Birth of a princessEdit

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This will be the final chapter of the story. This details the birth of Jay and Laura's daughter.

The baby is born at NYU Medical Center on the East Side of Manhattan after Jay and Laura go to NYC for an evening out to celebrate the pregnancy.

They go through the wormhole back to Earth. The two go to a casual yet elegant restaurant at the famous Essex House [1] hotel on Central Park South.

The baby develops far faster than expected and Jay and Laura have to make a mad dash from Central Park to the hospital in a horse drawn carriage in weekend traffic. The carriage becomes airborne like a Santa Claus sleigh, as it is drawn by Zarthan horses.

Jay calls Kay to tell him to come to the hospital. Jay also arranges for a few MIB agents to guard the ward. Unbeknownst to Jay, Angie is with Kay. Both Angie and Kay arrive at the hospital in time to see Laura holding the baby in her bed.

Jay confronts Angie about her relationship with Kay, and Angie implores Jay to forgive Kay. Then Jay and Kay meet outside the building and reconcile.

Our story ends with the camera zooming slowly out from Jay and Kay, the two iconic Men In Black, their bodies in silhouette behind the bright light of the hospital hallway. Then we rapidly move up through the clouds into outer space, and zoom back across space and back down into the daylight sky.

We see our Columbia Torch Lady from the opening logo, Roasrio Dawson, still holding the torch after all this time. The word COLUMBIA is still there.

"Ummm... guys...Can I put this damn thing down now? My arm is killing me!"

A male voice yells off screen. "CUT!!!!!"

And the screen immediately cuts to black.

We hear the torch dropping down to the floor with a clang and a bang and tinkle of glass.

"whoops! Hope you guys have another one of these in the back!"

And the closing credits begin to roll over a new Will Smith rap song.


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