The River PeopleEdit

Here's where you need to step up!

I need help on this chapter, so feel free to write and edit. If it's good, I will keep it.

Jay and Laura visit this tribe in their egg. They stay two days.

The Wu'ula'a are a race of humanoid amphibians who make up one of the four major tribes of Zartha. They look like large geckos with much smaller heads and eyes. They live in and around the delta region of the river Wu'su'ubo, which is heavily forested. The climate is hot and humid. They basically like to live and let live, but the rebel factions of the S'aa terrorize them.

I would like Jay and Laura to experience one of their ancient rituals. The Wu'ula'a like to purify their souls in the river, so something like that might be pretty cool. Both Jay and Laura have a small percentage of these creatures' DNA in them.


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