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Warrant Officer Nadie Jaci of the MWWV Elephant.

Bonner A. BetlarEdit

Captain Bonner A. Betlar of the MWWV Elephant

Nadie JaciEdit

Warrant Officer Nadie Jaci of the MWWV Elephant. First appears in the story as a "redshirt" crew member of the MWWV Elephant who takes part in exploration of the underground base of Osiris IV and who is attacked by the Sauroks and becomes listed as "lost in action" by Captain Betlar. Jaci is "captured" by Luminads (these are actually the minds of Luminads instantiated as nanorobotic artificial life forms within the underground base). Jaci comes to understand the history and fate of the Luminads, eventually allowing for the "downloading" of some Luminad minds into newly created Luminad bodies.

Leland MovishEdit

Leland Movish, Senior Secretary of the Interplanetary Federation for Colonial Research

Thomas H. TalleyEdit

Deceased Captain Thomas H. Talley of the MWWV Elephant (flashbacks only)


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