Jay makes it rain and has a weird dreamEdit

Angelique looked at him with a little grin. “Do you remember the prayer time we used to have with my necklace?”

“I think so.”

“I think we need to have that prayer time right now. So you can remember. Come here.”

Jason sprang to his little feet, which were clad in some black canvas Keds, and ran to the dryer. He was starting to remember the ritual now. They did it every day.

Angelique picked her only child up and sat him down on top of the dryer. She lifted the Garanimals shirt off him so his skinny chest showed bare.

“Now let me put this on you.” Momma took a necklace from around her neck. It was made of silvery-gray rock beads and a stone-gray metallic round medallion, which looked like a sun design with snakily undulating rays coming out of the center, with bumpy circles on the rays, similar to fractal designs.

She placed it around Jason’s neck. The medallion felt a little heavy around him but it made him feel safe and secure.

Angelique shot a quick smile at him and her eyes seemed like a dull red color flashed in them for a second, like a reflection in a color photograph. “Look at me, Jason. Look into my eyes. Listen to what I am saying. My words are kind of weird, baby, but they mean a lot.

She began to chant. “Tow-lah-AHH. Sah-AHH. Tow-lah-AHH. Sah-AHH. Tow-lah-AHH. Sah-AHH. Say it with me, Jason.”

The little boy chanted too. “Tow-lah-AHH. Sah-AHH. Tow-lah-AHH. Sah-AHH. Tow-lah-AHH. Sah-AHH….”

“Keep looking at me, Jason," Momma said. "Keep looking into my eyes. Don’t look away, baby.”

Jason obeyed. He couldn’t help but to do so. Angelique was sending dangerously high levels of radioactive energy into Jay through her flashing, now neon-red eyes. But the boy Jay was in no danger. He was genetically capable of absorbing and retaining the massive radiation being sent into him. Jay was mesmerized by the brilliant, deep, intense red glow of those eyes. He could not resist looking deep into them. They held his attention like a magnet.

The both of them kept the chant up. “Tow-lah-AHH. Sah-AHH. Tow-lah-AHH. Sah-AHH. Tow-lah-AHH. Sah-AHH….” Jason began to sweat, profusely. Thick beads of sweat were rapidly forming on the faces and arms of both mother and child as they continued chanting. This went on for five full minutes.

“Now I need you to close your eyes, Jason. Feel the sun rise inside of you.”

Jason felt very warm and happy inside. The feeling got stronger and stronger. He felt like he had power, like electric fire was dancing and tingling inside of him, all over.

He also felt a hot feeling deep in his stomach. He always did when they did the necklace prayer. The heat, that tingling, electric fire, moved all over his body and made him sweat even more. But Jason was not uncomfortable. He actually LIKED feeling hot like this. He WANTED the sun to rise in him. He wanted to please his momma, but more than that he wanted to please this Tow-Lah-Ahh they were praying to, whoever he was. He wanted to BE Tow-lah-Ahh.

They stopped chanting for a second. “How do you feel, baby?” Angelique asked.

“I feel like Tow-lah-ahh, Momma. I feel like I can do anything he can do.”

“Good, Jason. That’s just what the T’ola'a energy wants from you.”

“Why, Momma?" the boy asked.

“Baby, you ARE T’ola'a.”

“How can THAT be, Momma?”

“It just is, Jason. That’s how you and I were born. Open your eyes.”

Jason did so and noticed that the medallion was glowing a bright orange. It was leaving a slight blister on his chest but he felt no pain at all. His skin color seemed a little darker, like it had turned reddish. Sweat was dripping all over the dryer and the floor.

Angelique took one of the towels from the hamper and slowly, lovingly patted his face with it. “You see, Jason, our family is very special. We are the people of T’ola'a. The Sun People. Laura’s family is part of the Light People, the S’aa.

“Laura’s mommy was a great S’aa princess, and she was born right here in New Orleans. Her family owns the Chinese take out place on Claiborne."

"Oh, yeah, I remember Lauranna, Momma," Jason said.

"Yes, baby. Lauranna was my best friend in college. When I went to Grambling, Lauranna went to LSU. We ran track and hung out together. We always knew we would have kids and that they would be friends.

“You and Laura were supposed to be long married by now. You and Laura were supposed to be King and Queen of Zartha, but the Men In Black got scared and took you away from me before we could initiate you into the secrets of T’ola'an.” Angelique was trying to craft her language now to talk to the thirty-year-old the child represented.

“Your destiny, baby, is to return home to Zartha. Your destiny is to marry Laura, so the Sun People and the Light People can be unified as one family. The kids you're gonna have together will bring peace and love to the whole universe. Your destiny is to be what I named you. T’Va'an S’Vasa'an T’ola'an.

“What’s THAT?” Jay had a puzzled frown on his face.

Angelique gave a slight giggle and patted his head. “That’s your Zarthan name, baby. It means King whose mother is Queen in the family of the Lord of the All-Powerful Sun. You see, baby, Zartha is the home planet for us.“

“We COME from Zartha?” Jay asked.

“Yes, in a roundabout way, Jason.

“Our ancestors are the children of lord T’ola'an. See, baby, he was a solar cataclysm, a massive, destructive solar flare - the scientists call it a superwave, actually come to life. He was the first King of the planet of Zartha and he helped the all Zarthan beings learn how to take care of themselves and rebuild their world at a time when they really, really needed the help.”

“Why did he need to help rebuild Zartha?” Jason asked.

“Well, baby, T’ola'an’s superwave energy destroyed Zartha at the worst possible time - right when it was just created and getting started. T’ola'an felt real, real sorry for what his power caused and spent a long, long, long time making things right again. He learned a very big lesson, baby. T’ola'an learned how to have love and compassion for other living things. He learned to respect life, and protect and nurture it, not to use his power to destroy things.

“That’s very important knowledge for any king to have, Jason.”

“whoa…” the boy mused. Angelique beamed. She was pleased at his interest and continued her story.

“Later on, when Zartha was back on its feet again, T’ola'an wanted to go out and meet other kinds of people in the universe. He wanted to meet other beings that lived in harmony with the energy of the sun, who really loved the sun. So he went in his spaceship and traveled far, far, far away, through one of the big blue wormholes that makes it quicker to go from galaxy to galaxy.

"T'ola'an eventually went to a little village in West Africa. T'ola'an's sources told him that the ancestors of the people in that village migrated there all the way from ancient Egypt, hundreds of years before. And because of that, Jason, they worshipped the sun and the moon as if they were gods. T'ola'an felt real, real, comfortable with that.

"So he went down and made friends with the local priests. The priests loved T'ola'an and made him king of the entire village. They brought seven young women to him. Those seven human women became T'ola'an's seven wives. Now remember, Jason, before T'ola'an got there, these people prayed to the sun and to the moon. They grew up believing in the power of nature. And they grew up believing something else was out there in the universe, so when T'ola'an came to the village they weren't scared like people would get now - they were actually happy that T'ola'an came...they appreciated the fact that T’ola'an was the energy of the sun come to life, and came all the way from outer space just to be with them! Wasn’t that special, baby?”

“Yeah,” said an awed Jason, who was enraptured by the adventure.

“Now T’ola'an passed his DNA, his magical sun-god blood, down to us through those seven wives in Africa. The sun-god blood changed those wives, Jason. Once his blood was inside of them, they could now do some of the magical alien things T'ola'an could do. And when those wives had kids - the kids could do those magical things, too.

"Why did T'ola'an do a thing like that?" the boy asked.

"T'ola'an did that out of LOVE, Jason. He did that so that WE can know what it’s like to BE pure sun energy. He didn't think it was right that he could have the all power of the sun, the power of Light, just for himself, and not let humans have the chance to feel that energy too. He knew that back when humans were first made, some of the magical stuff was left out of them on purpose. He didn't think that was fair.

“So because we are the children of Lord T’ola'an, and because he gave us his magic blood of fire and Light... we can claim Zartha as our home, Jason. The people of Zartha know that we are a ruling family and most of 'em respect us for that. And YOU, Jason Edwards, T’Va'an S’Vasa'an T’ola'an, are very, VERY special to all the people back on Zartha because you are a manchild born to me. The first male in my bloodline in a couple of centuries. They really want you to go back home to Zartha right away so you can be the new King.”

“Why didn’t I know all of this before, Momma?”

“The Men In Black are afraid of you, Jason. They wanted to hide all of this information from you, baby. They know that because you are my son, you have the power to make a lot of things happen with the weather, with electrical energy, all sorts of things.”

“I can bend a metal spoon, momma!”

Angelique grinned and the red glow in her eyes became a little brighter. She gave Jay an immediate hug. “I know, Jason. I know. That’s part of the Zartha power that’s always been inside you. The power they call alien.

“Wow...” Jason’s eyes widened with wonder. If one could see them, they would notice a persistent dull reddish glow.

“The Earth people are so scared of that, Jason. They shouldn’t be, but they are. They took you away from me and erased all your memories and made you think I was dead.”

Jason became surprised. “You’re alive, Momma?”

“I most certainly am, baby.”

A pang of cold shock slammed into Jay. “Where ARE you?" he asked. "I thought you were a ghost!”

“I’m in jail, Jason. The Men In Black put me there.”

Jason was not happy about this and started to cry. Angelique tried to explain what happened.

“They needed me to go into exile, baby. Another race of aliens - Serleena’s people - wanted to get rid of Zartha and the Earth and take over the rest of the universe. And there were some people back on Zartha who really, really, did not like the fact that their queen - and their son - were born on Earth and were part human. They don't much like humans, Jason. So the Men In Black were trying to look out for everybody.

“Where is the jail, Momma?” Jason asked, his face now stained with tears.

“The jail is in Louisiana. Right now I’m really in my cell, fast asleep. You’re still in your bed in Brooklyn. You and I are in the same dream right now. I made this dream so you could be in it tonight.”

“But Momma? Why did the Men In Black put you in JAIL?” Jason seemed hurt that his friends would do such a mean thing. He began to cry again.

“Don’t cry, baby. They did what they had to do.”

“Were you mad at them?”

“Yes, baby, at first. I almost commanded Zartha go to war with the Earth. I was very sad and angry about what happened to Lauranna, and I was mad because of what they wanted to do to you, how they planned on taking you away from me, you AND Laura both. Yeah, I was real, real upset with them.”

“We almost had a WAR over Lauranna? We almost had a war over ME?” Jason asked quietly. His teary eyes got very wide with incredulous surprise.

Angelique gave a motherly smile and a giggle. “Yeah, baby, a real war with real spaceships – battle cruisers and everything. I’m the queen of Zartha, baby. I could have started a war so easily.

“But I knew that blowing this planet up, even though I was so upset about losing my best friend - and my son - that wouldn’t help matters one single bit, Jason. ‘Cause Zartha was heading for a civil war at the time and I had to deal with all of THAT mess.

“The Kylothians would have STILL been right there for me to deal with - we would have kicked their butts, but it would have been a real pain. And if I attacked Earth, MIB would have very easily found a way to attack Zartha in response. And they would have done it using weapons I gave them. So many thousands of innocent people would have died, just because I got mad.”

“Ain’t that stupid, baby?” Angelique asked, and there was a hint of an embarrassed smile.

“I guess so, Momma.”

“And that’s definitely not T’ola’an’s way, either. So I decided just to let it go.” Angelique looked off to the side and her look became slightly vacant. She sighed. “Living in THIS world sure is hard, baby...I had people back on Zartha tryin’ to get me to use our power to do bad things, like go to war with the Earth, and not only that but to take over the whole universe and make everybody slaves. And I almost listened to them, Jason. That’s the part that I regret the most. Things would have really been terrible if I joined forces with some of the bad guys back on Zartha – but I almost did just that!”

“Why did you almost join the bad guys, Momma?”

“I thought it would keep you kids with me, and keep us together as a family, somehow. And I thought it would make you and Laura more powerful. I thought it would help you guys. But I forgot that the real power comes from the Light that you kids already had, all the time. Sometimes I get caught up in stuff and forget about what really matters, Jason.”

“So I had to stay true to what a being of Light was all about. I had to accept the fact that in order to save Zartha, I had to let you and Laura go. I could not seek revenge for Lauranna, because it really wasn’t anyone’s fault about her. And I had to let MIB put me in jail. I had to give you up just like a mother has to give her child up for adoption sometimes.

"Now I was still very, very sad, and angry, that I had to give you up, and Laura too. I loved being a mom, Jason. I did not want you taken away from me, but if I didn't do that...there might not even be a planet of Zartha right now. Zartha was about to have a civil war. A terrible, nasty civil war, Jason. We were mad at each other, as Zarthans, about a lot of stuff, and we were ready to fight about it.

"So it all came down to the very survival of Zartha itself. Do I keep you and Laura and join the bad guys? If I join the bad guys will MIB deal with Zartha as an enemy planet and try to attack us? Do I say no to the bad guys and risk starting the civil war? Do I attack Earth and risk MIB attacking Zartha? And what about all the other planets? They were waiting to see what would happen on Zartha, and what I would decide. Whose side would THEY take in all this??? What a big, big, BIG mess that was. Those were some of the hardest decisions I ever had to make as queen.

“Ben was one of my staff members in the royal palace. He helped me get through those terrible days. I sent him down to New York from Zartha to open up the pizza place and to look after Laura, and after you, from a distance. I knew the Men In Black would take good care of you, and Ben checked up on you from time to time, even though you didn't know it. And I knew I could come back to you and help you remember everything when the time was right. And now, the time is right. I forgave the Men In Black a long time ago. They had a good reason for doing what they did. Now you have to forgive them too.”

“But Momma, I’m MAD at those guys! They LIED to me!” Jason’s eyes flashed a bright neon red now and he began to sweat again.

“Jason, Jason.” Angelique looked down with those big, loving eyes and grinned softly at the sobbing, angry child and kissed his forehead. She then gave him a nice warm hug, as all mothers do when their kids are real sad.

“Écoutez et souviens, Jason. Le roi du soleil vivra longtemps, toujours, baby. Vous êtes le roi du soleil, Jason. Vous êtes le T’olaan.”

Jay was startled by this statement. Momma ALWAYS said this to him before she kissed him good night - and she never explained what it meant. Now, Jay knew a bit of French and the meaning was now more clear.

“Whoa...” the child was stunned. His teary face was frozen in wonder. Angelique gave him her warmest, most earnest look, her most sincere smile.

“Jason, baby, I know you don’t understand what’s happening right now, but you have to put your mad feelings off to the side right now. You are special. You always have been. Always remember that, Jason. I told you when I had to go away, so many years ago now, that I would come back for you. Well, in a way, I have, baby. Just like I promised.

“Now there’s a LOT of work you have to do. You must get ready to go to Zartha. You need to start packing your things. You also have to go back to work. Let the Men in Black tell you themselves what I have said. Then you will know this is not a dream – it’s all true, baby.

Then Angelique leaned in and gave Jay that serious mom look. “Listen to me, Jason. If you remain here on Earth past the middle of the week, the Earth will be destroyed. YOU will generate an electromagnetic pulse, strong enough to blow up this entire planet, baby. So you HAVE to get off this planet and get your ass back home.”

“Oh...” Jason’s eyes grew even wider. “OK, Momma.”

“Good, baby. Now Laura will send for you in a couple of days. Go to Zartha and be with her, Jason. Laura was created specifically for you. That is why she was conceived - to be your wife.

“Your marriage has been ordained by the sacred ancestral spirits of T’olaa and S’aa. You are now a political and a religious figure, baby. You must go and take your place alongside Laura and become King of our homeworld. You must go and be the leader of the Zarthan people. They have been waiting for you, baby. My time for being Queen is almost over.

When you and Laura are married, the Golden Age of Light will begin.”

“Will I ever see you again, Momma?”

“Yes, baby. Sooner than you might think.”

Jason immediately found himself awake in his bed in Brooklyn. The rain was still going on, a little softer now. For about three minutes he reflected on his dream. Could all this be true? What if Momma really WAS still alive? What if he HAD been lied to all these years? Could he actually have been neuralyzed to forget his entire childhood? Who the hell is T’ola'an?

Then Jay noticed that he was wearing the necklace. Right there in the bed.

It was a wonder he didn’t set the apartment on fire, because the medallion was very, very hot.

He did not remember putting it on before he went to sleep. He could see the glow.

Jay sprang to his feet and snatched the necklace off his neck. He dropped it on his bare foot and expected to feel a dreaded twinge of pain, but there was no pain. None whatsoever. His skin was absorbing the heat. He looked at his watch, which he always wore to bed. 2:23 AM. But the clock radio on his dresser said 3:23. Jay was puzzled - until he remembered that New Orleans is in the Central Time zone - one hour behind New York.

And then he got puzzled all over again.

Jay stumbled over to the mirror. The room was dark save for the glow of the medallion.

What Jay saw shocked him to his core. His eyes were glowing a dull red.

He stood there with his mouth wide open for a full five or six minutes. His body was dripping with sweat. He closed his eyes and walked fast to the bathroom. He turned on the light. His reflection in the mirror showed that his eyes were still glowing.

“Momma, what the hell is going on?” His prayer was frantic and audible.

“You are remembering, Jason. You are activating, baby. Your body is remembering what you are, your mind, your soul...” The voice was again strong and clear, as if she was in the room.

“You are blood of my blood, T’Va'an, my son. Fruit of my womb. You are the Sun of Zartha. You are soon to be king. The time is right.

Jay stared out into his glowing eyes. His ontological shock was massive.

"That's it. I'm going crazy. I'm hearing voices. I'm seeing things."

Jay blinked his eyes. He turned the light in the bathroom off and looked in the mirror.

The red glow in his eyes was still there and was getting brighter.

"Jason," he heard again.

"Momma? Are you really talking to me???? What is this??? What the hell is happening to me????" Jay yelled.

"The connection has been re-established, Jason. I always knew your feelings, I always knew your soul. Now you know mine. Just like it was when you were little, Jason. You are blood of my blood. We are connected by the energy of fire. The energy of Light. Believe it Jason."

Jay stopped and cocked his head quietly. He could have sworn his mother was in the room with him right now. He could almost smell the Windsong perfume she wore each day.

But Angie was not visible to Jay. He could only hear and feel her angelic presence. That presence filled the apartment now. It was like a strong wave of electromagnetic energy was filling the bedroom and bathroom with a tingly, sparkly feeling.

“I always thought my name was James," Jay said to the energy he felt.

“Your name was changed, Jason. MIB changed your name. It was part of the deal.”

Jay was stunned. “Deal? What deal? They better not have. Those sons of...”

At this moment, the rain was still going on, but it was more of a light sprinkle. Jay wondered...if he was an alien, he would most certainly be in the large database of aliens that the MIB kept, on each and every alien being that landed on Earth or was born on Earth to alien parents the past 40 years.

Jay flew downstairs to his iMac. He would simply log on to the MIB database and find out for himself. If they encrypted the data specifically on him, he’d just hack his way through the mainframe until he found it. Jay had Level II clearance but he always hacked into the most secure top-secret files as a standard way to work on his cases. Zed always found out and got mad each time, but many a tough, baffling case was solved that way.

On the iMac Jay now had just gotten past Level One security. He spent about 45 seconds wading through lots of file folders. Then he ran a search for “Zartha”. After about three seconds, there it was. A lone file folder called “Zartha Level Z”.

Jay smiled a sneaky smile. He had heard rumors about Level Z, which basically meant for Zed’s eyes only.

“Why that sneaky son of a bitch. Well, boss, I WILL know the TRUTH about myself! Yeah!” Jay tried to double-click on the folder. A dialog box came up.

“Access denied”. Damn, Jay said to himself. He opened up a folder on his desktop which read “The Big Gun”. Inside was a decryption application. Jay entered some figures in the program and clicked the Go button. A timer came up. “Decoding in 45 seconds.”

The thunder outside was rolling. The rain was pounding harder on the street outside.

“Come on, power, stay on for me, please,” Jay said, not realizing the energy of his own anxiety was making it rain harder.

Then it happened. A lightning strike hit a transformer a couple of blocks down. All the power in the neighborhood went right out.

“NOOOOOOO!” Jay slammed his fists down on the table and slammed his head down on the keyboard. “I KNEW I should have swiped that backup surge protector from Tee’s cubicle!”

Jay’s discovery would have to wait.

Feeling defeated again, Jay clumped back upstairs and went back to sleep.

Angie's energy comforted her son. Her energy melded with his, as it always did, even as Jason was growing inside Angie so many years ago. The two soul forces were giving, taking, creating the force of Light in the eternal bond that is the Knowing between mother and child.

Angie had almost forgotten how good it felt to be a part of her child and have her child be a part of her.

As for Jay, he wasn't consciously thinking about Momma. He was trying to figure out why Zed and Kay lied to him about Momma.

Jay started dreaming again. This time he began to find himself in a huge, thick, dense humidly green jungle. He tried to wade his way through the brush. He was wearing khaki shorts, his beige Timbos and his NYPD issue t-shirt and cap. He suddenly realized he had no weapons of any kind on him - not even a neuralyzer.

“Holy shit,” Jay thought.

“Don’t worry baby, where you’re going you don’t need any weapons. The creatures know you’re here. They like you.” Jay recognized Laura’s voice.

“LAURA!” Jay yelled out. “LAURA!”


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