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The Sun of Zartha follows the story of the characters in Men In Black II (MIIB). The action picks up immediately after Laura's departure from Earth, the events of which were seen in the next-to-final scenes of MIIB. The actors' names in parentheses are either actors in the original Men In Black films or actors this author feels would be great for the respective (original character) roles.

The main characters are:

  1. Jason Edwards, or Agent Jay (Will Smith). At the end of MIIB, Jay is heartbroken over Laura's departure from Earth. It is later disclosed that he is an alien himself, and the heir to the Zarthan throne. His mother appears to him in a dream, which deneuralyzes his childhood memories, as he was neuralyzed by Agent Kay of the MIB, relocated to New York, and placed in an MIB-sanctioned orphanage when he was seven years old. He is a man of great power and potential, which both fascinates and frightens him, as he realizes he now fits the description of some of the very aliens he policed during his MIB career.
  1. Laura Vasquez (Rosario Dawson). Revealed to be the magical "Light of Zartha" and compelled to leave Earth and return to Zartha, towards the end of MIIB. It is later disclosed that she is the daughter of Queen Angelique's closest associate on Zartha (Ambassador Lauranna, who appeared in MIIB in the "Mysteries in History" flashback sequence); from birth Laura was always intended to be married to Jay (who is the heir to the Zarthan throne) and serve as the new queen of Zartha. Laura possesses many extraordinary paranormal abilities unique to the Zarthan tribe to which she is associated; she is surprised at first to learn about these abilities, but later wants to explore them, and help Jay learn about his unique Zarthan abilities as well.
  1. Kevin Brown or Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones). It is revealed that he had an affair with the Queen of Zartha in the 1960's; Jay is a result, in part, of this union.
  1. Angelique Tolan, or Angie (Gina Torres). Queen of Zartha. Currently ruilng Zartha while in exile on Earth, in disquise as an inmate at a women's prison in Louisiana. The exile was part of a deal brokered between her and MIB in the wake of Serleena trying to steal the Light of Zartha when Laura was an infant (this attempt was shown in the "Mysteries in History" flashback sequence in MIIB). Angie is the biological mother of Agent Jay and godmother of Laura. Angie possesses many extraordinary paranormal abilities unique to the Zarthan tribe to which she is associated, notably appearing as a being of light to some people; she is revered as a goddess figure to many back on Zartha, and sometimes uses that status to her advantage in her "duties", plans and schemes. Her main preoccupation in this story is executing a long-held plan to re-introduce her son to Zarthan society (after Jay was living as an Earthling for most of his life) and prepare him to take over the throne of the planet.
  1. Shakita Tolan (Da Brat). Chief of staff of the royal palace on Zartha. Sometime liasion to MIB. Younger cousin of Jay (member of the same royal family). Protegé of Queen Angelique. Grew up in New Orleans and educated in the secret alien (paranormal) rituals of her tribe. Recruited by Angie out of high school to be her assistant. Has aspirations of royal leadership and would like to be queen of her own planet someday. Since she is on Zartha much of the time, she carries out Angie's instructions (given from her cell) in regards to day-to-day operations of Zarthan govermnent. Her main preoccupation in this story is her assistance of both Jay and Laura in getting used to Zartha and preparing to take over the throne from Angie.
  1. Zed (Rip Torn) Director of MIB. Always knew Jay's true identity and kept it a secret from him during Jay's time as an MIB agent.
  1. Serleena (Lara Flynn Boyle). Power-hungry renegade princess from Kylothia who was seemingly destroyed at the end of MIIB, but has somehow regenerated. She is a plant being who assumed human-like form at the beginning of MIIB by looking at a Victoria's Secret ad and imitating the body of the model in the ad. Seeks to kidnap Laura and prevent the royal wedding on Zartha from taking place. In this story her characterization leans more towards a "Cruella" or the White Witch of the Narnia books than her mannerisms in MIIB.
  1. Afua (Cicely Tyson) Daughter of an ancient West African tribal chief. Her village was visited by the powerful extraterrestrial king of Zartha in the 12th century AD, and she had a romantic relationship with this creature, moving to Zartha with him and becoming Zartha's first queen, and therefore ancestor to Queen Angie and Jay. Became near-immortal and gained a degree of paranormal ability as a result of the sexual contact (and transmission into her body of the alien DNA); she is still alive after 800+ years, and appears as a woman only in her 60's. Returned to Earth in the 1960's to mentor Zarthan descendants living in Ohio and lived there for 20 or so years as a high school English teacher. Mentors Jay and Laura as they begin their new life as the royal couple. Serves as chief councillor of her village.
  1. T'Avl'aa (Alan Rickman or David Straithairn) and T'Ka'ar (Dennis Haysbert) are councillors of their respective villages and tribes. They assist Jay and Laura in understanding their destiy and the expectations the Zarthan people have for them and their reign. T'Ka'ar, who is near-immortal as are all Zarthans, lived on Earth as a slave during the 19th century and as such was the basis for the John Henry legend.
  1. T'Loria'an (Jaime Bell) is a senator of the S'aa tribe (light beings). He leads the the "Black Crystal" clan, comprised of rebels opposed to Jay and Laura's impending reign. He wants to take over Zartha and make it into a militaristic, fascist, conqueror state, and eventually either take over or destroy Earth. Has an elitist attitude regarding his clan and its importance. Somewhat cavalier in attitude and vain in appearance. Given to fits of rage when challenged. Brokers a deal with Serleena to try and destroy Jay and Laura.

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