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Chico ambled the food court in the mall rather slowly. He looked around saw many other teenagers among him. Some were boastful and outright; others frail and delicate. Many were huddled close with friends laughing and eating their food merrily. He was one of few who came alone. But, unlike the loners, he did not want company. He enjoyed watching people pass by, people he didn't know and would never know. One boy passed by screaming, pulling his mother's dress and pointing to the toy shop nearby. Another girl came by quickly, tripping over her high heels and yakking mindlessly on her cell phone. After these people passed by, he never took notice of them again. But one stranger refused to let him do that.

She walked by fraily, looking down to her red Pumas as if they were the most interesting thing ever. She wore a pink sweater and blue jeans that caused her to trip over her own feet. Her brunette curls were dancing among all the bland blondes that encircled her. Her chocolate-brown eyes were glimmering in the pale yellow lights on the mall's ceiling. Instead of glancing at her carelessly, Chico gaped at her. She appeared a thing of beauty to him. He scrutinized every detail of her. He wanted to ask her her name but his mouth was sealed as if by duct tape and his feet as if bolted to the ground. But after she got close enough to arm reach, all his strength returned. He twisted to her face and asked, "What's your name?" She looked so surprised as she turned to him he felt as if a dragon was perched on his shoulders. Her skin was milky and he wanted ever so much to run his fingers across it. "What?" she asked of him, so faint he had to hold out his ears to hear. "What's your name?" he repeated. She gawked at him a moment in shock and answered, "Misty." Chico felt victorious in gaining this new knowledge. "I'm Chico," he introduced. She grinned slightly and took his hand in a gesture that symbolized friendship or something more...

Chico wished to stay that way forever, hand locked in hand, gazing deeply into a stranger's eyes, but Misty let go. Chico was happy at how relunctantly she did so. "Hey, now I know you." she exclaimed, "You go to Parkway High, right?" Chico nodded.

"That's where I've seen you!" she practically shouted but her loud voice was no comparision to the booming food court, "You're in my Math and English class!"

"Yeah!" Chico agreed, instantly remembering how he had always seen a shy girl hiding between the pages of a book in his classes. Misty took his hand once more and said, "I guess I can ask you now."

He stared into her brown eyes and asked what she spoke of.

"I've really wanted to go out with you," she admitted, "Very badly." He was overthrown with a mixture of joy and bewilderment. But he showed none of this. He simply said to meet him in the park at 7:00 and he skipped along on his way.

The Other OneEdit

Marty jogged nonchalantly passed the large, brick homes in his neighborhood. Not far now, he thought, happily. He was headed on his way towards his friend Chico's house, in high hopes Chico would be there. He saw Chico's ranch, painted an odd pink between the neverending rows of red brick. When he finally reached Chico's front door, he met the disappointment that Chico was not there. Mrs. Hernadez, Chico's mother, invited him in for freshly made doughnuts (from Krispy Kreme, no doubt) and he planted himself on the daisy-covered sofa. On the coffee table sat three pictureframes with Chico in everyone. The first was Chico at nine getting the winning goal at a soccer game (he knew this because Chico had repeated it a thousand times), another of his most recent school picture and the last of him and what must of been his grandpa on Christmas (they were dressed as Santa and an elf). Starring at these made Marty grin. He'd been Chico's friend a long time and know enjoyed his presence very much.

No! he thought and shook his head vigorously, No! I'm not...I'm not... Mrs. Hernadez returned to the living room carrying a plate of doughnuts and a single glass of milk.

"Take some." she gestured, smiling. Some doughnuts were covered with wispy, creamy chocolate frosting while others were blandly glazed. They were arranged chocolate on right, glazed on left. None of the other were with the different doughnuts. He took two glazed and thanked Chico's petite mother. He pondered a moment at the two pastries. The same ones shouldn't interlock, he thought, thinking of himself and Chico.

Just at that very moment, Chico came through the front door with an unmistakenable happiness. Marty stood as he entered, in his tight tank and shorts with a sweaty red headband around his forehead. Chico was more burly than Marty, and taller too. He had red hair that burned like a candle and blue eyes that looked so much like the ocean, Marty could swear he saw dolphins swimming in them.

"Oh, hey, Marty!" Chico exclaimed when he saw him, "I didn't know you'd be here!"

"Just thought I'd pay my good ol' pal a visit. Aaaaaand maybe get the History assignment?"

"Thought so. You never jog all the way here from Maple Wood without desperately needing something."

They laughed, Chico a hearty laugh, Marty a desperate one. He felt hot right there and not from being sweaty after had running in the soon-to-be-summer heat. Marty offered a glazed doughnut to Chico who was starring hungrily at them. As Chico took the doughnut he held it out and announced, "Cheers!"

Marty lightly tapped his against Chico's. "Cheers." he agreed and popped it into his mouth.

How Can I Choose?Edit

Misty rummaged through her closet for a new dress to meet Chico with. She had picked the dress out every since she first laid eyes on Chico he was slender yet strong. She had always imagined a Prince Charming to be like him; and meeting him in person conviced her they were meant for each other. Finally, she found the dress. It was a beautifully eyedroppping maroon with long, puffed sleeves. The dress ended at her knees in the front but dragged along behind her. She fixed her hair in a French bun (which she had also planned for this event) and admired herself in a small bathroom mirror. She made sure every last detail of her appearance was perfect. She placed her left hand in the pocket of the dress and discovered something that ruined the moment very much. There was a small photograph in her hand with him on it. Him was Marty McAllister.

She gasped at the picture. She had been friends with Marty a long while until eighth grade. He and she had just drifted, simply because of their many differences that they hadn't noticed so much until then. But the point was she had loved Marty then; and loved him now. No! she yelled at herself silently in her mind, You do not love Marty! You love Chico now! But she knew, somrwhere in there, was a lie. But she had Chico now, someone whom she knew loved her back. How could she let Chico go for Marty, who she didn't even know if they could be lovers at all. But she felt a burning passion to be with Marty. She could not easily brush it off.

She almost went to call off the date. But she didn't. She knew it would be better to stay home and think everything over until she made a decision. But she had awaited this moment so very long. She wouldn't miss out. She wouldn't.

Little did she know she'd come face to face with the problem himself very soon.

That NightEdit

Chico stood by the old, rotten tree trunk in the middle of the park. Not many people were there anymore; only an elderly woman feeding the pigeons and two small boys playing football with an older man laughing at their interesting play. He stood with his AC/DC T-Shirt and khaki shorts on and black Nikes perched on each foot. In a scramble to get to the park, he discovered he had worn one red sock and one gray sock. His red hair was tangled from the stong breeze that blew forcefully against him. Soon, he saw a figure appear before him, a glorious figure. It was Misty. She looked much like Scarlett from Gone With The Wind. He felt like a bum in his shirt and shorts while she was draped in an enchanting beauty.

She smiled and curtsied with a "How do, m'lord." He chuckled and bowed mockingly.

"How do yourself, m'lady." They laughed, a laugh only those who've truly loved couldf understand. Chico took her hand carefully as if she were a fairybook princess escaped from the pages of Cinderella or Snow White. He led her to an Italian resteruant nearby. The waiter looked at them with a raised eyebrow. He must be wondering how a beauty like Misty got stuck with me, Chico thought. They were seated at a table with a red-and-white checkered tablecloth and a window that was a gateway to the wondrous city outside. They were silent awhile, the little lovebirds that they were, when their surprising waiter came upon them.

Marty could not beleive what he was seeing. Two of his most passionate loves sat before him, together. He wished it were him in the chair instead of Misty or Chico. He wanted so much just be one of them, be with one of them instead of hovering over a table taking their orders.

"Hey, Marty!" Chico said while Misty simply looked at him in befuddlement and embarrasment. Her face matched the color of Chico's hair exactly. She sputtered and Chico just looked at her in a strange way. He knew nothing of what was in his or Misty's mind. But what was in Misty's mind?

"Uh," he began, unbalanced, then regained it once more, "What'll you two have?" Chico answered with spaghetti and meatballs, easy on the parmessan. Nervously, Misty ordered the same. Marty then fled from the table swiftly on his heels and into the kitchen where he slapped the order down. Another waiter, Daniel

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