Jay and Laura go on tourEdit

The silvery egg floated on the jetstream about 10,000 feet up. T'Va'aan and Sh'ana'aa were seated in this egg (strapped in six-point harnesses that automatically wrapped around them before takeoff), setting out on their grand tour to meet with representatives of the four major tribes of the planet of Zartha.

T'Va'aan, or Jason, or simply Jay, was sitting to the right of Sh'ana'aa, or Laura, who was piloting the egg. Jay was in a clean white T-shirt and freshly washed blue Wrangler jeans, and he was also wearing his beloved wheat-colored Timberland boots. Laura was wearing one of Jay's NYPD T-shirts, her own khaki cargo shorts, and, ironically, she was also wearing wheat Timbos.

The couple was cruising at about 600 knots, and was about 300 nautical miles from their first meeting point: the village of T'Ano'ok, the primary village of the C'ola'a.

"Computer," Jay said, "retrieve MIB Level Z record on one Damien Colan Edwards."

"One moment, your highness," the computer voice said with a slight Louisiana lilt.

Another couple of seconds later, the computer voice continued. "Damien Colan Edwards. Born 1945, New Orleans. Mother and father both of Zarthan descent, from the house of C'ola'a. Graduated Clark High School 1963. Attended Grambling State College 1963-65, drafted into U S Army, served one tour of duty in Vietnam. Honorably discharged. Enrolled in New Orleans Police Academy 1967. Sworn as New Orleans Police officer 1968. Married Angelique Tolan June 1970 after a seven-month courtship. Couple gave birth to His Highness January 1972.

"Angelique sworn in as Queen of Zartha January 1972. Damien Edwards shot and killed July 1978 while responding to a 211 in progress in Seventh Ward. MIB investigation conducted by agents Kay and Emm concluded that the suspects were undercover operatives from Zartha, loyal to opposition factions on Zartha, who entered Earth unauthorized and carried out the assassination as part of an elaborate attempt to eliminate the entire royal family of Zartha. Suspects were brought February 1979 before the Intergalactic Council Interplanetary Tribunal, tried and convicted one one count of premeditated homicide and three counts of conspiracy to assassinate sovereign royalty, sentenced to two consecutive life sentences on prison planet IC725, in IC Sector 7."

Jay sat silent for a few moments. The rush of the air conditioning in the egg grew uncomfortably loud.

"You OK, baby?" Laura asked, placing a hand on his thigh.

"Yeah," Jay said, taking Laura's hand and holding it. He looked straight ahead into the green sky before him. "I think so, baby, I had to find out. I had to find out what really happened to my dad."

"Computer," Jay said again, "cross reference Agent Kay and agent Ayzee."

"One moment, your highness," the computer voice said with a slight Louisiana lilt.

Another couple of seconds later, the computer voice continued. "Agent Ayzee is Angelique Maria Tolan. Agent Ayzee is in active non-assigned status with MIB and currently on MIB payroll. Agent Ayzee was active assigned MIB December 1965 until April 1968."

"Reason for leaving?" Jay asked the computer.

"Agent Ayzee voluntarily left active status after she and Agent Kay were confronted by MIB Director Zed, March 1968, regarding unauthorized interpersonal contact of a Level One romantic nature."

With that, the color immediately left Jay's face and his body chilled with shock. Laura looked at him and a pang of shock slammed into her. At the same time, she felt a slight joyful vindication. Maybe now you'll understand, she thought.

Jay was silent for about ten seconds. "I see," he then said, and as he sighed nervously, his face wrinkled up into another frown. "Level One, huh..."

"Level One interpersonal contact status was never officially confirmed," the voice replied.

"I think I know how to confirm it, computer. Retrieve DNA analysis on Jason LeRoi Tolan Edwards."

"Are you sure about this, Jay?" Laura asked.

"You better know it, baby, just watch," Jay replied. His heart began to race again.

"One moment, your highness," the computer voice said once again. Then it went on... "Do you want the MIB or the Zarthan analysis?"

Jay was slightly taken aback, but the computer went on..."Analysis retrieved for years 1972, 1978, 1986, 1997, and 2000. Which year shall I display, Your Highness?"

"Say what? I have that many DNA probes?"

"Yes, Your Highness. Which year shall I display, Your Highness?"

"Umm...display the MIB record from 1972, computer..."

"One moment, your highness," the computer replied.

There was another silence, but the rush of the air conditioning was once again a little too loud for comfort.


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