feel necessary. All criticism will be read by me and carefully considered.

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Promotional still from "Men In Black II" (2002). Will Smith and Rosario Dawson

Cast and Background InformationEdit

NOTE: This story was written as an independent fan fiction project, mainly during 2005, and has no relation to the actual "Men In Black 3" film released in the spring of 2012.

This is a sequel to (and effectively a timeline continuation of) Men In Black II, the 2002 Columbia Pictures release, which is the second of the movies based on the comic book series. The second movie starred Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Rosario Dawson among others.

A few of the key characters are carried over into this story, and several original characters are introduced; real-life actors not part of the first two movies are envisioned as having key original virtual "roles" in this story.

Much retroactive continuity or retcon has been introduced to plausibly explain the events of this sequel, to add interest and depth, and to effectively tie this story in to the two films.

The events of the story are written as if you, the reader, are watching an actual motion picture. The story structure is designed to conform as closely as possible to a screenplay while being written as a novelization.

Major writing of this story occurred during the spring of 2005. If this were an actual film I envisioned a July 4, 2005 release date.

This story is rated T based on the system and would likely correspond to a PG-13 rating if it were a produced screenplay.

Please keep in mind that this author is an amateur as regards to the writing of novels and screenplays; I am a graphic designer by training. I have no formal training in the advanced professional craft of writing for motion pictures or novels. I am drawing upon general knowledge as a university-educated individual who has general access to writing and motion picture resources freely available on the Internet and in public libraries.

The intended audience demographic is adults 25-40 and teenagers who identify with same.

Be advised of some mild profanity and intense, but deliberately non-explicit, intimate romantic situations. This story may not be appropriate for younger children as a result.

There are references in this story to various consumer products, and they are referred to by their actual brand names. The brand names are the property of their respective copyright holders. They are borrowed here solely for the non-commercial use and enjoyment of MIB fans, without profit or intent for profit. No challenge to ownership of the brand names by this author (or any and all other authors and editors of this story) should be assumed.


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